Perry Mandera making an impact in business and leadership

Perry Mandera is an accomplished entrepreneur and philanthropist. Immediately after completing his high school educational 1975, Mandera joined the Marines. It was while he served his country in the armed forces that Mandera developed his passion for logistics. Here, he got interested in working with heavy pieces of equipment courtesy of his role in the transport operations at his workplace.

Perry Mandera, after working for several years with the Marines, got discharged honorably, and this marked his new lease of life as a transportation business enthusiast. Mandera was so dedicated to his passion that by the age of 25, he was already a successful business owner. Through his skills and innovation, his business grew in leaps and bounds.

Today, Madera is the proud owner of one of the most successful transport and logistics companies; The Custom Companies Inc. Apart from this, he still gets involved in charity and philanthropy; a feat he holds dear to his heart. In fact, he is so passionate about it that he started an off-shoot of his company specifically dedicated to charity. He is also one of the members of the Illinois Trucking Association.

Mandera’s leadership skills do not end at the role in his company. In his bid to effect change in the larger society, Mandera sought for an elective seat and succeeded by being elected as a Republican Ward Committeeman in 1985. Perry Mandera has, over the years, been honored with several accolades. The Illinois Trucking Association, for instance, listed him as one f the top 100 transport executives in America, thereby receiving the coveted Leonard Schaller Businessman of the Year award. Additionally, the Italian American Executives of Transportation honored him with a leadership award.

Apart from his role in charity, Perry Mandera is also passionate about children. He takes his time to uplift the lives of disadvantaged children in his society. To accomplish this, he partners with various other charitable organizations to make fundraisers and other gifting programs that help the less fortunate. Apart from the donations made by his company, he also does his personal donations for a noble cause that he believes will help uplift the lives of those around him.

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Contact Avatrade for the Best Brokerage Services in the Market

Individuals sometimes rely on brokers to sell or purchase products. Undoubtedly, they want the best deals and services in the market. At times getting the best services can be very difficult considering that resources such as time and money can be lost in the process. AvaTrade was founded to address such issues.


There are several reasons to that indicate the company’s reliability and genuineness as outlined in the AvaTrade broker Review below. To begin with, this company is regulated by the European Union, an authorized regulatory body. Moreover, it has registrations with the Spanish CNMV. The fact that this company does not impose commissions to its clients is also a clear indication that it is not interested in gaining money at the expense of the customers.


Amazingly, this broker offers high leverage which can reach up to 1:400. Considering the high risks associated with leverage, this company provides a great deal such that a person can invest 400 times using the same money.


As a customer seeking brokerage services, you hope to be guaranteed of safety. This is definitely what AvaTrade guarantees. Being that this company operates under the Central Bank of Ireland is enough assurance that your money is safe with the institution. Based on AvaTrade customer reviews, being an Irish company increase the confidence of people to deal with the institution.


AvaTrade, previously known as AvaFX, is a company that deals with the provision of CFDs brokerage services and online forex trade. The Dublin-based company offers its services in several areas that include EFTs, Bitcoin, Equity, bonds, and commodities. Due to the provision of genuine services, the company has experienced a lot of growth since its foundation in 2006. Today, it operates more than 200,000 accounts from different parts of the world.


Besides being headquartered in Dublin Ireland, it has offices in places like Paris, Mongolia, Shanghai China, Nigeria and Sydney among others. The company has given a lot of focus to customer satisfaction. It can be accessed five days for 24 hours through the online platform. Most importantly, the support staff is comprised of people who can speak a variety of languages to ensure that effective communication is maintained all around the globe.

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Hussain Sajwani the DAMAC Owner Establishes a Strong Presence in Real Estate

You have heard of rigorous stories regarding the real estate business and how you can succeed in the industry. Perhaps you have also heard that those who are in the real estate industry have dealt with challenging market shifts and shares in different aspects of the same business. Therefore, if you want to invest in real estate, you must familiarize yourself with some of the challenges posed in the industry. For instance, in 2008, the real estate market in Dubai suffered a significant setback characterized by plunging property shares alongside a slash of jobs in companies that deal with property development. In such moments, a real estate developer needs to be brave by emulating the likes of Hussain Sajwani who suffered in that same setback. Perhaps it is critical to note that Sajwani the DAMAC owner was always passionate about business from a tender age. Still working close to his father, he dedicated most of his time to attend to clients in the best possible ways.


