Jorge Moll as President of D’Or Institute of Research and Education (IDOR)

Dr. Moll has a medical degree from Federal University. After attaining his bachelor’s degree, he focused on neurology. Dr. Moll later went for a doctrine in experimental pathophysiology in 2004. He is now the president of IDOR. He is a board member and senior researcher at IDOR. Dr. Moll developed IDOR medical institute. He had the vision to promote innovate healthcare, education and world-class research in Brazil. In 2015, he got an award of Visiting scholar from Stanford University. In 2012 he was elected as a board member of International Neurotics Society. He was later selected by Brazilian Academy of Sciences to become an affiliate member. He was awarded a Research Fellow accolade from the National Institutes of Health.


He services as an excellent example to many entrepreneurs who have a lot of ideas on how to start projects in business as well as maintaining businesses. He proposes that a person may take up an entrepreneurial opportunity which had been ignored before by someone else and succeed. The vision he had become a passion has led him to where he is today. He proposed that meetings are an essential part of productivity. He meets with students and people dealing with business from different organizations. Free expression and collaboration are crucial. To bring ideas to life, he said that thoughts are plenty, but the tricky thing is to plan them for success. It requires discussion with others and many other ideas in the process. Those kept helping in succeeding are scheduled for better success.


Dr. Moll proposes that cognitive systems and artificial intelligence curious to him. He was very excited by how people’s brains and machines worked together, therefore, improving healthcare. He was excited in gene therapy and generative medicine in his medical field. He consists of three habits, skill, transparency, and openness as developing to entrepreneurs. He proposed that on proving ideas, unproductive one should dispose of them as quickly as possible. According to Dr. Moll, using new models to overcome challenges helps very much. To overcome challenges, he uses ideas and strategies. He later attains success through using different approaches and strategies and concludes that there is no specific recipe for success.