John Holt Speaks at Global Event

Banking institutions keep emerging from all corners of the world. In America, for instance, they are so many. The common investor has to choose wisely so that they do not end up working with the wrong finance institution. The competition in the banking industry has forced so many companies to improve their services so that they can impress customers. One of the companies that has emerged to be a winner is known as NexBank. The institution is always very keen when delivering its services so that consumers never get a chance to complain. One of the areas the company has taken time to invest in is in the kind of employees it gets. Since it was established, the American banking firm has only been hiring people who are very experienced academically so that they can give consumers the best. The leaders of the organization are very rare too in the market. To become the president or chief executive officer in this banking institution, a professional has to prove beyond reasonable doubt that they can take care of the numerous projects that are carried out in the company.


John Holt is the person who has been given the mantle of leading NexBank in the role of president and chief executive officer. Apart from being an expert in finance, John Holt has served in numerous positions in the past. His academic background is one of the best too. This year, the finance expert was allowed to serve as one of the panelists in a prestigious platform that only attracts leaders who are experienced in the market. The Texas Bankers Association’s 5th Annual Strategic Opportunities and M&A event takes place annually. John Holt took time off his very busy schedule so that he could speak about a topic that is affecting banking in the community.

Krishen Iyer Stayed Is A Natural At Marketing Services

Krishen Iyer has used his expert abilities in online marketing, technical development and client relations to get him through his tasks at Managed Benefits. He has lived in California in the Fresno area, as has been instrumental in the success of Quick Link Marketing. He has paved the way for the company to give extremely effective marketing solutions to clients by linking them up with lead-generation companies which can meet each client’s unique marketing needs.


How His Career Started

Krishen Iyer’s career has been groomed partly by his undying curiosity and focused state of mind. He was this way ages before he got with Quick Link Marketing. Those qualities helped him get through his days at Grossmont College and San Diego State University. At the second school he received his bachelor’s in public administration and urban development.


How Iyer Devotes His Time

Even though he has a crazy schedule working with Quick Link, he is able to put a bunch of his time into community service work. He consistently participates at parks helping with cleanups and he also assists with humanitarian efforts such as sponsoring children overseas and donating to Haiti relief.


How It All Started

The idea for Quick Link Marketing came from the acknowledgement of the need for the service. this typed of company was lacking in the market. Iyer’s typical day consists of working with clients, technical development and marketing. He arranges his tasks the way his day will be most productive. In order to do this he places clients at the top of the day, that way the rest of his day is driven by client needs. Krishen Iyer believes communication is the way to bring ideas to life. He feels the best ideas come from several viewpoints from brainstorming about a single idea.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco, Bradesco Bank Leader With A High Profile In Its Development

     Early this year, Bank Bradesco announced one of the most surprising news about the replacement of one of their best presidents and the Chief Executive Officer of the company, Luiz Carlos Trabuco who has served in the bank for many years since he was a teenage boy. He was replaced by Mr Octavio De Lazaro who was the president of Bradesco Seguros, one of the insurance segments of the bank. According to the traditions of the bank, the Chief Executive Officer of the company should be elected by the executive members of the company after a successful annual meeting of the shareholders.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco has contributed to almost every aspect of Bradesco Bank in his career life. He served in many positions before he became the president and the Chief Executive Officer of the company. His very first position was a clerk member when he was in his teenage. It is during this time that the management of the bank started seeing his leadership skills. During this time he was elected as the leader of the clerk office in the bank.

Something that shows that Luiz Carlos Trabuco was an industrious person from the beginning is that he used to work as he studied for his higher education and nothing went astray not even his job position at Bank Bradesco. He went the University of Sao Paulo and attained his undergraduate degree. afterwords he went to the same University where he achieved his master’s degree in sociology and physiology.

He did not stop there. He had realised that he had great potential in becoming a prominent person in the company and the society as well. He, therefore, went to the University of Penteado Foundation where he attained his postdoctorate degree in sociology and politics. His education is one of the main factors that contributed to becoming the man he is today.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco was the man behind the introduction of Bradesco Bank to the New York Stock Exchange Market when he was the president of Bradesco Seguros. This marked one of the critical steps that the bank made towards gaining the prominent position it is today in the world market.

