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Whether you’re currently living in Connecticut or are just in need of financial help, a financial solutions company is a great choice for you. A lot of times, people cannot handle their own debt problems because they have gotten too out of hand. If you’re struggling with debt and know that you need assistance, Southridge Capital is there to help you out. Southridge Capital is a company that works specifically on financial problems, whether you’re a homeowner, individual or someone who owns their own company. No matter the specific situation, Southridge Capital is available to take the work off your shoulders.

Also, when you make use of Southridge Capital, you’re going to find that they are a whole lot cheaper than many other financial solution agencies out there. You will actually save money by hiring Southridge, and you’ll still be able to get out of debt and avoid the wide array of problems that will come if you have financial issues for a long period of time. There are lots of reasons why a ton of people have chosen Southridge Capital for their own financial problems and worries. According to, for one, Southridge Capital has been in the financial business for well over a decade, so you’re hiring a company that’s totally trustworthy and will not be a problem in the future.

Also, Southridge Capital works with tons of different people. You don’t need to worry that the experts of Southridge Capital only work with business owners or individuals, as they work with anyone who comes to them with a problem. There is a reason why Southridge Capital has received tons of awards and is one of the top financial solution firms in the country. They work diligently to improve upon their services and provide the best debt relief and consolidation that can be found. You will no longer need to worry about your debt problems thanks to the work that Southridge Capital is able to do for you at a price that will not become a problem for you in the future just because you needed to get rid of the debt. To learn more, please visit

Discipline and Determination: How Louis Chenevert Kept United Technologies Corporation Profitable

The performance of the American manufacturing economy was at its low during the postwar era. However, not all firms have been affected. Some companies, like the United Technologies Corporation, have been able to put up brave faces despite the glaring obstacles.

UTC has managed to be on the frontline, owing its success to its creative innovations. Alongside all these innovations, the firm has a record of maintaining a healthy relationship with its employees. Under the management of former CEO Louis Chenevert, the company emphasized its need to have motivated staff in the workplace. As such, they ensure that the employees are treated equitably and also provided with a conducive working environment. UTC has a record of upholding and implementing all environmental rules.

The firm assembles the most advanced jet engines for use by both the military and commercial purposes. It runs the biggest escalator and elevator business. For efficiency purposes, the firm has split itself into units to provide faster and quality machines. The Sikorsky unit provides the highest number of the superior quality helicopter than any other company in the United States. The climate, control and security unit located in Connecticut–the company headquarters–is the leading producer of air conditioning, refrigerators, and fire appliances.

It is evident that the firm has had a long history in the manufacturing sector of the United States. To reach to its current point, it has taken dedication and hard work by all the stakeholders. One of the reasons why investors in this firm are always happy is that they have not missed any dividend payout for the last eighty years.

Louis Chenevert was appointed as the Chief Executive Officer of the United Technologies Corporation in 2006. Before his appointment at UTC, he served as the president of the Pratt and Whitney for seven years.

Mr. Chenevert also sits on the Business Roundtable Executive Committee as a member. He chairs the fiscal and tax policy in the roundtable. He has also served on various roles and responsibilities.

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A Word From The Reserve

For those interested in buying gold, look no further. The U.S. Money Reserve was designed with them in mind. In fact, the U.S. Money Reserve was founded by gold market loyalists who knew the importance of offering a service that specializes in offering the utmost in customer service. Also the quality is to die for. For that reason, the U.S. Money reserve has hundreds of thousands of clients ready to invest in several of the metals they have available. The first reason the U.S. Money Reserve is so successful is because of its customer service. The customer service of the U.S Money reserve understands the needs of their clients. They understand how key it is to have an in-depth understanding of the marketplace. They also understand how important it is in being trusted by their clients. They know if a client trusts them, they will not have a problem in doing business with them. Customer service is what gives the U.S. Money Reserve the ability to guide their clients in making the right decisions. The next reason the U.S. Money Reserve is so successful is because of the high standards of the metals they sell. The U.S. Money Reserve obtains gold, silver, and platinum coins issued directly from the government. Unlike many of their competitors, they do not purchase their metals from third party vendors. Therefore, there is no need to worry about the quality of their products. The third reason why the U.S. Money reserve is so successful is because of the size of their customer base. The U.S. Money Reserve has customers from all around the world purchasing gold, silver, and platinum. From a financial standpoint, this gives them an advantage over their competitors. As a result, their customers are as diverse as the metals they sell. They come from all walks of life. The U.S. Money Reserve is an efficient business. It is so efficient that it has been able keep a vast array of customers for many years. Not only that, the U.S. Money Reserve has made many of its customers significant profit. With such corporate responsibility, the U.S. Money Reserve boasts some of the best return policies in its industry. If not satisfied, the U.S. Money Reserve encourages customers to make a return within 30 days and they will give them a full refund. They also have some of the fastest insured shipping methods around.


