Perry Mandera making an impact in business and leadership

Perry Mandera is an accomplished entrepreneur and philanthropist. Immediately after completing his high school educational 1975, Mandera joined the Marines. It was while he served his country in the armed forces that Mandera developed his passion for logistics. Here, he got interested in working with heavy pieces of equipment courtesy of his role in the transport operations at his workplace.

Perry Mandera, after working for several years with the Marines, got discharged honorably, and this marked his new lease of life as a transportation business enthusiast. Mandera was so dedicated to his passion that by the age of 25, he was already a successful business owner. Through his skills and innovation, his business grew in leaps and bounds.

Today, Madera is the proud owner of one of the most successful transport and logistics companies; The Custom Companies Inc. Apart from this, he still gets involved in charity and philanthropy; a feat he holds dear to his heart. In fact, he is so passionate about it that he started an off-shoot of his company specifically dedicated to charity. He is also one of the members of the Illinois Trucking Association.

Mandera’s leadership skills do not end at the role in his company. In his bid to effect change in the larger society, Mandera sought for an elective seat and succeeded by being elected as a Republican Ward Committeeman in 1985. Perry Mandera has, over the years, been honored with several accolades. The Illinois Trucking Association, for instance, listed him as one f the top 100 transport executives in America, thereby receiving the coveted Leonard Schaller Businessman of the Year award. Additionally, the Italian American Executives of Transportation honored him with a leadership award.

Apart from his role in charity, Perry Mandera is also passionate about children. He takes his time to uplift the lives of disadvantaged children in his society. To accomplish this, he partners with various other charitable organizations to make fundraisers and other gifting programs that help the less fortunate. Apart from the donations made by his company, he also does his personal donations for a noble cause that he believes will help uplift the lives of those around him.

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Greg Blatt Replacing Sean Rad

When an investor is beginning a company it’s essential to have someone in the same line of work as a role model; they should have extensive skills as ell s excellence in the business. For the match making a line of or Greg Blatt has gained extensive experience as well as remarkable accomplishments making him a role model too many people. He is a graduate from Colgate University where he garnered Bachelor of Arts in English and Literature. Later he joined the Columbia Law School and graduated with Judicial Doctor. This diversity of education has earned him recognition by working with Martha Stewart Law Firm and then joined Tinder match before being appointed as the Executive Vice president at IAC (Medium).

As a role model and a leader, Greg Blatt has to combine his skills, dedication, passion and all his know-how in business to excel. As the chairman and CEO of Tinder Company, Greg Blatt ensured that there was an increase in the number of subscribers; the number went up to one million. This increment led to an increase in revenue and the possibilities of people getting the right match. Through the matchmaker, online dating site Mr. Blatt has learnt to be persistent. He encourages upcoming investors to be ready to take risks while trying to achieve their set goals.

In Tinder Company there have been advancements in the management, all employees are supposed to meet the set policies which aim at promoting matchmaking. The previous CEO Sean Rad had been employed for some time but later stepped down to serve as the chairman in Tinder board. He was pushed out in 2015, but after six months he was rehired. For the second time, he was not the CEO since he was to serve on the board while Greg Blatt replaced his post as the CEO.

While working at Tinder Greg Blatt had shown remarkable dedication to the company; hence he was fit for the promotion. Mr. Rad will serve the responsibilities of Tinder Chairman providing his expertise to the company. Over the years under Blatt management Tinder Company has experienced growth.

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Dr. Dov Rand’s Expertise on Bioidentical Hormone Reforms the Healthcare Industry

Dr. Dov Rand is an expert in working with bioidentical hormones. He has an experience of over 15 years in specialized medical care. The main aim of his practice is the use of physical and rehabilitative treatment to enhance the overall health of an individual. This pursuit came from his interests in health and nutrition.

He has acknowledged that his education, as well as the continued study, has been vital. He attended the University of Rutgers for his undergraduate studies. Furthermore, Dr. Dov Rand enrolled at Howard University medical school. He later attended an internship at Saint Barnabas medical facility and completed his residency at Albeit Einstein medical center.This has kept him updated with the current changes in the industry.

