Dining with Bucks

Apparently not all celebrities go out and spend big bucks on food and drinks. This seemed to be false when it came to dining with rapper Jay-z, and friends. The crew spent just about 100,000 dollars on their tab. While celebrating Juan “OG” Perez’s birthday, the two close friends racked up a bill large enough to buy a private island. But this is no surprise when it comes to celebration. There have been multiple reports of this amount of money being spent in the past from Jay-z.

Juan “OG” was born and raised in Harlem, and attended high school on the west side. Growing up in this generation, there were a lot of popular, now celebrities that he was introduced to. Jay-z came into his life in 96. Their bond was instant with finding similar likes with sports, and both living the life in NYC. The two had a few difference amongst their friendship. This led to music being the outlet, and refereeing the other person in song lyrics. The two knew they were meant to do a collaboration soon. Their first project came along some time after meeting. They began to open up bars and night clubs in the area, like upscale lounges. The two began expanding a restaurant in more spots in Atlantic city, Brooklyn, Las Vegas, and Atlanta.

Of course the two were a dynamic duo. In the early years, they tripled profit by having outstanding support from friends all over. Of course the rapper Jay-z brings out the crowd. This led to much success for the two friends. The two bring out the richest sports players in the leagues. The two told each other to combine both sports and entertainment to be successful. There came Roc Nation Sports. Helping athletes elevate on and off the court.