Ara Chackerian and The Pressing Need To Preserve Our Forestry For The Generations To Come

It is said that every invention ever invented today is man’s search for meaning and for answers that somehow seem only provisional. These answers can change depending on context and time, and changes in the environment. These inventions could be trumped once we discover something better. This is also the reason why people always go for their dreams and ambitions despite the fact that it might just be for nothing in the end. One of the few things that are passionately being researched by people is the issue of the environment, and one man behind the most enthusiastic search for answers to them despite their complexity is Ara Chackerian.



The Forestry Visionary



It’s easy to see Ara Chackerian as a visionary for the research on climate change and other increasingly extreme weather changes brought on by modernity. For Mr. Ara, the wilderness plays an important part in preserving our habitat and the humanity in general. The natural resources we have should be seen as a source of inspiration, venue for socialization and fabric of any civilization. This is why the vision of Mr. Ara is for humanity to make sure that it can acquire the nature’s blessings without abusing it and without risking its organic sustainability. For Ara, he wants it to be his aim to make sure that we always have a steady amount of the valuable trees that the future needs. Fortunately, this dream is not that hard to realize, since there’s a whole lot of wonderful support that Mr. Ara gets in pushing for his advocacy.



About Ara Chackerian



We can start a description of Ara Chackerian by saying first that he’s right now the General Partner at Limonapa Teak, which is located in San Francisco, California. Secondly, Mr. Ara is also the San Francisco-based philanthropist and entrepreneur that’s been able to push for the wonderful and powerful healthcare technology today. He is also a renowned founder of multiple successful companies in the industry, including the digital imaging services that he leads with many partners, TMS Health Solutions.



The mental health treatment right now that Mr. Ara is developing is called Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation. It’s an inventive alternative for the cure for depression for people who have not responded to antidepressants. You can visit to see more.





Visit the Wild Places to Save Them

It may sound odd at first, but an effective way to help conserve the beautiful wild areas of our planet is to visit them. Ecotourism involves traveling to remote, pristine areas with the intent of learning about them, caring for them, and helping maintain them for future generations. If you yearn to see the wild responsibly, to grow personally and help sustain our natural world, you should consider this growing form of tourism.


There are many such places left on Earth, despite the past and ongoing destruction of much that is our natural heritage. From the frozen tundra of Alaska to the bush country of Africa, many opportunities await the ecologically minded traveler. Activities like fishing and photography add to the simple enjoyment of seeing unspoiled vistas.


Being so wild, it is best to hire experienced guides for such treks. A growing number of companies specializing in ecotourism offer package tours and custom expeditions to the conservation-minded tourist. Wild Ark is one such, dedicated to helping people reconnect with the wild and to creating conservation spaces in areas under threat.

Wild Ark was founded by Mark and Sophie Hutchinson, passionate conservationists concerned about the hazards facing the world’s wild places, and acting to protect them. Along with a dedicated team, the pair is working to secure greenbelts around the world to make them into conservancies for visitors. Beyond tourism, they hope to encourage important ecological research. Wild Ark believes this will lead people to connect with nature and be inspired to protect it.


Wild Ark now offers tours in Alaska, Kenya, Botswana and South Africa. Many more are in the planning. In their first conservancy set up in South Africa, Pridelands, the team will work with leading environmental scientists to restore, manage and protect the rich biodiversity there. Learn more: tchinson-for-the-wild/


If you wish to keep wild areas wild, one of the best ways to help is to join with groups like Wild Ark and travel there. To be in the wild is to come to love it, and respect it, and want to save it. Learn more: