Greg Blatt Replacing Sean Rad

When an investor is beginning a company it’s essential to have someone in the same line of work as a role model; they should have extensive skills as ell s excellence in the business. For the match making a line of or Greg Blatt has gained extensive experience as well as remarkable accomplishments making him a role model too many people. He is a graduate from Colgate University where he garnered Bachelor of Arts in English and Literature. Later he joined the Columbia Law School and graduated with Judicial Doctor. This diversity of education has earned him recognition by working with Martha Stewart Law Firm and then joined Tinder match before being appointed as the Executive Vice president at IAC (Medium).

As a role model and a leader, Greg Blatt has to combine his skills, dedication, passion and all his know-how in business to excel. As the chairman and CEO of Tinder Company, Greg Blatt ensured that there was an increase in the number of subscribers; the number went up to one million. This increment led to an increase in revenue and the possibilities of people getting the right match. Through the matchmaker, online dating site Mr. Blatt has learnt to be persistent. He encourages upcoming investors to be ready to take risks while trying to achieve their set goals.

In Tinder Company there have been advancements in the management, all employees are supposed to meet the set policies which aim at promoting matchmaking. The previous CEO Sean Rad had been employed for some time but later stepped down to serve as the chairman in Tinder board. He was pushed out in 2015, but after six months he was rehired. For the second time, he was not the CEO since he was to serve on the board while Greg Blatt replaced his post as the CEO.

While working at Tinder Greg Blatt had shown remarkable dedication to the company; hence he was fit for the promotion. Mr. Rad will serve the responsibilities of Tinder Chairman providing his expertise to the company. Over the years under Blatt management Tinder Company has experienced growth.

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Dr. Dov Rand’s Expertise on Bioidentical Hormone Reforms the Healthcare Industry

Dr. Dov Rand is an expert in working with bioidentical hormones. He has an experience of over 15 years in specialized medical care. The main aim of his practice is the use of physical and rehabilitative treatment to enhance the overall health of an individual. This pursuit came from his interests in health and nutrition.

He has acknowledged that his education, as well as the continued study, has been vital. He attended the University of Rutgers for his undergraduate studies. Furthermore, Dr. Dov Rand enrolled at Howard University medical school. He later attended an internship at Saint Barnabas medical facility and completed his residency at Albeit Einstein medical center.This has kept him updated with the current changes in the industry.

The highly respected health officer is focused on helping many people in the comprehension of his treatment method. Dr. Dov Rand owns Healthy Aging Medical Centers. These facilities are where he implements his professional expertise. He is involved in educating his patients as well as new clients on the unique benefits of accepting and utilizing physical medicine and rehabilitation with regards to improving their illnesses.

He believes that traditional methods of medicine are very crucial. This is because they enable us to critically understand the unique challenges experienced at each phase in our lives. He prefers the medical approach of treating while focusing on the inside out. This is as opposed to most doctors who receive health complaints and provide prescriptions.

The medical genius is focused on offering enhanced quality of life. This is achieved by means of a natural approach. It involves replacing hormones that existed in the person’s body during the peak moments of their youth. This is called a bioidentical hormone protocol.

The savvy bioidentical hormone specialist maintains an unchanging commitment. He offers medical care to invalids based on peer-reviewed research from scientific sources. In addition, the treatment stems from a medic’s rejection of the common use of pills in medications.

He is passionate about reading scientific publications among other periodicals. This has contributed to his increased knowledge. Moreover, he loves discussing his upcoming treatments with his colleagues.

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Serge Belamant: World-Renowned Computer Scientist& Entrepreneur

Serge Belamant is a computer scientist who is recognized globally as being among the pioneers of blockchain technology. The blockchain technology developed by Serge Belamant was critical to the creation of the cryptocurrencies that are in use in the modern world. The blockchain technique was developed to reduce the time taken to process online payments and create a secure environment.

For more information about Serge, view his Crunchbase profile

Background and Education

Segre Belamant was born in 1953 in Tulle, France. However, his family relocated to South Africa when he was 14. His father, a highly skilled tiler, wanted to try his skills in a different environment that was untapped at that time. Serge Belamant later enrolled at Highlands North Boys High School after he had mastered communicating in English.

Belamant was able to utilize his talents and excel not only in academics but also in sports. His excellence in rugby and other co-curricular activities played a role in his appointment as the house captain for bridge clubs and science when still in high school. His excellence culminated in him climbing the ranks to the position of Head Prefect. Apart from rugby, Belamant was also an ardent chess player where he represented the Southern Transvaal numerous times. In 1972, he finished 6th place during the nationwide championships.