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Dr. Saad Saad, Pediatric Surgeon with 40 Years of Experience Improves on Surgical Devices

BJ Hetherington’s article “The Life Saving Medical Inventions of Dr. Saad Saad, Pediatric Surgeon” was recently published on the Medical Daily Times. The article discusses the recent inventions of Dr. Saad Saad, a pediatric surgeon with more than 40 years of experience in the field. He has done thousands of surgeries for children in his own community while also helping children in need abroad. Dr. Saad’s recent patents on the surgical devices are the latest in a long line of seeking to improve the experience of his patients. He wants to ensure that they have as little pain and risk as possible.


The first invention is an addition to the widely used catheter. Traditional catheters are placed directly inside the body to treat medical conditions or aid the surgical process. They are particularly useful in draining gas or fluid while providing access to surgical instruments. However, one issue with the catheter is that physicians need to make sure the catheter is placed in the exact location it needs to be in to perform correctly. Typically, doctors will use an MRI or an X-ray to determine the location of the instrument. However, the MRI is typically inefficient and impractical because it is a large machine that requires the patient to move from the surgical room to the location of the MRI machine. The X-ray can be dangerous because of the repeated exposure to radiation.


Dr. Saad sought to improve the ability of the doctor to locate the device without the cumbersome MRI machine and without the radiation exposure of the X-ray. His invention adds a location tracker device onto the tip of the catheter. It emits electromagnetic energy placed within the coil of the catheter. The doctors then use an external locator device that would be able to locate the precise location of the catheter by scanning the body. When the external device is illuminated, the doctors will now they have found the tip of the catheter. The device is small and easily portable. The doctors will not need to use guide wires when it is placed inside of the patient. Since guide wires can get stuck in the patient, having a tracker will prevent the hazard.


Dr. Saad also has a patent for an improvement on endoscopes. This technology is also widely used throughout surgical procedures to help doctors see what is happening inside the body of the patient without a scan and without surgery. It’s particularly useful to examine the stomach, colon, bladder, and the windpipe. However, it has a problem of maintaining the view if liquids or gas get in the way. Typically, the doctor would need to remove the device to remove the liquid prior to continuing the process. However, Dr. Saad’s invention would allow irrigation of the liquid or gas without needing to remove the endoscope. Learn more:

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Continuing To Make Bradesco Unquestioned Champion

     Luiz Carlos Trabuco has recently announced that after 9 years at the helm of the largest bank in Brazil, he will be stepping down from the position of CEO. But he will not be straying far. Trabuco will be replacing the outgoing chairman of the board of directors, Lazaro Brandao. This means that he will be leaving the daily tasks of running the business at the nuts-and-bolts level to his successor. But Trabuco will still very much be an influence on the broad strategic direction in which his bank embarks over the next 10 to 20 years.

Trabuco has been with the bank for nearly 50 years. After being hired as a walk-in applicant in 1969, he has spent his entire career with the firm, rising from the lowest positions at the bank to become one of its most celebrated CEOs.

But for as long as Trabuco’s tenure at the company has been, the man he is replacing makes him look wet around the ears by comparison. Lazaro Brandao is one of the oldest currently serving chairpersons in the world today. He has been working at the bank an amazing 75 years, first coming to work at the firm all the way back in 1943, when World War II was still raging across the globe and when many of the people that he has directed as chairman were not yet born.

As a result of Brandao’s long tenure in executive roles at the bank, there are many shareholders who are less than 100 percent enthusiastic about his departure. Even as the veteran financier approaches his 93rd birthday, there are many who would prefer to see him stay on for another 5 or even 10 years. And even though this feeling may seem wholly unreasonable to outsiders, especially considering that Trabuco is one of the most objectively skilled executives the bank has ever known, once Brandao’s career with the firm is closely examined, the mystery evaporates as to why stakeholders would prefer him to stay.

First being appointed CEO in 1981, Brandao would go on to hold various executive positions with the firm for the next 36 years. This included being appointed to the chairmanship in 1990, a position that he has held for the last 27 years. It was throughout the period of his leadership that Bradesco went from being a small regional concern throughout the state of Sao Paulo to becoming the unquestioned heavyweight champ of the Brazilian banking sector. Many of the people who have made a great deal of money with the bank during the period of Brandao’s leadership are the ones least thrilled by his impending exit. After all, between 1990 and 2009, the bank’s share price increased by a factor of more than 300 times.

However, many of these people have not fully taken into account the enormous role that Trabuco himself played in the ascent of the bank to the high finance stratosphere. Throughout his tenure as a leader of various divisions of the firm, Trabuco was able to make sweeping changes, many of which created totally dominant business products and units.

