Dr. Dov Rand’s Expertise on Bioidentical Hormone Reforms the Healthcare Industry

Dr. Dov Rand is an expert in working with bioidentical hormones. He has an experience of over 15 years in specialized medical care. The main aim of his practice is the use of physical and rehabilitative treatment to enhance the overall health of an individual. This pursuit came from his interests in health and nutrition.

He has acknowledged that his education, as well as the continued study, has been vital. He attended the University of Rutgers for his undergraduate studies. Furthermore, Dr. Dov Rand enrolled at Howard University medical school. He later attended an internship at Saint Barnabas medical facility and completed his residency at Albeit Einstein medical center.This has kept him updated with the current changes in the industry.

The highly respected health officer is focused on helping many people in the comprehension of his treatment method. Dr. Dov Rand owns Healthy Aging Medical Centers. These facilities are where he implements his professional expertise. He is involved in educating his patients as well as new clients on the unique benefits of accepting and utilizing physical medicine and rehabilitation with regards to improving their illnesses.

He believes that traditional methods of medicine are very crucial. This is because they enable us to critically understand the unique challenges experienced at each phase in our lives. He prefers the medical approach of treating while focusing on the inside out. This is as opposed to most doctors who receive health complaints and provide prescriptions.

The medical genius is focused on offering enhanced quality of life. This is achieved by means of a natural approach. It involves replacing hormones that existed in the person’s body during the peak moments of their youth. This is called a bioidentical hormone protocol.

The savvy bioidentical hormone specialist maintains an unchanging commitment. He offers medical care to invalids based on peer-reviewed research from scientific sources. In addition, the treatment stems from a medic’s rejection of the common use of pills in medications.

He is passionate about reading scientific publications among other periodicals. This has contributed to his increased knowledge. Moreover, he loves discussing his upcoming treatments with his colleagues.

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Sussex Healthcare: a Safe Haven You Can Call Home

Sussex Healthcare has for over twenty been providing impeccable care for the elderly in the society that is most in need of specialized care. The medical facility is located in the southern coast of England and it boasts two chairmen, Shiraz Boghani and Shafik Sachedina. The two have brought to the “tool house” their diverse skill sets and their different backgrounds have increased the diversity of their experiences. Shiraz Boghani has immersed experience and knowledge in hotel management while Shafik Sachedina has a great experience from his primarily medical background. Shafik Sachedina worked as a dental surgeon and his works have been recognized as perfect and thorough. Together, the two have created an award-winning adult care network that aids many elderly people in the community.

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Since the company first opened its door in 1985, they have grown tremendously to now have over 20 facilities operating under their name. The facilities are equipped with modern gymnasiums, daycare facility and in house fulltime care for residential houses. Sussex Healthcare specifically deals with in house care for patients that suffer from diseases such as Alzheimer’s and dementia. The facility also offers cares for younger adults that may present with neurological disabilities and any other cognitive issues that would make unsupervised living inadvisable. The facility does not discriminate patients based on the extent of their need but rather they find a way to manage and care for their patients.

The staff at Sussex Healthcare is competently trained and is committed to taking excellent care of the patients that take refuge at the facility. The human resource department at Sussex Healthcare is constantly retrained, educated and competitively compensated for their hard work at the facility. The facility operates on a firm belief that all patients no matter who they are or what they suffer from, deserve equitable and quality care. The facility provides programs for the patients that are designed to help them to stay active and engaged. These activities include individualized leisure and personalized activity plans that vary depending on the patients earlier interests in life. Sussex Healthcare is definitely a safe haven for you or your loved ones. Learn more: https://www.crunchbase.com/organization/sussex-healthcare

Colorado’s Deirdre Baggot Champions Healthcare Payment Reform

Deirdre Baggot launched her medical career in 1997 at Chicago’s Northwestern Memorial Hospital, where she worked as a nurse and later as a resource coordinator. She went on to earn her PhD at the University of Colorado, and in addition to serving as a clinician, she gained substantial experience working as a hospital executive.

Early in her career, when treating patients, Baggot became increasingly concerned about over-testing, leading her to become focused on healthcare payment reform. Given her career history, an innate passion for the healthcare industry and a deep-seated desire to streamline patient care, there existed a seemingly natural segue for her to become a trailblazer in the realm of bundled payments. Read more about Deirdre at  medicaldailytimes.com

Currently, Baggot is considered a leading expert on bundled payments, and together with serving as an advisor to several senior leadership and health system boards, she has carried out programs and strategies for 200 hospitals and sixty bundles. Deirdre has been the keynote speaker at numerous medical conferences, including the Bundled Payment Summit, Pay-for-Performance Summit and Healthcare Financial Management Association.

Beyond this busy entrepreneur’s multitude of accolades and zest for healthcare payment reform, Deirdre is also a proponent of patients being their own advocates. She has said, “We need empowered consumers who are engaged and accountable for their healthcare in order for healthcare to get safer in America.” For this reason, the trend of wearable health technology excites her. Baggot has also said, “I am obsessed with anything that will activate patients as healthcare consumers.”

Other than building her brand by greatly influencing healthcare standards in America, Deirdre Baggot is a proud mother who believes that any money expended on building memories with her family is well-spent. She also subscribes to the theory that always being the hardest working person in the room is a key to success.

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Sussex Healthcare’s Award-Winning Services and Caregiving

Sussex Healthcare is celebrating two and a half decades in business. The company was founded by in the year 1985 by Shafik Sachedina, an immigrant from Kenya into the United Kingdom and Shiraz Boghani. These two people are both endowed in their won field and very different in so many other aspects that they combined to come up with a business empire called Sussex Healthcare. The organization began with a single home and has grown impeccably since then. It is a company that runs a group of twenty homes in the Sussex area of the United Kingdom. These homes cater to the elderly, and both young and elder people suffering from disorders like Alzheimer’s and dementia among other mental illnesses and neurological disorders. In addition to the care homes or assisted living services, the organizations also offer support services and residential care services to their clients who are currently coming from areas beyond the Sussex environs. Visit medicaldailytimes.com

The services and staff at Sussex Healthcare

The organization has employed a staff of more than 500 skilled personnel. The staff as well as the support team is well trained and appropriately licensed to take care of the kind of patients that the homes take in. the organization also organizes regular team building, training, and educative programs to their staff on a regular basis and is very keen on their clients review of the job their employees.

All the services provided at each of the twenty homes owned by Sussex Healthcare are based on science and psychology. In addition to taking care of patient’s, mental health, physical health, and fitness is also a priority since physical health affects mental health in more than one ways. The care homes recently launched a new gym with new state of the art facilities and design that is meant to be used by the patients. The gym is part of their program that encourages their residents to stay active. There are also leisure activities provided at the spa and also a relaxation area and swimming pool at each home. The award-winning organization currently serves more than 500 patients of all ages but mostly aged.

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