Serge Belamant: World-Renowned Computer Scientist& Entrepreneur

Serge Belamant is a computer scientist who is recognized globally as being among the pioneers of blockchain technology. The blockchain technology developed by Serge Belamant was critical to the creation of the cryptocurrencies that are in use in the modern world. The blockchain technique was developed to reduce the time taken to process online payments and create a secure environment.

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Background and Education

Segre Belamant was born in 1953 in Tulle, France. However, his family relocated to South Africa when he was 14. His father, a highly skilled tiler, wanted to try his skills in a different environment that was untapped at that time. Serge Belamant later enrolled at Highlands North Boys High School after he had mastered communicating in English.

Belamant was able to utilize his talents and excel not only in academics but also in sports. His excellence in rugby and other co-curricular activities played a role in his appointment as the house captain for bridge clubs and science when still in high school. His excellence culminated in him climbing the ranks to the position of Head Prefect. Apart from rugby, Belamant was also an ardent chess player where he represented the Southern Transvaal numerous times. In 1972, he finished 6th place during the nationwide championships.

Career Milestones

Although Serge Belamant never completed his university degree, he still managed to get hired by a reputable firm after his entry into the labor market. He was employed by a civil engineering company, Matrix, at the age of 22. He worked at the firm’s BKSH division. He later on worked on Cyber computers and finite element analysis software that he used to analyze water levels on dams. His creativity was vital in enabling him to develop the software used to find the optimal water levels in dams and assisting in the prediction of future droughts.

Tenure at Net1 Technologies

Serge Belamant is also credited with founding Net1 Technologies, an IT firm in South Africa. The company has provided IT services to nations like Russia, Burundi, and Iraq. Belamant’s efforts were finally rewarded when Net1 Technologies was listed on the NASDAQ in 2005. With his efforts and dedication, Belamant was named the Henry Ford of IT by Stafford Thomas.

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Brian Torchin’s Staffing Company for the Medical, Legal and Administrations

Brian Torchin studied and graduated from the University of Delaware with a pre-med bachelor of science degree. He went to New York Chiropractic College and graduated with a chiropractic degree as a doctor. He became licensed and certified as a chiropractic practitioner. He opened up his chiropractic clinic in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He would help patients by easing their pain through his knowledge.

In 2007, Torchin opened a staffing company called HCRC Staffing. The firm is used to fulfill the needs of healthcare companies, hospitals, and other legal firms. HCRC fill positions that are needed in different fields and industry like office management, physical therapist, paralegals, and other positions. Brian Torchin’s company goal is to find qualified candidates to fill critical jobs in the legal and healthcare companies. This all needs to fulfilled within seventy-two hours.

Dr. Torchin understands that biggest challenge with jobs in the field is the turnover. His staffing company was founded to remedy that issue for most businesses. He has over two hundred clients who use his services. HCRC helps with filling out positions for clients of the United States, Australia, Europe, and Canada. More about of Brian Torchin at

Brian Torchin realized that graduated medical students were having difficulty getting hired. This was one of the reasons he started his staffing company. With creating with his company he also created employment opportunities for students. The doctor is still ensuring people around the world have a medical professional to assist with services.

He has been featured in different platforms for his achievements and strives. He was featured on Simply Hired, the Digital Journal, and other media platforms. Some media outlets like the Examiner wrote about the doctor. The article talked about how he is helping with the growth and sustainability of health professionals.

The doctor company provides a sense of professionalism for companies. HCRC provided reliable and qualified staff for different companies needs. His business model is based around the e-commerce idea. The role Torchin plays in his community is a mentor of business and healthcare. His company became a vital use in the communities around the world. Torchin love for the industry is what makes him continue in helping whatever way he can.

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Brazil’s Famous Entrepreneur Guilherme Paulus Reveals Secrets to Entrepreneurial Success

Brazil’s famous entrepreneur and tourism superstar, Guilherme Paulus, was recently featured in the Chronicle of the Week article “Prizes are My Rewards, Obstacles are my Challenges’: The story of Brazilian Entrepreneur Guilherme Paulus.” The article reveals how important vision is when creating a business, particularly in a country known around the world for not being friendly to entrepreneurs.

Brazil has become synonymous with difficulty for entrepreneurs. It is ranked 125th out of 190 countries for the ease of starting a business. It is known for having high taxes, difficult to get business permits and for having difficulty registering a property. However, the difficulties did not stop the tourism and travel agency magnate, Guilherme Paulus. Guilherme Paulus believed that every obstacle is an opportunity. Visit his facebook to learn more about his platforms.

