Dr. Saad Saad Supports Medical Missions in the Middle East

Dr. Saad Saad is an experienced and accomplished pediatric surgeon in the United States. For the past four decades, he has been working in the medical industry providing medical services mainly to young people.

Most of his time as a pediatric surgeon has been spent in New Jersey although he has in the past left the country briefly to work for the Saudi Royal Family. Read more: Dr. Saad | Vitals

What makes Dr. Saad Saad unique from others is his ability to embrace expertise and innovation in his work. It is through dedication to work that he proved to the Saudi Royal Family, humanitarian groups and other medical professionals and that he was good at his job.

For the four decades that he was active in the industry, and successfully performed thousands of surgeries to children aged between 6 months and 14 years.

Dr. Saad Saad has worked for the ultra-rich in the society, but that has never made him ignore the plight of the poor. In 2002, he worked with a humanitarian group known as Palestine Children Relief Fund. PCFR is a non-profit organization that addresses the medical needs of poor Arabs children living in the Middle East.

This organization needed the assistance of a medical professional who would perform a surgery on a young child who had been shot in the West Bank. The child had received preliminary treatment in a local Israeli hospital, but the injuries were too complex and needed a professional with advanced knowledge. PCFR identified Dr. Saad Saad and asked him to perform that surgery.

Dr. Saad Saad found the child to be in a dire condition that needed immediate medical care. He had gunshot holes in his belly and as a result in the skin had burned and was eating away quickly. Dr. Saad Saad performed a 7-hour surgery that involved patching up the holes and treating and the internal injuries. The surgery went on successively, and the child recovered.

In 2010, there was another case of a girl from the West Bank who needed immediate medical care. At birth, the child’s intestines were exposed outside the body and that condition required to be treated by highly qualified medical professional.

Local doctors in Palestine could not manage to perform that surgery, and the girl through PCFR had to fly the girls to the United States for Dr. Saad Saad to perform that surgery. It took him 5 hours to cover up the exposed abdominal area, and the operation was completed successfully.

Again in 2013, Dr. Saad Saad through the intervention of PCRF performed surgery on a boy who was hit by a bomb in Gaza, paralyzing one of his legs. The boy needed nerve transplant surgery for the paralyzed leg to recover and the highly qualified doctor could only do such an operation.

Since Dr. Saad does not deal with nerves surgeries, he intervened and facilitated another qualified surgeon who performed the operation. After 11 months, the boy walked himself to the airport and was able to play soccer again.

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Challenges In Treating Rare Diseases Be Jeff Aronin

Jeff Aronin, chairman and also the Executive Chief Officer of Paragon Biosciences organization. He is an investor and incubator and the companies help the people struggling with diseases where there are little treatment available options or don’t exist at all.


For the last 10 years, Drug and Food Administration has approved new medications which are under Paragon Biosciences leadership. The company has been able to accomplish this following three strategies; building, identification, and future developments of products.


Jeff and his colleagues from the company find it very important being to be able to develop disease treatments which have little or lack treatment option. What they try to do first is to be able to identify the need for paragon work. The company does considerations for population size affected and availability of any treatments that doctors are offering the patients.


Paragon then will later investigate the patients and their conditions thoroughly so that they can examine the science behind the disease so that they can be able to address what people needs best. When driving its drug development strategy, the company checks the clinical studies together with the scientific data.


After they have successfully identified the disease, they will address a new drug. Paragon Biosciences will create dynamic companies which help to create the medicine. It may even take even several years so that they can get life-changing medicine for the patients. Paragon will provide long-term resources and also all necessary support to the portfolio companies so that they can ensure that the drug developer has been processed efficiently.


Paragon companies have advanced rapidly with the medicine especially to those lacking treatment options. This is after they apply for breakthrough science which focuses on high-unmet medical areas in need. In many different cases, drugs that are created by Paragon’s companies become the first and approved treatments for the target disease.


The drugs which have been created by Paragon Biosciences have become instrumental to change the lives of many patients. An example of the company is Castle Creek which has lately been focusing on the development of innovative therapies for serious, rare or having debilitating dermatologic conditions patients. It has several products which are for the late development stages.