The Beginning of his Career

Sajwani, the DAMAC owner, grew up in the Middle East. While he worked with his father at his shop, he also had personal dreams to achieve. Therefore, at that moment, he developed some passion for formal career and decided to enroll for education at Baghdad. While he majored in medicine, Sajwani changed his interests and decided to move to America where he joined the Washington University for a bachelor’s degree in economics then later on engineering. When he was school, the DAMAC owner showed some interests in creating strong relationships with like-minded individuals. Therefore when it was graduation time, he was ready to join the job industry. Thereafter, the DAMAC owner found a job at GASCO, an oil company in Abu Dhabi.


Starting his Business

After a few years into the employment industry, Hussain Sajwani decided to start a business in the sector of hospitality. Therefore, he ventured into food catering where he served more than 1 million clients annually. Seeing that he was good at what he does, he decided to start DAMAC Properties. Currently, the business is ranked a leading real estate company in Dubai. Moreover, over the years, DAMAC Properties has developed into one admirable company that supplies luxury products to its clients.


Surviving the Crash

However, like any other business, DAMAC Properties suffered a setback when the 2008 market crash claimed millions from real estate investors. Moreover, Hussain Sajwani the DAMAC owner was one of the people who was primarily affected. For that reason, he remembered his father’s teachings about patience and dedication. Similarly, he was tempted to give up. However, the DAMAC owner gave his best to the business by instigating viable business strategies that would later on work well for DAMAC Properties.

The Oxford Club Shares Its Wealth of Investing Knowledge

The Oxford Club’s fourth investing principle is keeping expenses to a minimum. Most people do not realize how much money they lose when they put their capital into a mutual fund that charges front-end and back-end loads.

But that’s not the only trap investors must avoid. Taxes are a major problem. That’s why the Oxford Club pays particular attention to tax avoidance strategies. That is, legally incurring as few taxes as possible. They advise their members to take full advantage of tax-deferred retirement options. They also advise members to hold investments for at least a year before selling, so they pay the lower long-term capital gains tax rates on their profits. That is one of the secrets to Warren Buffett’s success. He says his favorite holding time is forever because he doesn’t like to incur taxes by selling his winners. He will sell losers to cut his losses, but only when he has to. He’s so successful because he is the idea long-term investor, and that keeps a lot of money inside Berkshire Hathaway instead of the IRS.

And when you do incur capital losses by selling a stock on which you failed to make money, you can put that to good use to offset a capital gain. The Club explains that strategy to its members.

A few expenses are inevitable, but the article points out if you keep your expense ratio down to 0.3% and minimize your tax requirements, that can add 4% to your annual returns. That may sound small, but over 20 years it means the difference between $386,000 and $806,000. That’s a lot, and yet it’s what most investors give up to help their brokers and the Internal Revenue Service.

The Oxford Club has over 157,000 members around the world. They publish emails and newsletters, hold symposiums and even host overseas excursions.

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Navigating Roberto Santiago’s Mall On Black Friday

When it comes to special days and events, malls can be really full. This is especially the case when it comes to Black Friday. However, Black Friday has turned out to be very empty for stores. There are many reasons for this. One of the reasons is that many people have decided that they want to shop online as opposed to going to a store and fighting through all of the crowds. Another reason is that Black Friday deals have been distributed all throughout the month of November as opposed to all in one day. Therefore, people have taken advantage of the deals that were available to them and the stores have gotten all of their sales anyway.


These days, it is important for any establishment that wants a crowd to step its game up. It is becoming increasingly important to give the customer a reason to visit the establishment. After all, humans are going to look for the most logical solution. If they can get what the need from home, then there is very little reason to actually go to a store to try to get the item. In this case, it is important for the physical establishments to focus on other reasons for going to the store.


One example of an establishment that has managed to draw a crowd on Black Friday is Roberto Santiago’s Manaira Shopping. For one thing, people always get a unique experience when visiting the mall. This experience goes beyond finding new products and paying for them. People actually get to enjoy the environment and make an event out of their day. Every visit to Manaira Shopping is worth remembering.


For people that are looking for a place to do Christmas shopping, Manaira Shopping is one of the best places to be because it is a one stop shop for people who are buying presents. It doesn’t matter the variety of gifts that one person is going to have to get, he does not have to drive around looking for a store or an establishment that has that gift. He can just walk to the nearest store.


Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping: The Best Place to Shop in Brazil

One of the famous landmarks in the streets of Joao Pessoa is Manaira Shopping Mall. This business venture is owned by Roberto Santiago, a very successful Brazilian investor. The development of this mall was commissioned in 1987, and was completed after two years. This mall is classified as leisure and entertainment hub because of the top-level serves offered there. Apart from fun and entertainment, Manaira Shopping is the place where you will enjoy world-class shopping experience. It is one of the largest malls in the entire state. In fact, customers spend the entire day at the mall because almost everything is available there.


