Greg Blatt Replacing Sean Rad

When an investor is beginning a company it’s essential to have someone in the same line of work as a role model; they should have extensive skills as ell s excellence in the business. For the match making a line of or Greg Blatt has gained extensive experience as well as remarkable accomplishments making him a role model too many people. He is a graduate from Colgate University where he garnered Bachelor of Arts in English and Literature. Later he joined the Columbia Law School and graduated with Judicial Doctor. This diversity of education has earned him recognition by working with Martha Stewart Law Firm and then joined Tinder match before being appointed as the Executive Vice president at IAC (Medium).

As a role model and a leader, Greg Blatt has to combine his skills, dedication, passion and all his know-how in business to excel. As the chairman and CEO of Tinder Company, Greg Blatt ensured that there was an increase in the number of subscribers; the number went up to one million. This increment led to an increase in revenue and the possibilities of people getting the right match. Through the matchmaker, online dating site Mr. Blatt has learnt to be persistent. He encourages upcoming investors to be ready to take risks while trying to achieve their set goals.

In Tinder Company there have been advancements in the management, all employees are supposed to meet the set policies which aim at promoting matchmaking. The previous CEO Sean Rad had been employed for some time but later stepped down to serve as the chairman in Tinder board. He was pushed out in 2015, but after six months he was rehired. For the second time, he was not the CEO since he was to serve on the board while Greg Blatt replaced his post as the CEO.

While working at Tinder Greg Blatt had shown remarkable dedication to the company; hence he was fit for the promotion. Mr. Rad will serve the responsibilities of Tinder Chairman providing his expertise to the company. Over the years under Blatt management Tinder Company has experienced growth.

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Bruno Fagali and Fagali Advocacy

What is the Advocacy?

Fagali, when speaking about his advocacy group gave a clear explanation of what he hoped it could become. First, Advocacy works with in-depth knowledge of the team it works; furthermore, it works with the highest dedication to its client. The advocacy group expertly works in the areas of compliance, Anti-Corruption Law, Electoral Law and Advertising Law. When a client comes into their offices, the expert lawyers will access the needs of their clients by attempting to draw out a perfect summary of their needs and how they can work toward becoming advocates of their cause. Once the summary of the case is understood by the Advocacy, then steps are taken to speak with each client and come to a clear understanding what the Advocacy will do for them and the steps that it will take toward resolution.

An additional quality, one that is necessary, to Fagali Advocacy successful, is an absolute commitment to the needs of its clients, while always expressing the highest standards of ethical and responsible service that gives attention and personalized service as a siren for success.

The Advocacy works towards preventitive measures working towards accountability in electoral Justice. Fagali Advocacy is very concerned with what is termed “pro-ethical,” in all of their work. One of the main concerns of the Advocacy is to be able to treat their clients with the respect of their individual needs by deeply understanding their specific needs and working towards a resolution of their problem ethically and responsibly. For this to happen, the Advocacy sees the utmost importance of keeping open communication between the client and the team who represents them in the law service of justice and ethical responsibility; that is, “pro-ethica.”

Fagali Education

• Bachelor of Law (2004,2009) at Pontifical University of Sao Paulo

• Specializtion of Administrative Law (2010, 2012), at Pontifical University of Sao Paulo

• Masters in State Law (2015,2017), at University of Sao Paulo
Fagali Experience

• Nova Isb (2015), Corporate Integrity Manager

• Figali Advocacy (2016)

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Bruno Fagali: How To Hire A Reputable Lawyer In Brazil

If you are dealing with business or personal legal problems in Brazil, you need one of the top lawyers in the country. There are many lawyers and law firms out there but you don’t want to choose one without doing your research.

Many people choose a lawyer that has a great reputation and experience in the field. With an experienced lawyer like Bruno Fagali, you can be certain that your legal issues will be handle appropriately.

Do you want to get a good lawyer to address your legal matter for you? Need a top attorney in Brazil to represent you? Bruno has an established history of rendering outstanding legal services and can work closely with you to ensure that your interests are protected.

Many business owners and organization managers don’t understand the need for solid contracts until they encounter a tough legal issue. Many entrepreneurs have incomplete or vague agreements or contracts, which their associates, contractors, and clients may be able to take advantage. Lawyers are knowledgeable about creating effective legal documents, including contracts.

Anyone who is dealing with a difficult legal matter certainly needs the services of an experienced lawyer. Finding a knowledgeable lawyer will reassure you that you’re making the right decision.

As a highly rated attorney, Bruno Fagali makes it a priority to meet the needs of his clients. Bruno is an expert in Administrative Law, Regulatory Law, Urban Law and compliance and comes highly recommended. Numerous companies and professionals rely on Bruno for expert advice and guidance on their legal matters.

An experienced attorney has the resources and skills to address a variety of legal situations. A reliable lawyer will be by his client’s side at every stage of their case to render legal advice on important issues surrounding their case. Whenever you have questions, your legal advisor can answer those questions and provide the advice you need regarding your case.

Perhaps you want to be sure you will obtain the best possible outcome in your case. Bruno has vast experience in the field and can help you get good results.

Companies and entrepreneurs often encounter complex disputes and other legal situations. Many professionals, businesses and organizations want a lawyer that has a thorough knowledge of corporate and business law.

Bruno Fagali is a leading attorney and he has represented a wide variety of businesses and individual clients.

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Jeremy Goldstein Advices Better Strategy on Employment Incentives

The Earnings per Share, simply called as EPS, is a highly-discussed metric by the companies around the world whether to include it in the employment incentives or not. While some people say that it is an excellent option to be included in the performance of executives, others think that it would create problems to the organizational goals of companies. In the midst of the arguments, Jeremy Goldstein, an attorney with a few decades of expertise in structuring compensation for executives, puts more light into EPS and provides his accurate judgment that can help the companies to be focused on the performance. Learn more:



Jeremy Goldstein welcomes EPS as a good metric in the employee incentives. It becomes the prime influential factor for the shareholders and helps them to make a decision on buying or selling of stocks based on the EPS. He says that it also helps the companies to give better incentives and pay structure based on the performance of EPS. Goldstein revealed that many companies became more successful by including EPS part of their pay structure, in the recent years. Though it has some significant advantages, EPS has some demerits as well. The competitive nature of company stocks and trading in the stock markets give undue benefits to the companies.



Additionally, it is generally disputed that EPS can create favoritism in the organizations as it gives greater power to CEOs. Instead of collective control, EPS can lead to significant influence for the executives that can even help them to skew the market results in their favor. It clearly disadvantages the interests of the shareholders on a long run and focuses on the short-term profitability. However, Jeremy Goldstein thinks a compromised stand is the best option in the case of EPS. He thinks that the executives should be made liable for their initiatives and actions. The pay per performance program should be measured with respect to the long-term goals of companies.



Jeremy Goldstein is a prominent attorney in New York who founded the boutique law firm named after him, Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates. He has approximately two decades of expertise in mergers and acquisitions, executive pay, and corporate governance.



During the years, Jeremy Goldstein helped numerous companies in their executive compensation, mergers and acquisitions, and more. Some of his clients include Goldman Sachs, The Dow Chemical Company, NYSE Group, Bank of America, South African Breweries, and more. In the initial years, Goldstein collaborated with another law firm based in New York City, Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen & Katz.