Career Milestones

Although Serge Belamant never completed his university degree, he still managed to get hired by a reputable firm after his entry into the labor market. He was employed by a civil engineering company, Matrix, at the age of 22. He worked at the firm’s BKSH division. He later on worked on Cyber computers and finite element analysis software that he used to analyze water levels on dams. His creativity was vital in enabling him to develop the software used to find the optimal water levels in dams and assisting in the prediction of future droughts.

Tenure at Net1 Technologies

Serge Belamant is also credited with founding Net1 Technologies, an IT firm in South Africa. The company has provided IT services to nations like Russia, Burundi, and Iraq. Belamant’s efforts were finally rewarded when Net1 Technologies was listed on the NASDAQ in 2005. With his efforts and dedication, Belamant was named the Henry Ford of IT by Stafford Thomas.

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Things you need to know about Oren Frank

Oren Frank has helped many people discover themselves and live better lives through the online help that he offers to them. He launched Talkspace with the target of helping people overcome their mental illnesses. He believes that everyone feels low at one moment of their life, and it is up to them to seek help from experts before things get out of hand. The duo majorly relies on technology to carry out his activities, and his dedication towards his work has enabled him to travel miles. He is now the talk of the internet, and people adore his moves to save them from the agony of mental illnesses, which lead them to commit crimes and other pressing issues. Watch Oren Frank on Youtube to learn more.

Oren Frank gained the motivation to launch his online therapy firm form the help he received from a therapist. He believes that the therapist that he visited together with his wife help him view life positively and fully understand the importance of speaking up about the issues that he experiences. Along with his wife, he launched talk space and the firm has continued to save many lives, thanks to the help that the psychiatrists offer to people. Oren Frank believes that people with mental problems should talk about the issues they go through, as this enables the therapist to identify the best approach to use in helping them overcome the issues.

Additionally, he insists that every person living with mental illness must ensure that they are active all day long to avoid thinking about negative issues affecting their lives. He believes that being engaged also helps people discover new things and talents that they can use to upgrade their lives.

Additionally, Oren Frank also encourages family members and friends of people suffering from mental illnesses to offer them support and help them at their darkest moments rather than scold and undermine them. His advocations have saved the lives of many people, and it has also played a key role in reducing the stigma associated with mental illnesses. The duo believes that his platform will continue to address the issues that his clients go through over the coming years. Read more:

InnovaCare Health – Rick Shinto and Penelope Kokkinides

When a company is doing well, it is no surprise that everyone would like to know the driving force behind it and in particular the leaders behind the wheel. We can have a look at the two super experienced people behind the success of InnovaCare Health that is Rick Shinto and Penelope Kokkinides. I call them super experienced since they both boast over 20 years of experience.

About Richard Shinto

Dr. Shinto is the CEO of InnovaCare Health. Rick Shinto started as an internist and Pulmonologist after which he joined MedPartners as their VP where he was in charge of medical management. He has worked with Cal Optimal Health Plan in California, Orange County, worked with Pathways Management Company as operations manager, worked as a senior officer at NAMM and in 2008 moved to Aveta Inc. where he later became CEO until 2012.

Dr. Rick Shinto has been recognized because of his managerial and vision when he was given Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award back in 2012 in the Service Category. He has not relented as we can see this year Modern Healthcare has recognized him as one of 2018’s Top 25 Minority Executives in Healthcare, this tells you how determined he is to make sure everyone especially the minority receive good healthcare for a healthier nation.

About Penelope Kokkinides

Penelope is a graduate from Binghampton University with Bachelor’s in Classical language and biological sciences and later did Masters in New York University. At InnovaCare Health, she is Chief Administrative Officer appointed in June 2015. Previously she had worked as a chief operating officer in the same company. In her more than 20 years’ experience, she has worked in government programs such as Medicaid and Medicare. In the private sector, she has worked with Centerlight HealthCare, Touchstone Health different capacity from operations head to corporate VP.

In her Interview on IdeaMensch, she highlights how good her team is proving how good a team player she is. She also talks about how organized she is by thinking about the next day every night which makes her more productive, a clear sign InnovaCare Health is at good hands with a very bright future.

About InnovaCare Health

Talk about quality healthcare, cost-effective and innovative in one sentence, and I tell you it is incomplete without adding InnovaCare Health as the provider. InnovaCare is the epitome of a perfect business model providing health services good for stakeholders and excellent for customers, Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services in Puerto Rico recognized this as it is the only with 4.5-star ratings.

Eric Lefkofsky: Problem Solver

Eric Lefkofsky is University of Michigan alumni, also receiving his Juris Doctor from the University of Michigan Law School. He works as an adjunct professor at the University of Chicago and is the author of Accelerated Disruption. Besides those jobs, Lefkofsky has many roles in the Chicago community. Lefkofsky is the Co-founder and CEO of Tempus, founding partner of Lightbank, and the co-founder and chairman of Groupon. He is also the co-founder of Mediaocean, Echo Global Logistics, Innerworkings, and Uptake Technologies. He serves as trustee at Laurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago, The Art Institute of Chicago, and The Museum of Science and Industry, World Business Chicago and is a co-chairman on their Technology Council. Lefkofsky is also a chairman of the Board of Trustees of Chicago’s Steppenwolf Theatre Company. The Lefkofsky Foundation, a charitable trust formed with his wife has funded over 50 organizations focusing on children.

The Chicago Entrepreneur, Eric Lefkofsky, received an interview opportunity with IdeaMensch. Lefkofsky identifies his self as a problem solver. Tempus came from his need to solve problems of technology not being up to the standards of other industries. This began his journey to find the application of technology at scale level to help cancer patients in clinical settings. With the use of Tempus physicians are able to deliver personalized care to patients. Building a company, managing people, and trying to find solutions to problems takes much of his time. The need to solve problems urges him forward on this journey. Biotech is a trend that he currently finds exciting. Many possibilities exist with biotechnology and it may be key in tackling some of the problems Likofsky has identified. The ability to be effective and productive in his entrepreneurship’s, comes from his talent of prioritizing, delegating, and being a daydreamer. Success has not only come from his talents, but from trying to solve real problems. His staff also has a leading role in the influence of his business thinking. Having a staff that is able to bounce ideas back and forth, expands the possibilities on identifying problems and finding their solutions.

Deirdre Baggot And The Bundled Payment System

Deirdre Baggot is a payment expert and healthcare business strategist. Her impressive academic record includes a bachelor’s degree in nursing, earned from Southern Illinois University, Edwardsville. In addition, she earned an MBA from Quinlan School of Business at Loyola University in Chicago, and a Ph.D. from Denver’s University of Colorado. She started her career at Northwestern Memorial Hospital in 1997, where she held the role of resource coordinator, and later on moved to the University of Michigan Health System after 6 years. Read more about Deirdre Baggot at crunchbase.

As a payment expert, Deirdre Baggot partners with organizations in order to implement the necessary change when it comes to the healthcare payment system. The goal is to replace the “one size fits all” approach and favor a more streamlined program in order to address fundamental issues. She advises healthcare facilities about implementation strategies and benefits of bundled payment systems, which is a program that is gaining in popularity. She wrote about how the current payment models and the Affordable Care Act are affecting the patients’ ability to pay for medical care.

As a result of her deep experience she has been able to pinpoint the specific areas that are in need of attention, so that the transition can become easier. In her writing, Deirdre Baggot highlights a number of steps that healthcare administrators have to discuss, such as using patient data in order to identify areas of weakness, supporting changes with strong data analysis, and creating an atmosphere which encourages the patients to work with their provider in order to manage their healthcare.

Organizations that implemented the Bundled Payment program saw great results, and Baggot remained at the helm in order to fully complete the paperwork necessary for the transition. As organizations seek to make the transition, they employ her help and guidance in order to avoid pitfalls and make the most of the new system. Learn more:



Whitney W. Herd, Founder, and CEO of Bumble.

Born in 1989 in Salt Lake City, Whitney Wolfe Herd is a renowned American entrepreneur, and at only twenty-nine years she almost made it to the 2018 list of most affluent entrepreneurial women by Forbes. According to Forbes, if business continues in the same direction for Bumble, it will not take long before she joins the list.

Whitney Wolfe went to Judge Memorial Catholic High School before joining Southern Methodist University where she majored in International Studies. At 22, she worked at Hatch Laboratories before partnering with her former lover Justin Mateen in 2012 to form Tinder, one of the forerunners in dating applications. Connect with Whitney Wolfe by visiting her linkedin account.

She, however, resigned in 2014, with accusations of sexual harassment against her partner who was later on suspended and Wolfe got not less than one million dollars in settlement fees.

In December 2014, Andrey Andreev, creator of Badoo, partnered with Whitney Wolfe and founded Bumble, a mobile dating application that has changed the game in online dating. When using the form, the lady makes the first move in the case of straight matches while in same-sex events either one can make the first move, all within twenty hours before the game disappears.