There are numerous venues at Manaira Shopping, which makes it a perfect place for families to enjoy calm and comfort whenever they visit the city. The entertainment venues include movie hall, Domus Hall, gaming area and kids’ section. The movie theaters have advanced machines and equipment to provide unmatched movie experience. There are 3D and VIP rooms as well as a stadium concept. The bar section at the movie theater offers snacks and drinks to customers. The electronic amusement park has more than 200 devices installed in an area of approximately 1800sq meters. The gourmet area is perfect for individuals who want to surprise their loved ones with tranquility moments. There is a steak house and a food court serving all sorts of meals from fast food to executive dining.


The Domus Hall is another venue at the roof of Manaira Shopping. It was an addition that was completed in 2009. The hall has capacity to accommodate nearly 10,000 fans, 4,000 of them seated comfortably. Modern equipment and machines are installed in this hall in order provide thrilling moments to fans. To avoid disrupting other activities within the mall, sound limiting devices are installed at the hall. In addition, there are adequate air conditioning systems to regulate air circulation. Different private and public events are held at Domus Hall such as live performance, meetings, graduation ceremony, wedding and others.


Roberto Santiago’s Goals


As an experienced businessman, Roberto Santiago is committed to ensure his customers continue to enjoy world-class services whenever they visit Manaira Shopping. He has achieved great success because of his hard word and passion. Roberto is a role model to many upcoming entrepreneurs who admire his accomplishments. His advice to young entrepreneurs is to make their business ideas a reality if they want to succeed.


After graduating with degree in Business Administration, Roberto Santiago ventured into the business world, where he operated a small cafeteria. Later, he invested in a cartonage producing firm, where he amassed savings which enable him to purchase a large piece of land where Manaira Shopping is located. Since then, Roberto Santiago has become a famous businessman in Joao Pessoa.


Whitney Wolfe Says That Dating Apps Are No Longer Taboo

Whitney Wolfe has ventured into giving dating Apps a new name that is different from the former one. Formally, Dating Apps were viewed as taboo, they were associated with desperate people who had lacked mates in life and had resorted to the sites. Still, some other people associated the dating sites with psychos who were out to abuse other people, but not anymore.

Since the introduction of Bumble App by Whitney Wolfe, and Tinder App, which she also co- founded, people accept the dating apps more. Bumble is not only used for dating purposes but also for general relationships. When a person relocates to a new location, they then use Bumble to locate new friends and make the new location less lonely. Still, Bumble helps women who no longer get married in their early twenties to bond with each other as they await appropriate mates. Besides that, Whitney Wolfe realized that there are equally many single mothers who can easily hook up on Google and share topics such as parenting tips.

Whitney Wolfe wants to take Bumble App to another level as she introduces a physical space in New York. The space will be called the Hive and all people, who have been using the Bumble brand, will be allowed to couple up and socialize in the space. Moreover, the site will also hold more meetings that will impact people’s social lives. Some of the scheduled meetings are related to topics on relationships, style, fashion as well as healthy living. Moreover, Whitney Wolfe also intends to introduce the BumbleBizz, which will focus on helping people in their economic and professional affairs.

Whitney Wolfe
The top 30 under 30 star, Whitney Wolfe, is simply the source of woman power. Whitney Wolfe focuses on enabling the woman to take her power back. She helps her enjoy a rich life from all perspectives.

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Boraie Development LLC, Revitalizing the New Brunswick, New Jersey Skyline

A 17-story residential high-rise that features luxury living conditions is taking shape in New Brunswick, New Jersey. The Aspire, as it is named, will offer among its amenities, a community kitchen with a lounge, a rooftop patio, and garden, a green roof, on-site parking, a state of the art fitness and yoga center all with a doorman on duty 24/7.

This new edifice which is being built to the tune of $77.2 million could not have happened, said Omar Boraie of Boraie Development, without the help of the EDA’s Urban Transit Hub Program and the New Jersey Housing and Mortgage Financing Agency. As little as 15 years ago New Brunswick was much more of a transient town but now it is a more sophisticated. Check out Central Jersey Working Moms for the details.

Their Aspire leasing office will not open until the end of the month, but already there has been a huge response from potential tenants which are willing to pay $2,800 a month for a two-bedroom apartment. Their architect firm, Costas Kondylis & Partners has also designed all the Trump buildings in New York, and they expect the tenants of these luxury living quarters to be the who’s who of the New Brunswick area.

The Boraie Development, LLC, for 30 years or more has worked to enhance the urban neighborhoods in New Jersey. Their investment strategy in these communities has an intrinsic value due to redevelopment activities. Boarie Development is not just about building rental units, but also develops properties with mixed use potential by building retail buildings. Moreover, Boarie offers leasing, property management services, accounting, and maintenance.

