Sightsavers’ Mission of Excellence

Sightsavers, an international organization that specializes in treating visual impairment, has been on a mission to eradicate a host of eye impairments for over 30 years. This UK-based charitable organization has worked in up to 30 different countries throughout Asia and Africa. In its 65-year history, Sightsavers has helped treat more than 43 million people. These people were actually sufferers of trachoma, which is an infectious disease that’s caused by bacterium chlamydia trachomatis. This organization works in some of the poorest countries in the world, but it has bases in Italy, Sweden, the US, Norway, and the UK.


As of 2018, Sightsavers has been able to spread its wings and extend its services into India. This organization even has a social media campaign that highlights the success of this particular program. There are also real stories of this extravagant work that provides the outside world with a glimpse of how special Sightsavers truly is. There are thousands of donors and volunteers who have worked side-by-side with this international juggernaut. Screening people for eye diseases is critical, especially when it comes to underprivileged regions. These regions generally have lower standards of living as well as a lack of proper treatments, to begin with. If left unchecked, these eye diseases can spread fairly quickly through interaction. Sightsavers is basically preventing certain blindness to the highest degree. The organization teaches the people of these communities on how to avoid infections, it provides a ton of antibiotics, and it offers a range of surgeries.


Sightsavers also provides training for people who are already blind. This organization offers the training free of charge, which helps to allow these individuals to live a productive life. Every base is being covered to the fullest degree. Sightsavers will continue to do its best to prevent and eradicate eye impairment thanks to its undying passion for proper eye health.



Ara Chackerian Brings New Treatment For Depression With New Business Venture

Ara Chackerian, the entrepreneur behind TMS Solutions, is working to try to end the stigma that suicide has. Every single day, suicide claims the lives of more than 100 people but people still seem to be hesitant to talk about it. Even obituaries tend to not mention the cause of death when a loved one takes their own life. Recently, the topic has been making the headlines with the deaths of celebrities likes Robin Williams and Anthony Bourdain and people are finally talking about the subject.


People just don’t know how they are supposed to react when someone commits suicide which Ara Chackerian believes is one of the major contributors to the stigma that it has. It can affect people of any age and background no matter how happy they may appear to the public. It’s important that friends and family reach out to help their loved ones who are suffering from depression and to be open to discussion. Many are hesitant to find help for their mental illness or traditional methods just didn’t work in the past.


The ineffectiveness of traditional treatments for depression is one of the major reasons why Ara Chackerian founded TMS Solutions. TMS Solutions offers a new type of treatment for patients with depression called transcranial magnetic stimulation. This method has shown dramatic results in many patients who need more than medications and psychotherapy for their depression. While there are still some challenges, his company is working hard to put the needs of the patients of TMS Solutions before anything else.


Life experiences inspire the ideas of Ara Chackerian. When you make the effort to actively live life and engage in it, ideas will naturally come. This was something that was instilled in him at an early age by his parents. To see more you can visit


Ara Chackerian may be an entrepreneur, but at heart, he is a dedicated philanthropist who takes part in many community-based efforts. He has decades of experience in the field of healthcare and has co-founded startups that specialized in both radiology and pharmacy services. He is known as an angel investor who funds health companies in various startup stages that he believes will help combine healthcare and technology. For more info you can checkout





Why Sight Savers Should Be in Your Sights

Charitable organizations are often either under scrutiny or they are attempting to raise funds. Earlier this year, the organization published more information about their annual income rising more than 50%. This international charity is head over heels for helping individuals find a cure for blindness, or perhaps a better way of dealing with it. This charity now bypassing more than 300 million pounds in annual income is huge.


While the income is going up, it’s different from what you hear about with other organizations. This charity increases its donations with in-kind donations, like relevant medications. One company, in particular, Merck and Company, donated 191 million pounds worth of Mectizan tablets. These tablets are known for preventing what is called “river blindness”. The year prior, these tablets were donated, offering a value of more than 135 million pounds.


“What is river blindness?” River blindness is a parasitic infection that can, over time, cause irreversible blindness. The disease is spread by the bite of infected black flies that breed near fast-flowing rivers. 120 million people are at risk worldwide. River blindness can lead to severe skin irritation, pain and sight loss. 500,000 people are blind because of it. 37 million are infected by the disease. Medication can stop it spreading. Fly catchers work to eradicate the flies that carry river blindness. Together, we can eliminate the disease. Learn more: (or click link in our bio!) #Sightsavers #riverblindness #ntds #blindness #eyes #eyehealth #vision #sight #sightloss #visionloss #eyecare #eyehealth #beatNTDs #nomoreNTDs #blindnessawareness #endavoidableblindness #avoidableblindness #river #rivers #riversides #didyouknow #dyk #factoftheday #interesting #interestingfacts

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There are other accounts like the Trachoma Initiative as well. This account was also very generous, donating Zithromax for the purpose of treating Trachoma in Sudan. This fund totaled more than 39 million pounds and counting. An infectious disease, this is known as a type of chlamydia which effects the eyelid in two separate phases. This can also cause the eyelids to roughen.


