Financial Challenges Faced by Young People

Numerous people struggle with their finances. Few people are comfortable with saving for retirement, and the vast majority of people have tons of debt. Young people are especially susceptible to financial problems. With the cost of college increasing rapidly, student loans are a significant issue in the economy. Anyone who wants to have financial success should work with a financial planner in their area.


Christopher Linkas has had a great career in the industry. He works hard to provide financial solutions for people of all ages. He has noticed a significant trend where young people are not saving or investing for the future. He wants to teach young people basic financial principles to avoid issues later in life.


Student Loan Crisis


Perhaps the most significant issue facing millennials today is the student loan crisis. Many students were told that going to college was a sure bet to land a quality job. However, some students graduated in an environment where companies were not hiring. Many students have loans but no job to help pay them. The average student graduates with over $30,000 in student loan debt. Paying down this debt early in life is critical to reaching various financial goals. Christopher Linkas teaches people to pay down the debt aggressively by living a frugal lifestyle and working additional jobs.


Other Advice


Christopher Linkas also teaches young people about the value of investing at a young age. Some people wrongly assume that investing is only for people who are older. When people start investing early in life, they have a substantial financial advantage over people who wait to get started. Anyone who wants to learn about investing has plenty of resources to do so. Christopher Linkas is just one example of someone trying to improve the world by offering quality financial advice.

Graham Edwards: Property Management Genius

Graham Edwards, the chief executive at Telereal Trillium, is set to take on a new role in the company. He has held the role of chief executive since the company’s founding in 2009 and has now been appointed as the new executive chairman. This has cause other position shifts within Telereal Trillium. Helping grow Telereal Trillium to its current status has cemented the man as a Genius within his field. Due to Edwards becoming the executive chairman, his former role of chief executive has been taken over by Russell Gurnhill. Adam Dakin will take on the role of managing director which will oversee new business and service. Graeme Hunter will be in charge of all properties within Telereal Trillium as the property director. Graham Edwards has stated that the restructuring of the company had been planned for some time and that the restructuring would deliver the appropriate response to the businesses ever changing demands. Edwards goes on to compliment the strength and experience of the team in place at Telereal Trillium. The company will make an effort to continue its growth and success while contributing to the government’s house building targets.


Graham Edwards became the CEO of Telereal Trillium since 2009 and was in the same role at Telereal before the merger since 2001. Edwards attended school at Cambridge College from 1984 to 1987 and Kings College of London from 2015 to 2017, receiving his Masters of Arts in Economics and International Relations and National Security Studies respectively. Prior to his roles at Telereal Trillium, Graham held positions as a fund manager at Merrill Lynch Investment Management. Edwards then went on to become chief investment officer of Talisman Global Asset Management. He has initiated transactions that resulted in 6700 properties being transferred to Telereal in a deal worth £2.4bn. His company currently houses an estimated 1% of the British workforce. Graham Edwards and his companies have a major impact on the country. Graham Edwards is a member of numerous business associations. Such as is a member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales, the UK Society of Investment Professionals, ad he is a fellow of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors.

The Success Story of Glen Wakeman in the Financial World.

Glen Wakeman has conquered the corporate sector with his innovativeness and broad approach when it comes to investments. For two decades, he was at the peak of his career as a top executive at General Electric (GE), a world-renowned corporation. Apart from his leadership role at GE, Glen has been lucky to hold other leadership roles in various companies. Today, he is a co-founder and the chief executive of LaunchPad holdings LLC.


Glen Wakeman is an alumnus of the University of Scranton from where he graduated in 1981 with a bachelor’s degree in Finance and economics. A decade later, Glen enrolled for a master’s degree at the University of Chicago. In 1993, he graduated with an MBA. Glen Wakeman’s experience as a student helped him develop a massive passion for entrepreneurship and the financial sector. The knowledge, love, and commitment he gained then have steered him into the successful business person he is today.


Immediately after his post-grad degree, Glen Wakeman was hired by General Electric where he would spend more than 20 years of his life. In these two decades, Glen traversed the world serving in several leadership positions and gaining a vast wealth of experience. Glen spent 15 years living and working in South America, Asia, and Europe where he oversaw different operations in technology, country management, general management, regional management, and business development.


Glen Wakeman has over the years believed in the power of startups. He has invested a vast wealth of his time and money in small ventures and has built conglomerates from the ground up. With his universal approach towards business, Glen has been able to reach the pinnacle of the ever-changing business environment. Glen’s unique approach to entrepreneurship has made him a mentor and a role model to young aspiring business persons who emulate to have a taste of his success. LaunchPad Holdings is committed to investing and inspiring young moguls and helping them reach their objectives.


LaunchPad Holdings as a toolkit offers its resources to groups or teams of entrepreneurs who need help in financial planning to ensure future rewards. Glen Wakeman uses his experience in the financial world to help young business persons navigate the ever challenging business world.

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Monkey Captial and Daniel Mark Harrison’s Crowdfunding Breakthrough

Hailed as innovative and “the future,” of crowdfunding, Monkey Capital’s White Paper on its ICO, or initial coin offering, has investors and cryptocurrency enthusiasts crowing. The bottom line is that Monkey Capital has taken the ICO market seriously and has bought it some legitimacy. The White Paper goes into depth on fairness issues and details Monkey Capital’s solution to power disparities. By acting as a neutral dealer of sorts, Monkey Capital does not handle the cryptocurrency’s administrative needs. Instead, the decentralized hedge fund acts as an intermediary in transactions between non-voting and voting members. This development has been hailed as innovative. And it isn’t just talk.

