Betterworks Raises More Money with Series B Investment

In a recent Series B investment, Betterworks secured another $27 million to bring its Series B total to $51 million. With additional funding, the company’s grand total reached $65 million. Kleiner Perkins, Emergence Capital, and several other investors contributed. Betterworks plans to use the funds to boost sales and increase innovative developments.

Customers rely on Betterworks for innovation in continuous management programs. The company saw an increase of 100 percent in its key activities for the second year in a row. The new developments helped customers achieve improved agility, performance, alignment, and talent retention.

Betterworks is a preferred software among companies that realize the importance of abandoning annual performance reviews and replacing them with monitoring programs that provide continuous updates. The purpose of the software is to maximize productivity for companies and satisfaction for employees. Its program is designed to be a complete solution for companies that need quarterly results. It incorporates important CFRs that help boost morale and motivation in the workforce. One of the Series B investors affirmed this and added that the entire workforce must focus on what matters most to a company while they also work on their own career development if the company wants to maximize its sustained advantage.

Recently, Betterworks expanded its services into 20 different languages and more countries. Its user engagement increased to an average usage of once every 10 days per user. The company also launched an HR advisory council to offer guidance from industry experts. According to the company’s site, it values passion, customers, people, and accomplishment. Founded in 2013, Betterworks still welcomes feedback from users and the public to improve its products. The company measures its success based on the satisfaction of its customers.

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Sussex Healthcare: a Safe Haven You Can Call Home

Sussex Healthcare has for over twenty been providing impeccable care for the elderly in the society that is most in need of specialized care. The medical facility is located in the southern coast of England and it boasts two chairmen, Shiraz Boghani and Shafik Sachedina. The two have brought to the “tool house” their diverse skill sets and their different backgrounds have increased the diversity of their experiences. Shiraz Boghani has immersed experience and knowledge in hotel management while Shafik Sachedina has a great experience from his primarily medical background. Shafik Sachedina worked as a dental surgeon and his works have been recognized as perfect and thorough. Together, the two have created an award-winning adult care network that aids many elderly people in the community.

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Since the company first opened its door in 1985, they have grown tremendously to now have over 20 facilities operating under their name. The facilities are equipped with modern gymnasiums, daycare facility and in house fulltime care for residential houses. Sussex Healthcare specifically deals with in house care for patients that suffer from diseases such as Alzheimer’s and dementia. The facility also offers cares for younger adults that may present with neurological disabilities and any other cognitive issues that would make unsupervised living inadvisable. The facility does not discriminate patients based on the extent of their need but rather they find a way to manage and care for their patients.

The staff at Sussex Healthcare is competently trained and is committed to taking excellent care of the patients that take refuge at the facility. The human resource department at Sussex Healthcare is constantly retrained, educated and competitively compensated for their hard work at the facility. The facility operates on a firm belief that all patients no matter who they are or what they suffer from, deserve equitable and quality care. The facility provides programs for the patients that are designed to help them to stay active and engaged. These activities include individualized leisure and personalized activity plans that vary depending on the patients earlier interests in life. Sussex Healthcare is definitely a safe haven for you or your loved ones. Learn more:

Talk Space Therapy is more than Just an App.

More than 20 million Americans suffer from some form of mental illness. Some experts have approximated that as many as half of them don’t receive the appropriate care they need. Research indicates that one of the main reasons behind the shortage is the stigma that’s inherently appended to it. While the last years have been marred by a major awareness of mental illness as well as the acceptance unlike in the past, the situation remains less than optimal. In a report by health professionals, mental health awareness is as vital as knowledge. This implies that the lack of awareness in the world, therefore, contributes to the stigma. This, in turn, hinders many people from seeking the assistance they deserve. Another reason why many mentally ill individuals aren’t treated is the cost. Find out more about Talkspace at

Talkspace is a therapy app-based online. It offers mentally ill individuals access to therapists through the internet. Organizations such as Talkspace focus on eliminating the hurdles that mentally challenged individuals are facing by launching online therapy apps, which makes cheaper as well as quicker help accessible to everyone. Since its launch by Oren Frank in 2012, Talkspace has helped many individuals cope with various mental health disorders such as anxiety, post-traumatic stress, family problems, and eating disorders. Being the co-founder as well as the CEO, Oren Frank has created a private as well as affordable space for therapy to be accessible for all individuals.