The highly respected health officer is focused on helping many people in the comprehension of his treatment method. Dr. Dov Rand owns Healthy Aging Medical Centers. These facilities are where he implements his professional expertise. He is involved in educating his patients as well as new clients on the unique benefits of accepting and utilizing physical medicine and rehabilitation with regards to improving their illnesses.

He believes that traditional methods of medicine are very crucial. This is because they enable us to critically understand the unique challenges experienced at each phase in our lives. He prefers the medical approach of treating while focusing on the inside out. This is as opposed to most doctors who receive health complaints and provide prescriptions.

The medical genius is focused on offering enhanced quality of life. This is achieved by means of a natural approach. It involves replacing hormones that existed in the person’s body during the peak moments of their youth. This is called a bioidentical hormone protocol.

The savvy bioidentical hormone specialist maintains an unchanging commitment. He offers medical care to invalids based on peer-reviewed research from scientific sources. In addition, the treatment stems from a medic’s rejection of the common use of pills in medications.

He is passionate about reading scientific publications among other periodicals. This has contributed to his increased knowledge. Moreover, he loves discussing his upcoming treatments with his colleagues.

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Isabel Dos Santoss Philanthropy is Geared Toward Improving Small Communities and Local Economies

Isabel Dos Santos is a renowned businesswomen and philanthropist who according to Forbes is worth 2 billion US dollars. She was named by BBC as one of the world’s top 100 most influential women. Apart from her vast businesses and personal accomplishments, Dos Santos, the daughter of Angola’s former president, decided to focus on promoting the society. Particularly, she is concerned about women empowerment and Africa’s economic development. She travels around the world advocating for the need to address the technological gap in Africa and eliminating stigmatization of women in the workplace (Interview).

Isabel Dos Santos is out there encouraging women to get out of their cocoons and pursue their ambitions. According to the entrepreneur, Africa’s entrepreneurial spirit has given rise to many successful individuals in the continent. However, it is being undermined by stigmatization of women in the workplace. Women should be given same job opportunities, education and training as men. Dos Santos has suffered stigmatization and believes this cause of stigmatization of women in the workplace has robbed the economy of innovators and key drivers of the economy.

The accomplished entrepreneur attended the United Nations’ debate in New York and addressed delegates in the event about the economic empowerment of women as being the key to transforming society. She is encouraging women to press towards their ambitions. At the University of Warwick, she advised a young woman to not only set goals, but also set sub-goals that will help her reach to the goals. She also advised the women to not waver from her vision of becoming successful and sometimes, it is important to focus on one thing.

Isabel Dos Santos often encourages women to take advantage of the increased reliance on artificial intelligence and technology by the world to create opportunities for themselves. In what she refers to as digitization, Isabel Dos Santos believes that the widespread if the internet has come with unique employment opportunities that are available to everyone including the youth and women. She is a living example of how a woman can rise in a male-dominated market to become one of the most successful individuals in the world of business. Apart from being a successful businesswoman, Isabel Dos Santos is engaging in diverse philanthropic activities geared towards improving small communities as well as local economies.

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Betterworks Raises More Money with Series B Investment

In a recent Series B investment, Betterworks secured another $27 million to bring its Series B total to $51 million. With additional funding, the company’s grand total reached $65 million. Kleiner Perkins, Emergence Capital, and several other investors contributed. Betterworks plans to use the funds to boost sales and increase innovative developments.

Customers rely on Betterworks for innovation in continuous management programs. The company saw an increase of 100 percent in its key activities for the second year in a row. The new developments helped customers achieve improved agility, performance, alignment, and talent retention.

Betterworks is a preferred software among companies that realize the importance of abandoning annual performance reviews and replacing them with monitoring programs that provide continuous updates. The purpose of the software is to maximize productivity for companies and satisfaction for employees. Its program is designed to be a complete solution for companies that need quarterly results. It incorporates important CFRs that help boost morale and motivation in the workforce. One of the Series B investors affirmed this and added that the entire workforce must focus on what matters most to a company while they also work on their own career development if the company wants to maximize its sustained advantage.

