Education and Dedication:Rocketship Education Supports Structured Learning

When you see children progressing in the lane of education, as a teacher, you want them to continue to move in excellence as they reach their teenage years. For that reason, Rocketship Education has been cheering on every student that they have for their hard work and dedication to their curriculum. The school was founded in 2006 by John Danner and Preston Smith. The two wanted to work on helping low-income communities that would never get the chance to go to college. Of course, Rocketship Education has had its ups and downs over the years. But with the help of the communities in San Jose, the schools have gained popularity in the hearts of parents and their own faculty.

Rocketship Education believes in teaching lessons that go beyond the classroom. In other terms, their education emphasizes a structure that will be needed in a child’s life no matter where they are in the world. The school focuses on using music which helps children imagine what their goals and dreams are.

As a bonus, Rocketship Education teaches children about safety and how to recognize hazardous places. For instance, if a child is around a crowd of people who are breaking the laws, their lessons at Rocketship Schools will encourage them to call for help. Since the grand opening of the charter schools, donations have been piling in to support children who need to purchase technology for classes. Through their advanced learning, each child sets a goal that can be achieved before they leave the program. In the future, Rocketship Education may be available on a middle school and high school level. But for right now, the focus is on the children in K-5. See use of technology in Rocketship Education in this article.

Unfortunately, the Rocketship Schools cannot reach every child on their own. That’s why it’s important for parents and teachers to make a difference by inviting other parents to their board meetings. That’s a perfect reflection of the old saying about the village raising the child. Basically, it helps when parents and teachers continue to work together to support a child’s dream. With that noted, Rocketship Education believes that everyone should pitch in to support this generation.

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Bruce Levenson Launches an Initiative to Mold Future Nonprofit Leaders

In a report by Forbes Magazine, upon selling his company, the Atlanta Hawks, Bruce Levenson ventured into the non-profit industry. He is currently involved in activities of sourcing money to fund educational causes, including the Do Good Institute at the University of Maryland. See,

The Do Good Institute is an initiative that targets students in institutions of higher learning. This organization works with undergraduate students at the University of Maryland and subjects them to volunteer jobs and non-profit activities. The Do Good Institute endeavors to create a network of non-profit business leaders who can compete with their counterparts in the private sector. According to Bruce Levenson, this initiative’s mission is to offer business skills to students so that they can successfully manage non-profit organizations in the future. Levenson and his wife, Karen, are the founders of this group.

Karen and Levenson have since donated over $75 million to this organization while the state of Maryland contributed $20 million. The University of Maryland offers a class in Philanthropy accompanied by a practical session where a student is given $10,000 to donate to a charity of their choice. The Do Good Institute’s mission is to train the future generation of nonprofit professionals and transform the University of Maryland into a Do Good campus where students are motivated to give back to the community. Aside from becoming nonprofit leaders, students have acquired exceptional entrepreneurial skills. One of the students under this studentship was able to establish Food Recovery Network, a waste management movement. This movement grew into a profit generating waste management initiative.

About Bruce Levenson

Bruce Levenson is an entrepreneur and the former owner of an NBA team called Atlanta Hawks. He completed his university-level studies at the Washington and the American University. Levenson is a co-founder of the United Communications Group (UCG), a publishing company that specializes in news, data, and healthcare analysis. He is a member of the board of TechTarget and the Newsletters and Electronic Publishers Association. Levenson is the founder and CEO of the Do Good Institute. He is also a renowned philanthropist that supports many causes.