Online therapy is also often referred to as distance therapy, internet therapy, or e-therapy. Talkspace platform allows users to get the required assistance from several devices. The organization also provides a space in which clients can connect to their therapists as well as online networks through technology mediums including apps for video chats and voice calls. In addition to these therapy services, Talkspace therapy offers reliable advice online to members of the broader community through blog posts.



A Financial Giant from Dallas

NexBank Capital, Inc is a successful financial services institution based in Dallas, Texas. The institution completed a private placement of its fixed-to-floating rate subordinated notes worth $54 million to high-value investors.

The notes come with a fixed interest rate for the first five years of 6.375% followed by a floating interest rate. The floating rate is determined by the spread above the then existing three-month London Interbank Offered Rate plus 458.5 basis points. The Institute purposes to use the earnings for the ordinary corporate causes.

The notes, which were placed by Sandler O’Neill & Partners, L.P. on behalf of NexBank Capital, Inc, were assigned a BBB grade rating by Kroll Bond Rating Agency under the applicable capital regulations. This rating qualified the offering as NexBank’s Tier 2 capital. This private offering closed on 19th September 2017.

About NexBank Capital, Inc.

This financial institute, established in 1934, holds the tenth place in Texas’s largest banks and is the 158th largest bank in the U.S. NexBank Capital core businesses include commercial and mortgage banking as well as Institutional Services. NetBank is ranked at the top of institutions which have grew to be most profitable organizations in the world within a very short time

NexBank Capital, Inc. primarily serves individuals, financial institutions, real estate investors, institutional clients, and corporations with customized financial and banking services. The institution has three divisions: NexBank Securities In, NexBank SSB, NexBank Title Inc., and NexWash LLC.

As of 30th September 2018, NexBank had $8.1billion in assets. The institute has a legal lending limit of $168 million, and its money market rates are five times the national average.

Their mission is to deliver unique value to each client and be a leader in the financial industry. They strive to offer sophisticated and personalized solutions provided through professional staff with a proven track record.

The Chairman, James Dondero, leads this financial giant. The experienced Directors are firmly committed to NexBank’s success.

NexBank Capital, Inc is socially responsible and aims at positively impacting the community in which it operates. The financial institution provides loan programs, economic development, financial education, and community services to not just the Dallas community, but the neighboring counties as well in the Dallas-Plano-Irving metropolitan division.

According to Banknews, the financial institution has provided affordable loans to more than 2,200 Texas Veterans and over 900 Texas’s families. It supports the GrowSouth Fund, The Real Estate Council Community Fund, and Impact Dallas Capital. NexBank Capital Inc is sponsoring eight public schools in financial literacy courses.


Unroll Me Application

Unroll me is one of the online management that is based on the email. When the emails pop, people subscribe typically to the other sites that were not intending. This is the best means that allows one to entirely unsubscribe to the undesirable subscription on the sites that he or she was not planned. The rest of the emails that the subscriber intended to will be arranged in an orderly manner. The made at which the emails are arranged is in order of the priority as per the intention of the subscriber. Roll me up will make the email of the subscriber appears at the top of it was needed most and gives the subscriber the chance to access the information with ease without bothering the rest of the unnecessary emails.

There are some of the things that are quite disgusting for one to receive such as political and travel when one has to concentrate on the work. The emails that are unnecessary will congest the inbox of the user, therefore, making them find it hard for them to access the right emails especially when they are in a hurry. The intention of the unroll me the tool is put aside the unwanted messages.

The mode of accessing the tool of Unroll me is easy, and it makes the work of the user more comfortable. The application has been published in the plays tore. The requirement that is needed for one to access the application is to log in by the use of the legitimate email. The emails that one can use to foster the installment of the Unroll Me are G mail, Yahoo, your AOL account and Outlook. There are some of the interactions that one will come across while installing the Unroll me such as keep me inbox and unsubscribe. Unroll Me app has made the pruning of the messages in the inbox quite easier.

There is the need for one to install the application of Unroll me to make the access to the messages that are important easier in the inbox and even mark them for future reference.

