Serge Belamant: World-Renowned Computer Scientist& Entrepreneur

Serge Belamant is a computer scientist who is recognized globally as being among the pioneers of blockchain technology. The blockchain technology developed by Serge Belamant was critical to the creation of the cryptocurrencies that are in use in the modern world. The blockchain technique was developed to reduce the time taken to process online payments and create a secure environment.

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Background and Education

Segre Belamant was born in 1953 in Tulle, France. However, his family relocated to South Africa when he was 14. His father, a highly skilled tiler, wanted to try his skills in a different environment that was untapped at that time. Serge Belamant later enrolled at Highlands North Boys High School after he had mastered communicating in English.

Belamant was able to utilize his talents and excel not only in academics but also in sports. His excellence in rugby and other co-curricular activities played a role in his appointment as the house captain for bridge clubs and science when still in high school. His excellence culminated in him climbing the ranks to the position of Head Prefect. Apart from rugby, Belamant was also an ardent chess player where he represented the Southern Transvaal numerous times. In 1972, he finished 6th place during the nationwide championships.

Career Milestones

Although Serge Belamant never completed his university degree, he still managed to get hired by a reputable firm after his entry into the labor market. He was employed by a civil engineering company, Matrix, at the age of 22. He worked at the firm’s BKSH division. He later on worked on Cyber computers and finite element analysis software that he used to analyze water levels on dams. His creativity was vital in enabling him to develop the software used to find the optimal water levels in dams and assisting in the prediction of future droughts.

Tenure at Net1 Technologies

Serge Belamant is also credited with founding Net1 Technologies, an IT firm in South Africa. The company has provided IT services to nations like Russia, Burundi, and Iraq. Belamant’s efforts were finally rewarded when Net1 Technologies was listed on the NASDAQ in 2005. With his efforts and dedication, Belamant was named the Henry Ford of IT by Stafford Thomas.

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