Perry Mandera making an impact in business and leadership

Perry Mandera is an accomplished entrepreneur and philanthropist. Immediately after completing his high school educational 1975, Mandera joined the Marines. It was while he served his country in the armed forces that Mandera developed his passion for logistics. Here, he got interested in working with heavy pieces of equipment courtesy of his role in the transport operations at his workplace.

Perry Mandera, after working for several years with the Marines, got discharged honorably, and this marked his new lease of life as a transportation business enthusiast. Mandera was so dedicated to his passion that by the age of 25, he was already a successful business owner. Through his skills and innovation, his business grew in leaps and bounds.

Today, Madera is the proud owner of one of the most successful transport and logistics companies; The Custom Companies Inc. Apart from this, he still gets involved in charity and philanthropy; a feat he holds dear to his heart. In fact, he is so passionate about it that he started an off-shoot of his company specifically dedicated to charity. He is also one of the members of the Illinois Trucking Association.

Mandera’s leadership skills do not end at the role in his company. In his bid to effect change in the larger society, Mandera sought for an elective seat and succeeded by being elected as a Republican Ward Committeeman in 1985. Perry Mandera has, over the years, been honored with several accolades. The Illinois Trucking Association, for instance, listed him as one f the top 100 transport executives in America, thereby receiving the coveted Leonard Schaller Businessman of the Year award. Additionally, the Italian American Executives of Transportation honored him with a leadership award.

Apart from his role in charity, Perry Mandera is also passionate about children. He takes his time to uplift the lives of disadvantaged children in his society. To accomplish this, he partners with various other charitable organizations to make fundraisers and other gifting programs that help the less fortunate. Apart from the donations made by his company, he also does his personal donations for a noble cause that he believes will help uplift the lives of those around him.

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Michael Nierenberg: Championing Increased Investments in Mortgage Servicing Rights

Michael Nierenberg is the CEO, president and Chairman of the Board, Residential Investment Corp since the year 2013. He is also since 1996 the Samuel Waxman Cancer Research Foundation Chairman. Michael Nierenberg is a champion of mortgage servicing rights (MSRs) investment. An example of MSRs is the residential mortgage loan investment, a front-line market for Michael Nierenberg.

Solid long-term relationships are a key aspect while dealing with MSRs as well as adequate funds. Michael Nierenberg is an expert in making decisions related to choosing undervalued loans. This enabled Residential Investment Corp to buy MSRs worth $114 billion in the year 2018. In dealing with MSRs, Michael Nierenberg advises that one should be properly conversant with their advantages and setbacks.

One of the main advantages of MSRs is the opportunity they provide for good steady cash flow. Most people are also not well versed with the understanding knowledge of MSRs enabling the managers to take advantage of the constant price discrepancies. Unlike many debt instruments in a fixed rate, MSRs increase with an increase in the rates curbing the impact of fluctuations in interest rates.

The main setback with MSRs is the valuation. Due to frequent price changes determine the value of MSRs hence requiring a high level of expertise to value. Lack of proper relationships in the industry can also affect their transactions. Michael Nierenberg has a commendable mastery and expertise when it comes to MSRs. He continues to lead Residential Investment Corp into making the right decisions in purchasing the underlying assets.

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Ashley Brasier and her Lightspeed Venture

Ashley Lightspeed dreamed of becoming an architect just like her father. However, she abandoned that dream and ventured into the world of business. She started her career while still a student at Stanford GSB having worked as a category manager at Thumbtack and also at Bain consultant. Ashley Brasier would later venture into private business as she was convinced that she needed to do a lot more for startups ventures.

By 1999 Ashley had already made up her mind and she founded the Lightspeed Venture Partners which aimed at identifying, supporting and funding startup ventures. The firm was a partnership business which included Alex Taussig, Andrew Moley, Aaron battalion, Chris Schaepe and Ashley Brasier as partners. Follow Ashley Lightspeed on Twitter.

Ashley’s responsibility at the firm involves identification of potential startups that their company can invest in and work with them. They provide an advisory role, support as well as funding to these startups ventures.

She is talented to work with the prototype which she learnt from her dad. Ashley Lightspeed often uses the prototype as a primary tool for gathering information about a product as well as finding ideas for improving products. She believes that prototyping is the fundamental tool for entrepreneurial investment because it helps risk takes to see into the future.