The tablets were not always donated in this fashion, but now they may appear in the accounts of those who hold Sightsavers accounts. Although this setup is unique, it is only to be temporary, and it was designed to be a solution amid the US sanctions against Sudan. As long as this is so, it allows the tablets to get where to they need to be, and this may well be the long-term solution so long as it is allowed to continue.


One of the major bonuses in working with Sighsaver’s is that the way the accounts are set up, it allows for the treatment of more patients. With the donations that were given, allowing them to treat more than 154 million people.

Krishen Iyer Stayed Is A Natural At Marketing Services

Krishen Iyer has used his expert abilities in online marketing, technical development and client relations to get him through his tasks at Managed Benefits. He has lived in California in the Fresno area, as has been instrumental in the success of Quick Link Marketing. He has paved the way for the company to give extremely effective marketing solutions to clients by linking them up with lead-generation companies which can meet each client’s unique marketing needs.


How His Career Started

Krishen Iyer’s career has been groomed partly by his undying curiosity and focused state of mind. He was this way ages before he got with Quick Link Marketing. Those qualities helped him get through his days at Grossmont College and San Diego State University. At the second school he received his bachelor’s in public administration and urban development.


How Iyer Devotes His Time

Even though he has a crazy schedule working with Quick Link, he is able to put a bunch of his time into community service work. He consistently participates at parks helping with cleanups and he also assists with humanitarian efforts such as sponsoring children overseas and donating to Haiti relief.


How It All Started

The idea for Quick Link Marketing came from the acknowledgement of the need for the service. this typed of company was lacking in the market. Iyer’s typical day consists of working with clients, technical development and marketing. He arranges his tasks the way his day will be most productive. In order to do this he places clients at the top of the day, that way the rest of his day is driven by client needs. Krishen Iyer believes communication is the way to bring ideas to life. He feels the best ideas come from several viewpoints from brainstorming about a single idea.

What you can learn from Dr. Saad Saad

Dr. Saad Saad is a native of Palestine, but he spent most of his young life in Kuwait where they had relocated.

He worked hard in his studies and secured a chance in a coveted institution in Egypt called the University of Cairo. He went to study medicine because his dream was to become a successful surgeon he is today.

That is why he excelled when he went to study in Cairo because he worked hard. After graduating with honors, he went to England where he did his internship in the medical field.

He later went to the United States of America and pursued his residency as well as general surgery. He has four children who have also pursue various medical careers.

While in the medical field, Dr. Saad Saad has looked for ways to make surgery easy and efficient. He also has a goal to ensure that patients experience reduced pain during these surgical procedures. That is why he has been working hard to improve surgical procedures, and he also has two patent inventions under his name.

During his career, he has been successful in completing various surgeries on different groups of individuals like infants, teenagers, and even adults. He has vast experience because he has worked in the field for more than forty years.

Dr. Saad Saad has toured on different countries on medical missions. For example, he has been in Jerusalem where he has helped children by conducting free surgeries. He has also worked for several organizations and attained top positions, but his primary goal is always to help his patients. Learn more about Dr. Saad Saad: and

When he was in school in Kuwait, Dr. Saad Saad thought of being an engineer, but he was discouraged by the extreme temperatures in Kuwait. That is why he opted to work in a profession that would enable him to work indoors. He decided to become a surgeon so he could work in an environment without much heat.

When he went to the United States and was certified by the board, he was lucky to be trained by one of the most celebrated surgeons in the United States. Dr. Biemann Othersen trained him. He was motivated by the hard work and dedication of the doctor.

While undergoing the training, he learned a lot of lessons from the coveted doctor. One of the things he learned was to treat all the children equally regardless of where they had come from, their religion, color, mental ability, and financial status.

Dr. Saad Saad has succeeded in this industry because he is always looking for an opportunity to serve the people. He has always been about serving the patients no matter their financial background. In his career, he has served the rich and the poor equally.