Monkey Capital has sold options on its ICO prior to the funding round. The options are called COEVAL and when traded on the Waves Decentralised Exchange, or DEX, in early July it reached 60 times Chronos’ DEX value. This kind of showing has proven the speculative strength of Monkey’s ICO value. Earlier this summer Monkey became the first crowdfunding campaign to reach the billion dollar mark.

The minds behind Monkey Capital are hardly unknowns in the fintech world. Daniel Mark Harrison, managing partner of Monkey Capital and Chairman and CEO of DMH&CO, is known for his entrepreneurial prowess and his popular business and cultural media commentary. He puts his ideas out on the company’s Slack, keeping the conversation on ICO strong and informed. His ability to explain complex financial maneuverings has earned him ink in Forbes, The Wall Street Journal, Reuters, Bloomberg and other media outlets.

Daniel Mark Harrison’s knowledge of global finance and investment, when combined with fintech innovations like blockchain, results in innovative products like Monkey Capital’s ICO. But he isn’t content to merely stop there. Harrison isn’t keen on speculation, though he admits that it is cool to create the first Crowdfunding Option. With an eye on investments in SpaceX supply contracts and public company takeovers, Monkey Capital is poised for serious, real world growth.

Madison Street Capital – Helping Companies, Transforming Businesses

In the cutthroat world of investment banking, only a few companies have the privilege of being at the top. One such company is Madison Street Capital. Currently, the head office of the company is located in Chicago and has multiple other offices throughout the United States. With an extensive portfolio and numerous clients served, this company has made its mark in the field of investment banking. The company aims to provide its clients with the highest customer care and guidance in their financial matters. Madison Street Capital’s clientele ranges from individuals to large multinational corporations. Right from equity management to company sales analysis, Madison Street Capital offers clients an all support with their financial needs.


Madison Street Capital offers its clients a unique list of services catered to providing them with the insight and expertise of some of the top investment bankers and specialists in the industry. Currently, The company offers its services to businesses in various countries across the world through its numerous offices in Africa and Asia apart from their main offices in the United States.


The company has worked with numerous organizations like Ares Security in a number of financial endeavors. Recently, Madison Street Capital worked with the security company and provided them with financial solutions for the arrangement of their minority recapitalization. By working with Ares, Madison Street Capital helped establish a path for the company and helped towards framing a policy to create a significant amount of equity value.


Madison Street Capital aims to help companies like Ares by structuring the appropriate investment path for them with a view of increasing sales. Madison Street Capital also advises companies on new opportunities within the industry with the view of expanding the business.


In a recent interview when talking about the company and current CEO Charles Botchway, Ben Eazzetta stated that his company benefited greatly from the valuable insight that Madison Street Capital gave them.


Madison Street Capital incorporates the use of technology quite well into the whole process of investment solutions. The company aims to help its clients seize new opportunities that come their way while helping them protect their businesses and assets.


Boasting some top investment analysts and bankers, Madison Street Capital reputation has given them the ability to attain the position as any industries most trusted financial partner. Through expert analysis, the management team aids companies on their financial endeavors. The company believes that its employees should be extremely hard working and always put their clients first. That is just one of the few reasons why Madison Street Capital is considered one of the most reliable financial companies in the world.

What Do Investment Bankers Like Martin Lustgarten Do?

Investment banks can be compared to consulting firms because they offer advice to clients. The only difference is that an investment bank takes up this role with focus on the financial aspect of a business. They do all their operations in a financial lens to help their clients build stronger presence in the market. Investment bankers are employees who work with investment banks to help corporate, governments and other institutions manage and plan huge projects. Their work includes initiating mergers and acquisitions, market making, underwriting and trading derivatives on behalf of their clients.


Sales and trading

An investment bank also offers a platform for the transfer of financial commodities on behalf of clients. Their role includes embracing strategies that are ideal for certain markets and making decisions that affect proprietary and flow positions. Investment bankers in this case create new products and undertake risks, thereby shielding their clients against exposure.



The research arm of investment banks conducts research about various companies in the market and prepares prospects about each. The banks are able to make deductions from information that is provided by sell-side analysts who review various industries. The research division simply helps traders in making decisions that are aimed at profitability, so their contribution to the whole trading process cannot be eliminated. Research also reviews credit revenue and fixed income to advise clients.


Investment management

Investment banks also offer professional management of securities and assets. Their role is to help clients meet investment goals. The clients in this case may be private investors, insurance companies and corporations.


The contribution of Martin Lustgarten

Martin Lustgarten is an experienced investment expert, who has been offering advice to clients in various industries. He is among the smartest minds in the investment industry and he has been offering support to clients for decades. His wealth spreads between several countries to allow him to minimize risks while enjoying benefits through local growth.

Martin believes in international investments and most of his time has been devoted to assisting clients from various countries. This effort has seen him leverage his citizenship so he could work more efficiently and help more clients manage their businesses and finances. His professional record allows him to keenly follow each market so he can act before the market makes a downturn.