Brian Torchin’s Staffing Company for the Medical, Legal and Administrations

Brian Torchin studied and graduated from the University of Delaware with a pre-med bachelor of science degree. He went to New York Chiropractic College and graduated with a chiropractic degree as a doctor. He became licensed and certified as a chiropractic practitioner. He opened up his chiropractic clinic in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He would help patients by easing their pain through his knowledge.

In 2007, Torchin opened a staffing company called HCRC Staffing. The firm is used to fulfill the needs of healthcare companies, hospitals, and other legal firms. HCRC fill positions that are needed in different fields and industry like office management, physical therapist, paralegals, and other positions. Brian Torchin’s company goal is to find qualified candidates to fill critical jobs in the legal and healthcare companies. This all needs to fulfilled within seventy-two hours.

Dr. Torchin understands that biggest challenge with jobs in the field is the turnover. His staffing company was founded to remedy that issue for most businesses. He has over two hundred clients who use his services. HCRC helps with filling out positions for clients of the United States, Australia, Europe, and Canada. More about of Brian Torchin at

Brian Torchin realized that graduated medical students were having difficulty getting hired. This was one of the reasons he started his staffing company. With creating with his company he also created employment opportunities for students. The doctor is still ensuring people around the world have a medical professional to assist with services.

He has been featured in different platforms for his achievements and strives. He was featured on Simply Hired, the Digital Journal, and other media platforms. Some media outlets like the Examiner wrote about the doctor. The article talked about how he is helping with the growth and sustainability of health professionals.

The doctor company provides a sense of professionalism for companies. HCRC provided reliable and qualified staff for different companies needs. His business model is based around the e-commerce idea. The role Torchin plays in his community is a mentor of business and healthcare. His company became a vital use in the communities around the world. Torchin love for the industry is what makes him continue in helping whatever way he can.

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What you can learn from Dr. Saad Saad

Dr. Saad Saad is a native of Palestine, but he spent most of his young life in Kuwait where they had relocated.

He worked hard in his studies and secured a chance in a coveted institution in Egypt called the University of Cairo. He went to study medicine because his dream was to become a successful surgeon he is today.

That is why he excelled when he went to study in Cairo because he worked hard. After graduating with honors, he went to England where he did his internship in the medical field.

He later went to the United States of America and pursued his residency as well as general surgery. He has four children who have also pursue various medical careers.

While in the medical field, Dr. Saad Saad has looked for ways to make surgery easy and efficient. He also has a goal to ensure that patients experience reduced pain during these surgical procedures. That is why he has been working hard to improve surgical procedures, and he also has two patent inventions under his name.

During his career, he has been successful in completing various surgeries on different groups of individuals like infants, teenagers, and even adults. He has vast experience because he has worked in the field for more than forty years.

Dr. Saad Saad has toured on different countries on medical missions. For example, he has been in Jerusalem where he has helped children by conducting free surgeries. He has also worked for several organizations and attained top positions, but his primary goal is always to help his patients. Learn more about Dr. Saad Saad: and

When he was in school in Kuwait, Dr. Saad Saad thought of being an engineer, but he was discouraged by the extreme temperatures in Kuwait. That is why he opted to work in a profession that would enable him to work indoors. He decided to become a surgeon so he could work in an environment without much heat.

When he went to the United States and was certified by the board, he was lucky to be trained by one of the most celebrated surgeons in the United States. Dr. Biemann Othersen trained him. He was motivated by the hard work and dedication of the doctor.

While undergoing the training, he learned a lot of lessons from the coveted doctor. One of the things he learned was to treat all the children equally regardless of where they had come from, their religion, color, mental ability, and financial status.

Dr. Saad Saad has succeeded in this industry because he is always looking for an opportunity to serve the people. He has always been about serving the patients no matter their financial background. In his career, he has served the rich and the poor equally.


Dr. Mark McKenna is a medical doctor hailing from Tulane Medical School. After graduating, he practiced medicine for five years in his father’s general practice. While in medical school, changes in the billing and reimbursement process affected his father adversely, and he realized that it would not be easy to make a lot of money as a medical doctor. Following this conclusion, he worked in prisons at night checking the prisoners and made $50 for every hour. He used his money to invest in real estate and continued investing even after graduating from medical school.

He built the real estate investment in New Orleans to over $4 million, but on the wake of the Katrina Hurricane, he lost his investment overnight. Following the hurricane, there were significant government subsidies where investors would buy flooded property very cheaply, renovate and later sell it. He was able to rebuild his investment. In 2007, Dr. Mark McKenna sold his real estate investment for $700,000 and moved to Atlanta alongside his girlfriend.

In 2018, Dr. McKenna opened a new medical aesthetic center in Atlanta. OVME pronounced as of me is a retail medical aesthetic that shall provide personalized services to its clients. It will provide skin and facial services such as injection with neurotoxins that gives one a youthful look. OVME will also offer dermal fillers that will make lips appear plumper and fuller, help clients with male baldness and loss of hair and introduce a new solution to weight management by analyzing the DNA of a client. Dr. Mark McKenna is committed to helping his patients look better and feel better about themselves. OVME will incorporate technology and move away from the ‘one size fits all’ concept.

Dr. Jennifer Walden: Popular Facial Surgeries

If the sun or aging has affected your facial appearance, Dr. Jennifer Walden can help. She is the leading plastic surgeon in Austin, Texas with experience in facelifts and eyelid surgery. Just make an appointment and come into her office for a consultation so she can get an idea of the look you are going for. You will be happy with the results just like her other patients.

Eyelid surgery sounds like a complicated surgery but it’s not. Eyelids have a tendency to drag overtime due to the aging process, obesity, sun exposure, and smoking. Once the sagging starts, the tissue begins to deteriorate. Blepharoplasty or eyelid surgery corrects the drooping by removing the access skin and fat while tightening the muscles. Both the upper and lower lids are corrected during surgery. Men and women both can get this procedure done. It gives the face a younger fresh look. That is why it is so popular and in second place after rhinoplasty. Because many people feel that the eyes define the face, if they don’t like how their eyes are looking they should consider this surgery. The downtime is not much. An ideal candidate for eyelid surgery would understand that this procedure will improve your appearance but won’t change it.

Our face and necks can fall victim to gravaity as we age. Sun exposure also plays a part in having sagging skin in the face. Getting a facelift will tighten these muscles in the face and on the neck for a youthful appearance. If you are looking to correct deep creases under your eyes, sagging areas of fat, and midface sagging this is the procedure for you. Come in to Dr. Walden’s office. You will love what you see. You will be happy with the results.

Dr. Saad Saad, Pediatric Surgeon with 40 Years of Experience Improves on Surgical Devices

BJ Hetherington’s article “The Life Saving Medical Inventions of Dr. Saad Saad, Pediatric Surgeon” was recently published on the Medical Daily Times. The article discusses the recent inventions of Dr. Saad Saad, a pediatric surgeon with more than 40 years of experience in the field. He has done thousands of surgeries for children in his own community while also helping children in need abroad. Dr. Saad’s recent patents on the surgical devices are the latest in a long line of seeking to improve the experience of his patients. He wants to ensure that they have as little pain and risk as possible.


The first invention is an addition to the widely used catheter. Traditional catheters are placed directly inside the body to treat medical conditions or aid the surgical process. They are particularly useful in draining gas or fluid while providing access to surgical instruments. However, one issue with the catheter is that physicians need to make sure the catheter is placed in the exact location it needs to be in to perform correctly. Typically, doctors will use an MRI or an X-ray to determine the location of the instrument. However, the MRI is typically inefficient and impractical because it is a large machine that requires the patient to move from the surgical room to the location of the MRI machine. The X-ray can be dangerous because of the repeated exposure to radiation.


Dr. Saad sought to improve the ability of the doctor to locate the device without the cumbersome MRI machine and without the radiation exposure of the X-ray. His invention adds a location tracker device onto the tip of the catheter. It emits electromagnetic energy placed within the coil of the catheter. The doctors then use an external locator device that would be able to locate the precise location of the catheter by scanning the body. When the external device is illuminated, the doctors will now they have found the tip of the catheter. The device is small and easily portable. The doctors will not need to use guide wires when it is placed inside of the patient. Since guide wires can get stuck in the patient, having a tracker will prevent the hazard.


Dr. Saad also has a patent for an improvement on endoscopes. This technology is also widely used throughout surgical procedures to help doctors see what is happening inside the body of the patient without a scan and without surgery. It’s particularly useful to examine the stomach, colon, bladder, and the windpipe. However, it has a problem of maintaining the view if liquids or gas get in the way. Typically, the doctor would need to remove the device to remove the liquid prior to continuing the process. However, Dr. Saad’s invention would allow irrigation of the liquid or gas without needing to remove the endoscope. Learn more:

The Science of Hormones: An Overview of Dr. Dov Rand, MD, a Bioidentical Hormone Specialist

Millions of people around the world would like to look younger. A scientist by the name of Dr. Dov Rand has been making numerous breakthroughs on technology associated with reducing the effects of aging.


Some of the problems that his patients face are no different from many other Americans. The most common symptoms are anxiety, depression, anxiety, low libido, hot flashes, and fatigue. Through his extensive research on anti-aging technology, Dr. Dov Rand has found that there are many hormonal differences in the bodies of younger people and older people, such as the levels of bad hormones being more prevalent in older people. With this knowledge, he has developed a few remedies for treating these ailments and side effects. Lots of people recommend taking synthetic hormones, but these are harmful to humans. He prescribes his patients with bioidentical hormones The chemicals in these hormones are identical to those of the patients, and thus, they are seen to be a much safer alternative to synthetic hormones.


Bioidentical hormones aim to even out the levels of good and bad hormones in patients. They have reported an increase in stamina and energy, as well as a decrease in cholesterol levels and diagnoses of cancer. He has also implemented a weight loss program for his patients, part which he has dubbed the “HCG Diet,” which is designed to target the hormones that work to suppress hunger, while the patients maintain a diet that is low in calories. There is also a long term plan for his patients, so that their physical transformation remains permanent. The diet also reduces the desire for patients to eat, and their metabolisms are promptly reset. In addition to providing patients with a diet to follow, Dr. Dov Rand has also provided them with a workout routine. This will aid them in preventing diseases that are associated with aging.


Through his numerous breakthroughs in anti-aging research and technology, Dr. Dov Rand has proven to be extremely helpful to every one of his patients, and he is guaranteed to help many future patients as well.

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Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Helps Dr. Johanan Rand Heal Patients