One example of Trabuco’s visionary leadership leading directly to Bradesco cornering an entire market was the changes that he made while heading up the bank’s financial planning division. Trabuco began consciously recruiting the country’s wealthiest clients through various incentives. His strategy eventually resulted in the bank’s balance sheet swelling by billions of dollars, a seminal event in Bradesco’s rise from regional bank to international powerhouse.

As Trabuco takes the helm of the board of directors, it will be a good bet that his knack for high-level competition will continue filling the bank’s sails.

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Ted Bauman Success In Publishing

     In September 2013, that’s when he joined the Ted Bauman, and the serves that he offered, he was the editor of the Bauman letter and the Plan B Club. He would specialize mostly in the asset protection and the issues that migrate faces. Also, he worked for the Smart money alert as their editor. His hometown was Washington, D.C. and that’s where he was born. But later his family moved to Maryland’s eastern shore where he was raised. When he was a young boy, he did migrate to South Africa. After he attended the University of Cape Town where he graduated with a postgraduate degree in economics and history.

When he was 25 years, Ted served as an executor in some of the nonprofit sectors, at first he started as the fund manager. During the 2000s, Ted did so many things he was a consultant, writing very profoundly about finance, researching when it came to financing and the researching on the so many issues that were faced by the urban housing. While he was researching also he had to travel so many places like the Asia and Europe so that he could get the so many information that he wanted.

In 2008, that’s when Ted returned to the US. He was given the role of the director of the international housing program. Even though he was working in this firm, he didn’t stop writing. He continued to carry out his so many research and writing about so many topics. In fact, in 2013, Ted decided that it was time to leave the habitat that he was used too and that was the humanity so that to work fulltime as a researcher and writer. He is always researching on some of the ways that he can help some of his readers.

His mission is that through his writing he will be able to help some of his readers take back control when it comes to their financial destiny. The actionable strategies aim is to assist in the growth of the wealth, come up with ways that users can protect their privacy and live life according to their dreams. He is good at what he does that why he his talent has been recognized by so many international journals because so many of them have published him. Like the South African press and the small enterprise development. Most recently, he released a booth that was titled ‘where to stash your cash’ that he coauthored with his father.

Matt Badiali: The Expert in Natural Resources

     Matt Badiali joined Bayan Hill Publishing early this year as a natural resources expert in charge of researching and recommending viable investments in energy, precious metals, agriculture and other sections of the natural resources sector for the readers of the company’s newsletter. The mining expert indicated his amazement by the efforts of the organization in delivering research to interested persons in the recent months. This is also among the main reasons why he was enthusiastic about joining the company in the first place.

The expert further notes that the company offers an option of investing with a private advisor known to provide investors with more control over how they build their wealth. Additionally, the company offers guidance that may be difficult to find in any mainstream financial media, a factor that further ignited his urge to join Bayan Hill. Prior to joining the company, Matt had worked at Stansberry Research for 11 years, where he served as the editor of the Stansberry Research Resource Report, an advisory that majorly focused on investments in metals, energy and several other natural resources. Matt ranks among the industry’s leading experts in natural resources.

The mining expert is a geologist by training and holds a Bachelor of Science in Earth Sciences earned at Penn State University. He also holds a Masters of Geology from the Florida Atlantic University. As an investment researcher and writer, Matt’s mission is to help readers grow and take care of their wealth. While his background lies in the identification of profitable opportunities in the sector of natural resources, he still strives to explore several other opportunities in the market for his readers to invest in. Notably, Matt is the second expert in investment to join the company in 2017.

Matt Badiali is known for his talk-to-everyone, go-anywhere, hands-on approach to his research and investment prospects. His work has taken him to numerous locations around the world including Haiti, Papua New Guinea, Hong Kong, Iraq, Haiti, Switzerland, and Turkey. In fact, his endeavors in natural resources have given him the opportunity to visit innumerable oil wells and mines the world over, analyze all manner of geologic information, and interrogate CEOs across the world on their latest prospects in natural resources.

Glen Wakeman the Genius

Glen Wakeman is known for strict business attitude and how he presents himself as an accomplished business man. He has no doubt revolutionized the business world. He has a great mentoring spirit to him that rubs off on other people. He is no doubt a very hard worker and does things to the best of his ability thereof. He works very hard to accomplish helping others and does his best to help and see others succeed. His mentoring spirit is combined with strong leadership and a notion to do whats right in the business world. He does what he can to help others. He has created a new start up companies and has done his best to continue pursuing his dream and helping others. He created a new performance.