Recently, Betterworks expanded its services into 20 different languages and more countries. Its user engagement increased to an average usage of once every 10 days per user. The company also launched an HR advisory council to offer guidance from industry experts. According to the company’s site, it values passion, customers, people, and accomplishment. Founded in 2013, Betterworks still welcomes feedback from users and the public to improve its products. The company measures its success based on the satisfaction of its customers.

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Serge Belamant: World-Renowned Computer Scientist& Entrepreneur

Serge Belamant is a computer scientist who is recognized globally as being among the pioneers of blockchain technology. The blockchain technology developed by Serge Belamant was critical to the creation of the cryptocurrencies that are in use in the modern world. The blockchain technique was developed to reduce the time taken to process online payments and create a secure environment.

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Background and Education

Segre Belamant was born in 1953 in Tulle, France. However, his family relocated to South Africa when he was 14. His father, a highly skilled tiler, wanted to try his skills in a different environment that was untapped at that time. Serge Belamant later enrolled at Highlands North Boys High School after he had mastered communicating in English.

Belamant was able to utilize his talents and excel not only in academics but also in sports. His excellence in rugby and other co-curricular activities played a role in his appointment as the house captain for bridge clubs and science when still in high school. His excellence culminated in him climbing the ranks to the position of Head Prefect. Apart from rugby, Belamant was also an ardent chess player where he represented the Southern Transvaal numerous times. In 1972, he finished 6th place during the nationwide championships.

Career Milestones

Although Serge Belamant never completed his university degree, he still managed to get hired by a reputable firm after his entry into the labor market. He was employed by a civil engineering company, Matrix, at the age of 22. He worked at the firm’s BKSH division. He later on worked on Cyber computers and finite element analysis software that he used to analyze water levels on dams. His creativity was vital in enabling him to develop the software used to find the optimal water levels in dams and assisting in the prediction of future droughts.

Tenure at Net1 Technologies

Serge Belamant is also credited with founding Net1 Technologies, an IT firm in South Africa. The company has provided IT services to nations like Russia, Burundi, and Iraq. Belamant’s efforts were finally rewarded when Net1 Technologies was listed on the NASDAQ in 2005. With his efforts and dedication, Belamant was named the Henry Ford of IT by Stafford Thomas.

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The Impact of Neurocore on the Performance of Athletes

Neurocore is medical product focused on improving the strength, energy and constant focus on the client. The stimulant works by providing an environment where one can work for long hours after taking the drug. It gives a significant boost especially when the day looks tedious and lengthy. It is perfect for people seeking to perform extra duties in their calendar. It is usually taken about 35 minutes before the work ahead begins. The Neurocore manufacturer recommends the first intake of one scoop in a mixture of 6 oz of water, and for maximum results, you double the measurement. One should not take more than two scoops in a day.

Many people, especially those participating in sports activities have found themselves in a situation where they are unable to perform during their quests. Fortunately, they do not lose hope; instead, they seek to find solutions from experienced sources. Neurocore provides brain training services for people with such problems. The process involves training the brains of athletes and other players into working to full performance on its own. The Neurocore brain training lessons also consist of aiding the mind to come back to its initial state after the sports activity.

The process helps the athlete to recover from the fast running brain so that they can have a sound sleep later. The mind does not only aid in directing the player, but it also plays a critical role in the performance. Therefore, such simple activities like pre-psyches, breathing deeply and performing simple rituals helps in slowing down the working of the brain, maintaining the person to have full subconscious of what is before him. This is the situation where the athlete is not distracted by other things apart from the task at hand.

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Mark Holyoake on Doing the Right Thing

Mark Holyoake is one of the most important figures to ever appear on the face of the seafood industry, and yet it seems as though he still does not get the international recognition he deserves. Despite being the newfound CEO of a company that, quite literally, has “international” in its title, it would seem as though Mark Holyoake has gone under the radar for far too many people outside of Iceland.

If you take any demographic of people who know of Mark Holyoake, they will all give you a variety of answers in terms of what his personality is like, but there will be one thing they all tell you in common; he works scarily hard. It is not just that he cares about his work, but rather, he puts forth so much effort into every ounce of work he produces for his company that it almost makes people recoil in fear. After all, who could be crazy enough to put so much on the line for a business you happen to work for?

Well, to Holyoake, no one who is truly successful in the industry will feel this way. After all, if you are someone who chases success, would you not spend your days worrying about more significant matters, such as the limited time you have on this planet to live out all that you dream of? Holyoake is not afraid to put it all on the line because, emotionally, he already does. He is totally invested in the work he produces, so he would have a hard time simply stopping.

Instead of doing that, Holyoake wants to create a world where no one ever needs to work as hard as he does. In a way, he sees himself like Atlas of ancient myth, sacrificing a piece of himself to keep the rest of the world from seeing a terrible fate. Mark Holyoake dreams more than anything that he can utilize Iceland Seafood International to create a better life for aquatic animals out there that currently suffer as a result of human actions. Holyoake does not simply chase success; he chases righteousness.

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Mr. Sergey Petrossov And The JetSmarter Company

Mr. Sergey Petrossov is the CEO and Founder of JetSmarter business located in Boca Raton, Florida. Mr. Petrossov has also co-founded the Federal System of Distance Education and before this was both the co-founder and Vise-President of Business Development for the Live Contact company from 2006 up until 2009. The JetSmarter company offers people around the world a smarter way to fly giving people the chance to book flights at non-member rates. JetSmarter allows people to choose their aircraft, the number of seats you will need, when you want to fly, all at a low-price guaranteed. Compared to more traditional charters, one can save literally thousands of dollars when coming on with JetSmarter.

JetSmarter offers convenient but yet private, shared jet services with some of the best-in-class flight support. JetSmarter is today a billion-dollar business that is backed by Wayne Chang and Jay-Z. Sergey Petrossov and his family immigrated from the country of Russia when he was a young boy and as time went on soon Sergey Petrossov adopted a passion to succeed and a strong work ethic. While he was enrolled at the University of Florida, Mr. Sergey Petrossov became very interested in computer science and technology and soon after, his love for technology began to flourish.

Petrossov’s technological expertise was extremely profound in a different project that he co-founded which provided distance learning services and education to Russian-speaking schools in Eastern Europe. Oddly enough, after Sergey Petrossov’s first attempt to try and book a private jet himself, Petrossov quickly arrived at the smart concept of starting the very successful JetSmarter company. Sergey put together a professional team of individuals from BMW, NASA, and Nokia and soon after the JetSmarter Application was released to the worldwide market in March of 2013. Founder and CEO of a private jet services company, Mr. Sergey Petrossov has what it takes to lead a successful jet business.

James Dondero Is An American Entrepreneur Who Is Never Too Busy To Offer A Helping Hand

James Dondero is a credit and equity markets specialist who has been working with in the industry for more than three decades. He is the president and co-founder of Highland Capital Management, L.P. and has mainly been working on distressed and high-yield investing. He also serves NexPoint Residential Trust, Inc. as its president and chairman and has been working with Cornerstone Healthcare Group Holding, Inc. and NexBank Capital, Inc. as their chairman. Read more at Wikipedia about James Dondero.

James Dondero has been a pioneer in his field, and he helped to develop the Collateralized Loan Obligation (CLO) market. Before the creation of Highland Capital Management, he worked with the GIC subsidiary of Protective Life as its chief investment officer. It only took him four years to help build the subsidiary and grow its wealth to more than $2 billion. He also served American Express as a portfolio manager and corporate bond analyst.

James Dondero studied at the University of Virginia and received the highest honors while attending its McIntire School of Commerce. He earned two Bachelor of Science degrees in finance and accounting during his time at the college. Dondero has been designated as Chartered Financial Analyst and has also been recognized as a Certified Public Accountant. Learn more about James Dondero at High Yield Credit.

James Dondero is not the kind of man to hoard all of his wealth to himself. In fact, he has been quite generous over the years. He serves the Southern Methodist University Cox School of Business Executive Board as a member and has donated a lot of his own money to different educational nonprofits in Dallas, Texas. Dondero will always be remembered for his help with the rebuilding of the hippo habitat at the Dallas Zoo, which is known as the hippo hut. He donated $1 million to the cause and is glad that residents of the city will be able to continue to enjoy the exhibit.