Gareth Henry And His Investment Plan

Having a degree in actuarial mathematics, Gareth Henry has used his knowledge to venture into the investment industry. He is the managing director of a global investment firm. He attained this degree at the Heriot-Watt University of Edinburg in 2001. Gareth oversees client services, sales and marketing since it has offices in different parts of the globe. He believes money is well-spent if it is used in one’s education. Henry is the worldwide head of investor relations for many US managers in investments.

Gareth Henry got a passion for investing relations and raising capital when he analysed and understood how finance and mathematics merge. Talking to persons about their investments is what motivated him in starting a company. He is a person who likes interacting with colleagues and clients in his daily life. He makes up to ten calls and holds face to face meetings to help him understand the needs of the client.

Gareth Henry does his work from the office where he organises the business in all parts of the globe. Through his passion and enthusiasm, ideas come up, and he comes up with a strategy on how to execute them. He is happy on the trend of cryptocurrencies and blockchain since they are revolutionalising the culture of investing.

Gareth Henry believes in creating opportunities through actions. He advises the youth and investors to continually talk with their clients and practice patience since an investment can be slower but be better in future. He says feedback from clients is essential since it helps one understand if the business is moving. Gareth believes in mentorship because they give him advice on the formulas to take. Technology is one of the things that keep him productive all through.

Henry currently resides in New York where he has worked with firms such as Angelo Gordon and SEI Investments. He worked as a Global Head of Investor Relations and Investment manager respectively. He has had the chance of learning how great investors think about hedge funds investments and has already seen them attractive for the investment market. He has offered a scholarship to specific students and also mentors them on how to achieve their goals. Gareth Henry on Quantitative Investinge

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Brian Torchin’s Staffing Company for the Medical, Legal and Administrations

Brian Torchin studied and graduated from the University of Delaware with a pre-med bachelor of science degree. He went to New York Chiropractic College and graduated with a chiropractic degree as a doctor. He became licensed and certified as a chiropractic practitioner. He opened up his chiropractic clinic in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He would help patients by easing their pain through his knowledge.

In 2007, Torchin opened a staffing company called HCRC Staffing. The firm is used to fulfill the needs of healthcare companies, hospitals, and other legal firms. HCRC fill positions that are needed in different fields and industry like office management, physical therapist, paralegals, and other positions. Brian Torchin’s company goal is to find qualified candidates to fill critical jobs in the legal and healthcare companies. This all needs to fulfilled within seventy-two hours.

Dr. Torchin understands that biggest challenge with jobs in the field is the turnover. His staffing company was founded to remedy that issue for most businesses. He has over two hundred clients who use his services. HCRC helps with filling out positions for clients of the United States, Australia, Europe, and Canada. More about of Brian Torchin at

Brian Torchin realized that graduated medical students were having difficulty getting hired. This was one of the reasons he started his staffing company. With creating with his company he also created employment opportunities for students. The doctor is still ensuring people around the world have a medical professional to assist with services.

He has been featured in different platforms for his achievements and strives. He was featured on Simply Hired, the Digital Journal, and other media platforms. Some media outlets like the Examiner wrote about the doctor. The article talked about how he is helping with the growth and sustainability of health professionals.

The doctor company provides a sense of professionalism for companies. HCRC provided reliable and qualified staff for different companies needs. His business model is based around the e-commerce idea. The role Torchin plays in his community is a mentor of business and healthcare. His company became a vital use in the communities around the world. Torchin love for the industry is what makes him continue in helping whatever way he can.

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Ashley Brasier and her Lightspeed Venture

Ashley Lightspeed dreamed of becoming an architect just like her father. However, she abandoned that dream and ventured into the world of business. She started her career while still a student at Stanford GSB having worked as a category manager at Thumbtack and also at Bain consultant. Ashley Brasier would later venture into private business as she was convinced that she needed to do a lot more for startups ventures.

By 1999 Ashley had already made up her mind and she founded the Lightspeed Venture Partners which aimed at identifying, supporting and funding startup ventures. The firm was a partnership business which included Alex Taussig, Andrew Moley, Aaron battalion, Chris Schaepe and Ashley Brasier as partners. Follow Ashley Lightspeed on Twitter.

Ashley’s responsibility at the firm involves identification of potential startups that their company can invest in and work with them. They provide an advisory role, support as well as funding to these startups ventures.