At Lightspeed Venture Partners, Ashley works closely with entrepreneurs and maintains a keen eye for unique craftsmanship along with the business operations. Ashley Lightspeed works with great passion and believes that her line of business requires artistic vision to make it successful.

Currently, Lightspeed Venture has helped more than 300 startups businesses to take off. The firm enjoys the privilege of playing a role in more than enough of what the startups required. Some of the prominent companies that receive direct support from Lightspeed Ventures include Mulesoft, GirlBoss, Affirm, Goop, Rubrix, Natunix, Elementum and the Honest Company started by Jessica Alba (Famous actress) among others.

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Paul Mampilly Warns Investors against Investing in Bitcoin

Paul Mampilly is a Wall Street guru who has shifted focus from helping the wealthy gain more money to helping the vast majority become financially independent. Mampilly is an author at Banyan Hill Publishing and uses the platform to educate people on investment issue. Paul Mampilly in one of his investment newsletter articles is cautioning investors against investing in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum. Cryptocurrencies late last year were in a bubble. Many people who had invested in Bitcoin made millions of dollars as the value increased by more than 1,172 percent. Bitcoin went as high as being valued at 11,000 dollars. Things did not stop there as the prices escalated further by 50 percent and 17 percent respectively.

The sudden market bubble in Bitcoin Paul Mampilly equates it to the bubble that occurred in the US at the end of 1999. According to Mampilly, several firms’ stock prices increased by huge percentages, for instance, Qualcomm Inc stock price rose by 2619 percent. Other 12 Nasdaq listed companies also enjoyed a 1000 percent increase in the value of their stocks, and seven others experienced a stock rise of 900 percent. Mampilly knew that this was the right time to dispose of all his investment stock and that is what he did. Mampilly began to watch the stock market that continued to make incredible gains of 20, 30 and 50 percent on a daily basis.

Mampilly thought that he had made the wrong investment decision, but things turned in his favor in the following two consecutive years 2000 and 2001. The stocks started depreciating. Paul Mampilly believes the current bubble in the cryptocurrency market will eventually crash. Market bubbles are so good that nobody wants to get out such times , Paul Mampilly says. People continue to hold their stocks waiting for the peak time to sell but as they continue to wait, the market comes to a sudden crash, and all of what they had gain is all erased to nothing. According to Mampilly when there is such a market bubble what people need to do is sell all their stocks and wait until the market becomes stable again.

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Gareth Henry, Important Advice from an Investment Expert

Gareth Henry is a key executive figure at Angelo, Gordon & Co. He serves as a partner, Managing Director, and the Global Head of Investor Relations. His role at the company involves acting as the link between the asset manager and individual or corporate investors. Through his expertise in the private credit sector, Henry has been instrumental in offering worthwhile advice to investors on how they can diversify their investment portfolios through alternative assets. Visit

With his educational background in actuarial mathematics from Heriot Watt University in Edinburgh, Gareth Henry is well positioned to give expert advisory services to investors. Additionally, Henry has many years of experience in the Private credit sector and alternative investment. Before joining Angelo, Gordon & Co, he served at Fortress Investment Group as the Global Head of Investor Relations. At Fortress Group, his major assignments included oversight of all sales, client services, and global marketing. Henry has also served at Schroder Investment Management Limited as the Director of Strategic Solutions. Earlier, he served at Watson Wyatt LLP as an Investment Analyst. Henry is a certified actuary in the United Kingdom and the United States.

Owing to his long experience as an alternative investment manager, Gareth Henry is an authority in the field. According to him, hedge funds come in many varieties. However, their common component lies in their ability to take different investment approaches, which has no correlation with traditional bond investments and equities. His understanding of sophisticated mathematical correlations has helped him a great deal in as a leader of his own company. He is instrumental in offering the much-needed asset raising services and public relations services for his clients.

Gareth Henry has an extensive network of strategic contacts in pension and sovereign wealth funds, besides other sources of capital. Throughout his career, he has mastered how possible investors think about bonds, equities, and hedge fund investments. He applies his extensive knowledge to advise his clients on the relationship between alternative assets, like hedge funds, and bond investments or traditional stock. He advises that both can play an important role in the diversification of an investor’s portfolio.