Inside the life of a Forbes Top 400 Business Professional

Finding yourself on the Forbes Top 400 Business list does not come easy, but Peter Briger sometimes makes it look that way. With over twenty years of business and professional success behind him, Briger has blazed a trail of accomplishments which can certainly be described as impressive. While presently working for Fortress Investment Group LLC, he also has a rich history behind him.

Peter Briger earned his Bachelor of Arts while attending Princeton University. He then went on to the University of Pennsylvania where he got an MBA in business administration from the Wharton School of Business. Briger remained active at Princeton University after graduation, holding a seat on the Board of Directors of the Princeton University Investment Company. Briger has also shown support for the Central Park Conservancy at Princeton.

Beginning his professional career at Goldman, Sachs & Co., Peter Briger spent 15 years developing his leadership skills and investment wisdom. He went on to become a partner in 1996, but on the way to that position he held numerous leadership roles such as co-head of the Asian Real Estate Private Equity business, the Asian Distressed Debt business, the Special Opportunities (Asia) Fund LLC, the Fixed Income Principal Investments Group, and the Whole Loan Sales and Trading business.

In his current post, Peter Briger holds the position of Principal and Co-Chairman of the Board of Directors at Fortress Investment Group. Fortress is an investment management firm which resides in New York City. Since he joined the company in 2002, Briger started the Fortress Credit business. This group of employees, numbering over 300, deals with distressed credit investments and undervalued assets.

That would be enough for most people, but not for Briger. In an attempt to give back and aid others, he is a member of Caliber Schools, which endeavors to help students on four-year educational programs pass their examinations. As if that is not enough, he also sits on the Tipping point board, which is a non-profit designed to help low-income families in San Francisco. To know more about him click here.

Whitney W. Herd, Founder, and CEO of Bumble.

Born in 1989 in Salt Lake City, Whitney Wolfe Herd is a renowned American entrepreneur, and at only twenty-nine years she almost made it to the 2018 list of most affluent entrepreneurial women by Forbes. According to Forbes, if business continues in the same direction for Bumble, it will not take long before she joins the list.

Whitney Wolfe went to Judge Memorial Catholic High School before joining Southern Methodist University where she majored in International Studies. At 22, she worked at Hatch Laboratories before partnering with her former lover Justin Mateen in 2012 to form Tinder, one of the forerunners in dating applications. Connect with Whitney Wolfe by visiting her linkedin account.

She, however, resigned in 2014, with accusations of sexual harassment against her partner who was later on suspended and Wolfe got not less than one million dollars in settlement fees.

In December 2014, Andrey Andreev, creator of Badoo, partnered with Whitney Wolfe and founded Bumble, a mobile dating application that has changed the game in online dating. When using the form, the lady makes the first move in the case of straight matches while in same-sex events either one can make the first move, all within twenty hours before the game disappears.

This is in a move by the company to try and level the ground for women when it comes to dating.

Bumble is growing at a quick rate with more than thirty-five million users, with its most significant competitor being Tinder. It is valued at one billion dollars with only four years of being in existence.

It recently launched Bumble BFF, that enables its users to make new friends when they move to a new place and Bumble Bizz, which allows you to grow your career by networking.

In 2017, OKCupid and Tinder proposed to buy Bumble for 450 million dollars while Match Group offered to buy it for more than one billion dollars. Both offers have so been turned down by Whitney Wolfe.

In the same year, the company was hacked and the employees’ photographs and phone numbers posted on a particular website called neo-Nazi. The FBI stepped in, but since then Whitney has been walking around with personal security.


Chris Burch Talks About Life and Listening

Chris Burch is a man who has had an interesting business career. Currently, Mr. Chris Burch serves as CEO of the company that he founded called Burch Creative Capital. In this role, he has been instrumental in developing and marketing a number of key brands that have grown in popularity.

Chris Burch is also involved in the real estate development business. He has renovated a luxury resort on an island in Indonesia.

In addition to his business work, Mr. Chris Burch is involved in numerous philanthropic endeavours. He works with the Rothman Institute Orthopaedic Hospital and Mt. Sinai Hospital among other charities.

During the course of his varied business career, Chris Burch has learned a number of lessons that he shared with Ideamensch in a recent interview, see ( Among the most important things that Mr. Burch conveyed was the importance of taking risks in the business world. Mr. Burch stated that the way that he has achieved so much success is by taking significant risks. Even though there is always the possibility of failure, Chris Burch is willing to risk failure in the pursuit of a great success. A person can learn from their failures and go on to achieve great things in the business community.