He created new performance methodologies and was able to do his part. He has held administrative positions and does a lot of hard work in these areas. The areas that he works in is very difficult to manage but Glen Wakeman does his part in these areas and does not buckle under pressure ( He does not buckle under pressure because he has techniques that

He has held administrative positions and does a lot of hard work in these areas. The areas that he works in is very difficult to manage but Glen Wakeman does his part in these areas and does not buckle under pressure. He does not buckle under pressure because he has techniques that help him handle himself keenly as a business man. To hold himself well as a business makes takes a lot of skill which Glen Wakeman has plenty of.

He is most known for his five step method that encourages taking leadership in business situations. He works very hard to upkeep his image but his focus is no doubt on being a good businessman and not letting others get to him. He focuses on what needs to be done than does it with his method planning. He strategies very well and focuses and what needs to be done at the time. His keen focus is very examplary and many look up to him as a great busniess leader.


     Paul Mampilly was formerly a fund manager and worked for 20 years on the Wall Street. Some of his customers included ING, Kinetics International, and the Deutsche Bank. In 2009, the Templeton Foundation had a competition based on investment, which was won by Paul Mampilly.

During the financial crisis, the participants had to turn a $ 50 million worth of investment which had to gain 76% to $88 million without having any shorts in stocks.Last year, Mampilly joined Banyan Hill Publishing and started Profits Unlimited with the aim of showing Americans into investments opportunities that have profits.

As part of this program, Mamphilly recommends new stocks in a newsletter that has eight pages which he then mails to those who have subscribed to the newsletter every month. Every week, he does updates of the stocks on his websites, and the investments are doing.

Instead of investing their money on their behalf, those who subscribe to Mampilly’s get to purchase the stocks through their own brokerage accounts. This style offers an alternative from the traditional ways which was between advisors and clients, hence its innovative and efficient.

As it last stood, Mampilly’s open folder included stocks that stood at 18%, 21%, 31%, and 38%. There were close to 13 open positions, of which 11 of these were highly profitable. A particular stock of a semiconductor company that Mampilly had written about on the 1st of June during the launch of Profits Unlimited had grown to 160%.

A former hedge fund manager, Paul Mampilly is an investor in America and a winner of the esteemed Templeton Foundation competition on investment. Paul has appeared on Fox Business, CNBC and Bloomberg TV. He founded the leading newsletter on investment; Profit Unlimited. In this paper, he uses his knowledge, skills, and expertise he got while working at Wall Street to show his subscribers who are over 60,000 on stocks that are assured to shoot high.

A native to India, Paul came to the US and quickly found his way on working on Wall Street. He began his career in 1991 and worked as a research assistant at Deutsche Bank, hence has a 25-year experience in the world of investment. He has held high positions in different financial institutions both private and public.

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Avaaz Fights Global Corruption And Human Rigths Abuses In An Independent Way

The Avaaz group has always guarded its independence from political and financial interference fiercely since it was established in 2007 and began a new era in activism for many people in the 21st century. Upon its establishment the group that has made its name fighting a range of global issues, including the fight over climate change, human rights abuses, and a wide ranging interest in battling corruption, has always avoided falling into the trap of allowing wealthy donors and corporations drive its political direction; instead, the group began life funded by its founding members and now accepts only grassroots donations of $5,000 or less to ensure its future freedoms.

There are many areas of interest the Avaaz group of activists has taken up in recent years and won a number of stunning victories; Avaaz believes there is little point in fighting for a change in society if there is in planet to live on and has developed many interests in the battle against climate change. The fight over climate change has been coupled with a campaign to protect the bee population across the planet from a reduction in numbers that would be devastating to the future of the planet.

As much of the work of Avaaz is based on Internet based technologies, the group is always looking to protect Internet privacy and limit the censorship being fought for by many governments across the planet. In many areas of the world Avaaz has been seeking to aid in the fight to protect many different groups who are fighting to expose governmental corruption, such as those battling against the issues faced in Brazil. The quick response of Avaaz to many different issues facing the world has led to the group becoming a major force when a humanitarian crisis occurs, such as the European refugee crisis of 2016 that saw Avaaz become a force for campaigning for a humane approach to be taken by government agencies across Europe and beyond.

For more information follow Avaaz on Twitter.