The Changes Implemented by Rocketship Education have Helped Students Attain Success

The people behind Rocketship Education take pride in their ability to provide children from low-income backgrounds with the type of education they need to get ahead in the world. When this non-profit organization hit its ten year mark, the team took a look at the practices they had in place and the changes they chose to make. Among some of the changes this organization made to ensure they continued to provide these students with opportunities for higher levels of education, was to hire educators that had the same mindset as they had for the mission of the organization.

Upon reflecting on the progress they made in the past ten years, the team at Rocketship Education also discovered that it was better to use a flexible model for learning rather than a one-size-fits-all approach. Their objective to make sure every child was able to reach their full potential was met when they decided to implement a continuous learning process for all members and educators associated with the program as well as setting weekly goals. They also focused on making sure students with disabilities were included in regular classroom activities as much as possible.

The changes made by the team at Rocketship Education has led to a better classroom environment for both teachers and students. This is evident in the type of feedback teachers often leave about the work they do for this organization. They view themselves as part of a team of educators, parents and leaders who have dedicated themselves to providing students from low-income families with the skills they need to succeed in life. As a collective effort, the teaching staff employed at the Rocketship charter schools view their jobs as rewarding opportunities for change.

After ten years of serving the children in low-income communities, the success of the Rocketship Education program is evident in the changes they have helped to bring about for families in San Jose. As the location where their first school opened, the students who began as first-graders in that school have gone on to graduate high school and in many instances even attend college, which for most of these families is a first.