She is talented to work with the prototype which she learnt from her dad. Ashley Lightspeed often uses the prototype as a primary tool for gathering information about a product as well as finding ideas for improving products. She believes that prototyping is the fundamental tool for entrepreneurial investment because it helps risk takes to see into the future.

At Lightspeed Venture Partners, Ashley works closely with entrepreneurs and maintains a keen eye for unique craftsmanship along with the business operations. Ashley Lightspeed works with great passion and believes that her line of business requires artistic vision to make it successful.

Currently, Lightspeed Venture has helped more than 300 startups businesses to take off. The firm enjoys the privilege of playing a role in more than enough of what the startups required. Some of the prominent companies that receive direct support from Lightspeed Ventures include Mulesoft, GirlBoss, Affirm, Goop, Rubrix, Natunix, Elementum and the Honest Company started by Jessica Alba (Famous actress) among others.

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InnovaCare Health – Rick Shinto and Penelope Kokkinides

When a company is doing well, it is no surprise that everyone would like to know the driving force behind it and in particular the leaders behind the wheel. We can have a look at the two super experienced people behind the success of InnovaCare Health that is Rick Shinto and Penelope Kokkinides. I call them super experienced since they both boast over 20 years of experience.

About Richard Shinto

Dr. Shinto is the CEO of InnovaCare Health. Rick Shinto started as an internist and Pulmonologist after which he joined MedPartners as their VP where he was in charge of medical management. He has worked with Cal Optimal Health Plan in California, Orange County, worked with Pathways Management Company as operations manager, worked as a senior officer at NAMM and in 2008 moved to Aveta Inc. where he later became CEO until 2012.

Dr. Rick Shinto has been recognized because of his managerial and vision when he was given Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award back in 2012 in the Service Category. He has not relented as we can see this year Modern Healthcare has recognized him as one of 2018’s Top 25 Minority Executives in Healthcare, this tells you how determined he is to make sure everyone especially the minority receive good healthcare for a healthier nation.

About Penelope Kokkinides

Penelope is a graduate from Binghampton University with Bachelor’s in Classical language and biological sciences and later did Masters in New York University. At InnovaCare Health, she is Chief Administrative Officer appointed in June 2015. Previously she had worked as a chief operating officer in the same company. In her more than 20 years’ experience, she has worked in government programs such as Medicaid and Medicare. In the private sector, she has worked with Centerlight HealthCare, Touchstone Health different capacity from operations head to corporate VP.

In her Interview on IdeaMensch, she highlights how good her team is proving how good a team player she is. She also talks about how organized she is by thinking about the next day every night which makes her more productive, a clear sign InnovaCare Health is at good hands with a very bright future.

About InnovaCare Health

Talk about quality healthcare, cost-effective and innovative in one sentence, and I tell you it is incomplete without adding InnovaCare Health as the provider. InnovaCare is the epitome of a perfect business model providing health services good for stakeholders and excellent for customers, Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services in Puerto Rico recognized this as it is the only with 4.5-star ratings.

Summary of OSI Group McDonalds

As it currently stands, the food processing group called OSI Group has supplied food for major global corporations like McDonald’s from the beginning. Having been founded by a few German immigrants in Chicago in the mid twentieth century not far from Ray Kroc’s founding franchise location of McDonald’s restaurant in Des Plaines, Illinois, Otto and Sons renamed themselves “OSI” in order to take on a more professional name which reflected the growth they were incurring at the time and not resemble and mom and pop shop as much. Now they are located in 17 countries worldwide, with 20,000 employees who take on a family approach to business. The Chief Operating Officer, David McDonald, himself has 6 children with his wife Malinda. After the 1975 name change and change of chief to Sheldon Lavin, the company has experienced massive growth that is undeniable. Visit:

OSI Group McDonalds has expanded into the European and Chinese markets with ease, which they credit in large part to their ability to stay private and not go public over the years, as well as the family approach to business which OSI Group McDonalds has maintained. David is quoted as saying that, “It is important to note that, within OSI, we value family. Our people and our customers are viewed as family. The products that we make should be good enough to serve to our respective families proudly.” And so it is from this family perspective that OSI Group McDonalds has approached local Taiwanese companies in order help better infiltrate the Chinese and other Asiatic markets, as well as the integration into the European markets through the acquisition of the Creative Foods Europe group and Baho Group out of the Netherlands. For more information on OSI Group McDonalds,  visit their website at