Another lesson that Chris Burch has learned is the importance of listening. When a businessperson surrounds himself with talented individuals, it is important to listen to the other members of the team. By listening to other people’s ideas, a company can attempt new ideas that may be successful beyond imagination, learn more updates on

Finally, Chris Burch believes that it is important that a person boldly pursues his dreams. A person should find something that he feel strongly about. That person should then find a way to turn that dream into the course that he follows in life.

Organo Gold

People love their coffee.

Iced coffee, hot coffee, sweet coffee, pumpkin-flavored coffee – if there are any new flavors of coffee, coffee enthusiasts want to know about them.

Coffee is very cultural. Even people who have no real interest in coffee will spend a few bucks on a latte or other sweet-tasting coffee for the sake of socializing. Colleagues gather together to sip coffee while they pour over work loads, and of course, there’s always that parent who desires at least one cup of joe in the morning before he or she tackles the day.

However, coffee is now more than simply socializing or needing a boost of caffeine as one pours over his work load.

People are beginning to appreciate coffee for what it is: coffee.

People want high quality coffee.

There are three waves of coffee consumption.

  • The First Wave began in the 1800s and lasted well into the 1980s. This was a time when people awoke to Maxwell House and Folger’s. There was basically one flavor of coffee, and people were fine with that. At least, they were for a while.
  • The Second Wave added a bit of spark to the coffee movement because it was during this time that coffee became more flavored. No longer did consumers have to drink boring, bland coffee. Sure, the coffee did its job: it kept consumers alert because of the caffeine it contained, but making it more flavorful allowed businesses a chance to make it more marketable. Enter Starbucks with their espressos, lattes, and macchiatos. Coffee houses also took advantage of this time in history by marketing coffee as a way for people to gather to socialize.
  • The Third Wave is for people who simply love coffee. They may be interested in the drink’s taste, but they are more concerned with its quality.

Dr. Richard Shinto And Penelope Kokkinides Demonstrated Great Leadership Experience At Innovacare Inc.

About Dr. Richard Shinto


Richard Shinto is the current CEO and president of InnovaCare Inc. Before joining InnovaCare, Shinto had also worked with other companies in the healthcare sector whereby he held executive positions. He had worked at Aveta Inc. as the CEO, at Medical Pathways Management Company a Chief Operating Officer and NAMM in California as CEO. He also worked for MedPartners as a corporate VP and Cal Optima Health Plan as the Chief Medical Officer. Shinto started his career in southern California where he practiced as a pulmonologist and an internist. Working with all these companies in the health sector gave him massive experience and rich knowledge he needed to become a great leader at InnovaCare Inc.


Apart from heading different operations at Innovacare, Rick Shinto also serves on the board of directors for CAPG, America’s Health Insurance Plans (AHIP) and previously for Financial Solvency Standards Board in California. Dr. Rick Shinto graduated from the University of California with a Bachelor of Science, the State University of New York with a medical degree, and the University of Redlands with an M.B.A. His experience and academic achievements have been a great asset to InnovaCare leading to its current success. Rick Shinto has been working closely with other executive members because he knows the value of teamwork and this has yielded astounding results for the company. For more details visit



About Penelope Kokkinides


Penelope Kokkinides has been working at InnovaCare since the year 2015 as the Chief Administrative officer. She has a vast experience in the managed healthcare industry which she earned from working as the Chief Operating Officer with both InnovaCare and Aveta Inc. She had also worked with the government in managing Medicare and Medicaid programs. Penelope Kokkinides has a wide knowledge in the development of managed health care processes and clinical programs. Her main focus is on improving organizational efficiencies and infrastructures.


Before Joining InnovaCare, Penelope Kokkinides had also worked with other companies in the healthcare sector holding executive positions. These include Centerlight HealthCare, Touchstone Health, and AmeriChoice, which is a business section of UnitedHealth Group. Kokkinides graduated from Binghamton University with a bachelor’s degree in biological sciences and classical languages, Columbia University’s School of Public Health with a master’s degree in public health. Her vast experience, academic achievements, and dedication in the managed healthcare sector helped her greatly in executing her leadership roles at InnovaCare Inc. You can visit



About InnovaCare


The United States government has been providing access to Medicare Advantage plans, and when they allowed private companies to start providing the services as well, InnovaCare was one of the companies that chipped in. Their main agenda was to help spread these service to as many people as possible. While the company has been operational for more than ten years, its performance has improved greatly in the previous five years, and this can be credited to the dedication of their leadership team. Currently, InnovaCare is one of the best companies offering Medicare Advantage services in Puerto Rico.



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