Victoria Doramus Is A Trends Specialist Who Uses Her Skills For The Greater Good Of Humanity

Victoria Doramus has a history of working creatively in the marketing sector, where she has served as a trends specialist for many years. Some of the work she has done includes networking, creating custom content, working up creative campaigns, and analyzing different markets. As a working professional, she can deal with a company’s financial matters and can improve its logistics. She served Mindshare as an assistant media planner and helped improve the company by helping it to work within its budget.

Victoria Doramus worked with the TV and film director Peter Berg from 2014 through 2016; serving as his personal assistant. Part of her job included managing his property in New York City, which included keeping an eye on his domestic employees and staying in touch with the building’s management as well as different contractors. Doramus also took care of many personal matters for Peter Berg by running a lot of his day to day errands.

Victoria Doramus served J.Crew and Stila Cosmetics as their creative consultant. During her time with those companies, she provided creative concepts and served as an art director. She has also worked as a freelance writer who focused on lifestyle content. She also covered other topics, such as, marketing, branding, and the world of the arts. She wrote a lot of content for Trendcentral, which included working on their newsletter. Doramus also wrote for the Cassandra Report and worked with the Creative Artists Agency as a youth market trend analyst.

Victoria Doramus has been a part of many different efforts to create advertising, branding, and marketing campaigns for different companies. During her time working with these companies, she has relied on her education. She studied at University of Colorado Boulder and pursued her passion for writing while there. In 2006, she earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in journalism and mass communication and then studied at Sotheby’s Institute of Art in London, United Kingdom.

Today, Doramus draws on all of her skills to serve charitable organizations in the nonprofit sector. She has worked with organizations who make life better for, both, animals and humans and hopes to continue serving humanity with her skills.

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