He created his first business when he was only 24. He met with a state official to get funding for the travel company CVC. He started with a single location outside of a movie theater where he knew people were primed for adventures and travel. He advises new entrepreneurs to ask for more advice, especially from people who have already accomplished what they want to do. Listening to these people will provide invaluable insight into the industry. CVC now has more than 1,200 stores around the country with international locations as well. It regularly has more than $5.2 billion in sales each year. CVC is the largest tourism company in Brazil. When Paulus decided it was time for a change, he sold 63% of his shares for $750 million. He went on to invest $600 million of his personal fortune in another Brazilian tourism opportunity. He created GJP Hotels and Resorts which currently owns fourteen different hotels and resorts. They employ five thousand people around the country.

Paulus believes the key to success is staying close to the day to day activities of the business. He currently travels to the different locations to speak with the customers and the employees to understand the needs of both better. He believes in constantly learning and traveling to the different locations allows him to do that. His vision of investing in Brazilian tourism comes from his belief in people. He has seen so many employees succeed through his company and he believes it is the best possible investment.

Guilherme Paulus’ belief in people allowed him to establish deep connections with other organizations. He has more than 30,00 partnerships with organizations around the world from hotels, cruise ships, airlines, and other specialty tourism groups around the world.



Serge Belamant’s Contribution to the Growth of Blockchain Technology

Serge Belamant built a name in the tech industry as an individual who created the first incarnation of blockchain technology in 1989. He holds the patent for that technology. The inventions which are under his name brought efficiencies and transparency to the financial sector. His inventions offered a backbone for creating cryptocurrencies.

What is the blockchain technology?

Blockchain technology interconnection of distributed ledgers through cryptography. It came into being to promote data accuracy, transparency and security of customers and institutions. Mr. Belamant developed the technology applications by the use of smart cards. He came up with the smart card which can be used as a debit card and its microprocessor can function both online and offline.

Who is Serge Belamant?

Mr. Belamant was born in Tulle, France and he moved to South Africa at a young age. He attended Highlands North High School in Johannesburg, South Africa. He joined Witwatersrand University to study engineering but later switched courses to computer science and applied mathematics. He later moved to University of South Africa to study Information Systems.

He dropped out of university and joined the workforce at 22. He worked at Matrix. Serving at Matrix, Serge Belamant was so good at what he was doing that he found himself developing intricate computer models for Council for Scientific Industrial Research projects. He went ahead to work with SASWITCH, Control Data as well as DATABANK. He served at Bancorp as a risk management and analysis consultant. He is the founder of Zilch Technology Ltd.

Blockchain technology creation

Mr. Belamant created UEPS which was used to develop Chip Offline Pre-authorized Card (COPAC) for Visa. The development of COPAC was a big achievement for the entrepreneur. COPAC is still being used by Visa. He created the technologies through Net1 Technologies, his company then. Net1 Technologies grew tremendously innovating and inventing.

Serge Belamant today

He founded Zilch Technology Ltd where he continues to create more blockchain technology inventions.

Serge Belamant’s technology patents

  • Secure financial transactions-pending approval
  • Designation of Electronic Financial Transactions-pending approval
  • Verification of a Transactor’s identity- granted in 2014
  • Method and Apparatus for controlling a gaming operation-granted in 2001
  • Financial transactions with a varying pin

R.A.W. and Dan Bethelmy-Rada – A Sustainable Beauty Line

Sustainability is something that has garnered so much attention in the past few years. Society has recently given sustainability so much attention and focus because society has risen in awareness of the damage, harm and destruction that we’ve inflicted on our environment. Sustainability has been put on a pedestal, especially regarding businesses, production and consumption.

Recently, Dan Bethelmy-Rada of the L’Oreal group of companies has launched a sustainable line of beauty products called R.A.W. R.A.W. is a brain child of Dan Bethelmy-Rada that is rooted from the need of making a beauty line that is composed of products that is only and authentically natural. Dan Bethelmy-Rada, R.A.W. and L’Oreal is fully committed to launching a line that is sustainable. Dan Bethelmy-Rada has put a lot of work into making sure that there is end to end sustainability in R.A.W. This means that they observe sustainability from the sourcing of the ingredients and materials, to the production, to packaging up until the distribution of the products. With Dan Bethelmy-Rada’s experience with L’Oreal, the products of R.A.W. are sure to be only of high-quality value and they will always produce results that are impeccable and effective for its consumers.

Dan Bethelmy-Rada has also noticed that consumers of beauty products now are very particular with the ingredients present in the beauty products that they use. They are also very particular with the testing procedures that the company employs when they test their products. Dan Bethelmy-Rada has made sure to keep this in mind when creating R.A.W. Dan Bethelmy-Rada has made sure to cater to the market where they only would want to put natural products on their faces – and Dan Bethelmy-Rada values the trust and support of his consumers.

Dan Bethelmy-Rada has made sure that R.A.W. only relies and is only composed of highly biodegradable and environment friendly ingredients and materials. So this means that R.A.W. does not contain any silicone, parabens, sulphates or any other non-naturally occurring. R.A.W.’s products are only made from highly sustainable, and safely sourced ingredients that are fair to both the supplier and the environment where they source it in.