This is in a move by the company to try and level the ground for women when it comes to dating.

Bumble is growing at a quick rate with more than thirty-five million users, with its most significant competitor being Tinder. It is valued at one billion dollars with only four years of being in existence.

It recently launched Bumble BFF, that enables its users to make new friends when they move to a new place and Bumble Bizz, which allows you to grow your career by networking.

In 2017, OKCupid and Tinder proposed to buy Bumble for 450 million dollars while Match Group offered to buy it for more than one billion dollars. Both offers have so been turned down by Whitney Wolfe.

In the same year, the company was hacked and the employees’ photographs and phone numbers posted on a particular website called neo-Nazi. The FBI stepped in, but since then Whitney has been walking around with personal security.


How Whitney Wolfe Herd Turns Adversity Into Opportunity

By creating a women’s empowerment dating app entrepreneur Whitney Wolfe Herd has completely changed how people date and work. In addition to being a dating app, Bumble was joined by Bumble Bizz in early 2018 which is a networking and mentoring extension. That same year saw over 29 million people using Bumble and the company’s valuation exceeding $1 billion. She says it hasn’t all been smooth selling but she’s happy with how things are turning out.

Whitney Wolfe Herd says that she chooses to use negative experiences to drive her forward rather than hold her back. She says that 2014 was especially challenging for her and she had a lot of adversity to overcome. She bounced back from the experience, though, determined to use the knowledge she gained to empower herself and other women. The result is Bumble which she has described as a “chicks make the first move app”. This proved to be a winning concept and not long after the app was available on the iTunes and Play Store it became very popular with both women and men. Related: Bumble Founder/CEO Whitney Wolfe Herd Joins Imagine Entertainment Board

She says that one of her biggest challenges has been overcoming her own gender stereotypes, something that gets ingrained in everyone by culture. Whitney Wolfe Herd said that she could see she was part of the problem herself because she was accepting really absurd gender norms with no real basis in reality. By gaining knowledge about how wrong all that was she was able to get back her confidence as well as her own sense of self-worth.

The success that Whitney Wolfe Herd has had with Bumble has led to her getting other new opportunities. One example of this is that she was offered a position on Imagine Entertainment’s board of directors which she accepted. The two chairman of this board are Ron Howard and Brian Grazer, two veterans of the entertainment industry. Brian Grazer said that she is a visionary and original thinker and she would make a great addition to the team. He said that they had been seeking someone who would bring a fresh perspective on things and Whitney Wolfe Herd fit the bill.

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GreenSky Credit and Skilled Executives

David Zalik has accomplished a lot in his field so far. His achievements began when he was still extremely youthful, too. He’s a mathematical genius who skipped high school studies in favor of higher education. He went to Auburn University. That’s where Tim Cook went, too. Cook happens to be the Chief Executive Officer at Apple. Zalik was merely 14 years in age when he enrolled at Auburn. He emulated his dad by majoring in math. He established a company on his own right after beginning college. This was called “MicroTech Information Systems.” This firm put computers together. It managed computer sales as well. Zalik now resides in Atlanta, Georgia. He’s in charge of yet another business that has done a lot. It’s known as GreenSky Credit. GreenSky is a Fintech firm that’s making waves all throughout the United States. It gathered a whopping $50 million in September of 2016. Zalik is in his forties right now. He’s a Chief Executive Officer and co-founder who has significant ownership of GreenSky Credit. He owns 50 percent of the business at the minimum. He’s classified as being a billionaire as well.

GreenSky Credit aims to strengthen commerce, credit and payment with the assistance of advanced technology. It strives to give all users sophisticated and streamlined journeys. GreenSky helps businesses of all kinds expand. It helps them give all of their customers happiness, too. The company collaborates with more than 12,000 merchants right now. It has given its time to approaching two million smiling customers. It’s handled more than 12 billion loans. Zalik has been the head of GreenSky since back in 2006. That’s the year the company came into existence in the first place. He’s enjoyed mentions in many famed publications in the United States. These include Forbes, BusinessWeek and even the Wall Street Journal. He’s married to a lady who is named Helen. They have three wondrous daughters, too.

The GreenSky Credit executive team includes various other key figures. It includes Chief Administrative Officer Gerry Benjamin, Chief Risk Officer Tim Kaliban, Chief Technology Officer Jerry Bartlett and Chief Legal Officer Steve Fox.