They are in partnership with Shaquille O’Neal which has enabled them to develop residential and commercial real estate in Newark and other areas of New Jersey. An old theater building in Newark has been turned into the CityPlex 12. They also built a new residential $60 million housing tower in the downtown area of Newark that is the first new housing to be developed in that area in fifty years. There is a large retail complex being built in Atlantic City as well as more developments in New Jersey.

According to NJ Biz, Omar Boraie has had for over 40 years a vision of New Brunswick becoming a thriving metropolis, even though people thought he was crazy. They have been debased of that idea with the building of a twenty-five story condominium which is the tallest building in New Brunswick with 121 rental units, 10,000 square feet of retail spaces, 40,000 square feet given over to office spaces and a parking area with 400 spaces.

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Cotemar Mexico a Global Leader

COTEMAR provides valuable services to Petroleos Mexicanos in the form of offshore oil fields, this company uses specialized vessels providing security and quality services meeting the extraordinary needs and expectations of all clients.


Making a huge contribution to the gas and oil industry in both Mexico and abroad, Cotemar was established in 1979. This company provides so many services to the Mexican oil industry, as well as a number of services to oil giants around the globe, making this “100% Mexican company” a truly global leader. Providing services to maritime vessels, construction, maintenance and engineering.


Cotemar, Mexico has values that are driven by their mission to provide the very best in state of the art services to the oil industry around the globe, as well as sustaining global participation in the production process. As well as with having a strong value system for excellence, the company has a quantity of manpower that is trained and skilled in the field of offshore oil and gas industry.


What is it like to work for Cotemar? Employees are made to feel as though they are part of a giant team. Employee’s must have the ability to adapt well when assigned to unusual situations or working conditions. Hard work does not go unrewarded, with the ability to promote to leadership positions available. One other important thing to remember, for all employees, as with any place one may work it is always the best practice to keep the lines of communication open. That goes from the laborer working in the field all the way to the CEO in the top office position. Excellent communication is always what makes a company and its employees thrive for years to come.


Cotemar Mexico seems to have all the right stuff and makings to continue their reputation of being a global leader in the offshore oil and gas markets.


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How Sam Has Transformed the Boraie developments Real Estate Company

Boraie development is an established real estate company that has been conducting business in New Jersey for decades. In the endeavor to take the real estate industry to new heights, Sam Boraie has changed the way this company conducts business. While Boraie was renowned for luxury residential condominiums a few decades ago, Sam has introduced a couple of changes. The onset of mixed-use apartments that have residential and commercial units have brought considerable changes in this company. While developing the community as a whole. By the end of 2013, Boraie developments completed the construction of a movie theater in New Brunswick, which can be found on Bloomberg. New Brunswick offers plenty of opportunities for real estate development. Sam Boraie is skilled in various fields that include planning and real estate management. Besides the Newark project, Boraie has also embarked on other projects in the Atlantic City. The tower at the Atlantic City has over three hundred housing units and plenty of retail space, in a report by PRNewsWire. In addition to the shops, the commercial section has several offices. Investing in this apartment gives you an opportunity to change your lifestyle. The Atlantic Tower enables the homeowners to live, work, and play in a safe and serene environment.

Newark project

When Shaquille O’Neal began his philanthropic journey, he approached Sam Boraie in the quest to forge a joint venture and give back to the Newark community. Both Shaquille O’Neal and Sam Boraie are renowned philanthropists who look forward to helping their respective communities to fight poverty. Both parties agreed to develop the Newark project in a manner that suits the local community. The main concept was to include a couple of features that suit the public. These features include amphitheaters, public plazas, parks, playgrounds, and movie theaters. Most importantly, Sam Boraie and Shaquille O’Neal raised over $60 million dollars in the quest to develop this exciting project. The Newark masterplan demonstrates that innovation can make a great impact in any urban development.

Urban design concepts

According to NY Times, a good urban development is only as good as its design. Urban designers understand that you cannot design a condominium in isolation, especially in a prime urban area. As such, Boraie developments see the urban condominiums as part of the large urban district, meaning that this approach is vital to the success of the project. With such urban design concepts, Sam Boraie has guaranteed the security of Newark and Atlantic City by addressing the problems that plague these towns. Some of the problems that Sam Boraie seeks to resolve include:

  • Urban sprawl
  • Deserted zones
  • Vacant houses
  • Insecurity
  • Poor infrastructure

The Elijah’s promise

Despite his busy schedule, Sam Boraie finds time for philanthropy. As a key member of the Elijah’s Promise, Sam spearheads the provision of food to thousands of hungry people. The quest to fight poverty and liberate his community is also evident in his work.

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