Arthur Becker; Building the Skyline of New York City

Arthur Becker is a business executive and real estate investor based in New York. He attended Bennington College where he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in 1972. He went on to earn a Master’s degree in Business from the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth College. Becker was appointed the CEO of NaviSite in 2002. He has been the managing director of Madison Technology Group since 2001. He has also been a managing member of Atlantic Investors since 2002. Becker served as a senior advisor to the Vera Wang fashion company for seven years. He was the CEO and Chairman of Zinio. This is a digital newsstand service for three years. Visit his website for more info.

Becker has funded some of the biggest developers in the city including Robert Gladstone and Kevin Maloney in the past. Becker is developing a condominium project in Tribeca, New York. He will put up an eight-unit building at 465 Washington Street. The building will have a sellout of more than fifty million dollars. He said that the project would be a boutique and artisanal building. Paris Forino will do its interior design. The building will comprise of a penthouse duplex and seven simplex apartments. The penthouse will go for $14 million. The single units will go for five million dollars.

According to Curbed, Becker bought 465 Washington at six million dollars from Peter Moore in 2012. Moore sold it after he defaulted on a loan that he had received from VFC Partners. Becker bought the development rights from the owners of 471 Washington Street so that he could expand the building to ten stories. Becker paid a million dollars for an easement from the owners of 502-506 Canal Street. Becker has invested in more than half a billion dollars in projects in New York City since he became a property investor. Becker is a financial backer of several projects in the city including the Billionaires’ Row condo and the Madison Equities condo.

Becker responded to comments about the decline of luxury properties. Becker said that he had enough time to sell the eight units. This is because construction will be completed in two years and there are only a few apartments that he has to sell, more details can be found on Bloomberg.

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Brad Reifler Brings Great Investments To Small Investors

Investing is a proven way for many people to incur wealth over an extended time period. While investing over a long time period is a way that many people approach investing, there are a variety of ways that investing can be approached. One of the deciding factors for many people regarding the way they approach investing is the amount of money they have available to invest any given time.

For the average person, the amount of money available to put towards investing is usually a small amount. As a result, the approach that is normally taken regarding investing is to invest small and earn more from the investing over the long haul. However, for people who have a significant amount of money available to invest at any given time, there are more investment options. Concerning investments, investors who have large amounts of money available to invest tend to have professionals to assist them with every aspect of their investments.

A financial advisor or a financial company usually provides this professional help. As with most professionals in the financial industry, these professionals prefer to work with people who have large amounts of money available for investments. There are several reasons from the financial industry’s standpoint for this position; one of the main reasons is that more investment options are available to the financial companies.

In many cases, financial companies and financial professionals can get better returns and overall better investments using larger sums of money over a shorter time period. This is because more is expected in investment returns and provided with investment returns for the larger sums of investment dollars provided.

However, there has been a move by various financial companies to work more with investors who do not have large sums of money available to make investments.

One of the companies in the financial industry that is making high quality investments available to people without large sums of available investment dollars is Forefront Capital.

Brad Reifler is the CEO of Forefront Capital. Brad Reifler has accomplished a lot during his professional career. During his career, Brad Reifler has been able to make many successful business moves in the financial industry. A respected executive inside and outside the financial industry, Brad Reifler has made it a goal to provide people without a large net worth or yearly earnings access to great investment opportunities.