 Gottlieb: A Real Titan of Healthcare Investments

Jacob Gottlieb is famously known for his unrivaled success in investment and entrepreneurship. He majorly focuses on healthcare investments, which has earned him the title ‘titan of healthcare investing.’ For Gottlieb, the sky is the limit when it comes to the advancement of medical treatments and meaningful health services. As such, he is adding Altium Capital to his endeavors. Altium Capital is a healthcare-based venture focusing on investment opportunities that impart growth of firms in the said sector.

Understanding the Concept of Altium Capital

This enterprise has had several recent investments among them being Oramed Pharmaceuticals (ORMP), Oragenics, and Amarin Corporation (AMRN). Their initial investment in Oramed was a 5.61% stake, which has developed an alternative oral treatment for diabetic patients who depend on injection. Their innovative oral insulin capsule (ORMD-0801) has been tried, tested, and grouped with Glucagon-like peptide-1 (GLP-1), capsule (ORMD-0901), and analog (exenatide).

Amarin is an innovative pharmaceutical firm that seeks to develop cardiovascular drugs. They have experienced rapid growth over time. In 2012, they had their first drug, Vascepa (AMR-101), approved by FDA, and this was among the most significant milestones. Oragenics is also growing quite fast since it was launched in 1996. It borrows from the concept of replacement therapy, which is based on the replacement of destructive microbes with helpful bacteria for enhanced health.

Gottlieb Envisions Healthcare Improvement Day and Night

Throughout his career, Jacob has been fine-tuning his instinct and amazing skills for growth in the healthcare sector. His fingers are always on the pulse of development in this sector, which is evident through his founded ventures. Before the idea of Altium, Jacob had launched Visium Asset Management, a highly successful enterprise that had raised $8 billion by 2016. Although it later shut down due to insider trading by several employees, it did not deter Jacob Gottlieb from pursuing further meaningful investments.

Malcolm CasSelle, Leader in the Cryptocurrency Marketplace

Malcolm CasSelle is the CIO of OPSkins, the world’s current leading bitcoin merchant. It is also the world leading centralized marketplace but is expected to soon change over to decentralization because A) it is now qualified to do so and B) being a centralized marketplace has more limitations for technology companies. One of OPSkins recent enormous innovations was a new blockchain platform for virtual asset trading platform known as Worldwide Asset eXchange (called WAX). WAX resolves two problems online traders have been limited by for years: fragmentation and fraud.

This fragmentation has been a problem because every country has had their own rules and regulations as far as payment processing, language, and security concerns. That has meant that it has been extremely difficult to trade across borders. WAX has solved this problem by centralizing all of this stuff so that traders from all countries can trade with each other with no difficulties. One feature that has allowed WAX to do this is its tokenization system which allows traders to convert all of their assets into tokens for instant trading.

Fraud has plagued the virtual asset market since its beginning. It has often been the case that virtual traders have been the victim of fraud by online sellers who do not fulfill their transactions in the way they at first claim, getting all of the benefits from the trader but giving only incomplete assets. It does this via smart contracts. These make up a system that makes sure that both the buyer and seller follow through with what they both agree upon.

The innovations of WAX are not things that will only benefit WAX. They will revolutionize the way the entire industry is done. Traders will love how it has created for them the most optimal virtual asset trading experience ever.

Inside the life of a Forbes Top 400 Business Professional

Finding yourself on the Forbes Top 400 Business list does not come easy, but Peter Briger sometimes makes it look that way. With over twenty years of business and professional success behind him, Briger has blazed a trail of accomplishments which can certainly be described as impressive. While presently working for Fortress Investment Group LLC, he also has a rich history behind him.

Peter Briger earned his Bachelor of Arts while attending Princeton University. He then went on to the University of Pennsylvania where he got an MBA in business administration from the Wharton School of Business. Briger remained active at Princeton University after graduation, holding a seat on the Board of Directors of the Princeton University Investment Company. Briger has also shown support for the Central Park Conservancy at Princeton.

Beginning his professional career at Goldman, Sachs & Co., Peter Briger spent 15 years developing his leadership skills and investment wisdom. He went on to become a partner in 1996, but on the way to that position he held numerous leadership roles such as co-head of the Asian Real Estate Private Equity business, the Asian Distressed Debt business, the Special Opportunities (Asia) Fund LLC, the Fixed Income Principal Investments Group, and the Whole Loan Sales and Trading business.

In his current post, Peter Briger holds the position of Principal and Co-Chairman of the Board of Directors at Fortress Investment Group. Fortress is an investment management firm which resides in New York City. Since he joined the company in 2002, Briger started the Fortress Credit business. This group of employees, numbering over 300, deals with distressed credit investments and undervalued assets.

That would be enough for most people, but not for Briger. In an attempt to give back and aid others, he is a member of Caliber Schools, which endeavors to help students on four-year educational programs pass their examinations. As if that is not enough, he also sits on the Tipping point board, which is a non-profit designed to help low-income families in San Francisco.