Sheldon Lavin Apologizes For Husi Meat Incident

Sheldon Lavin, the Chairman, owner, and CEO of OSI Group apologized in one of his statements about the company subsidiary, Husi Food Co., accused of trading expired products in China restaurants. OSI Group, a food processing company headquartered in Aurora, Illinois, specializes in distributing meat products in major restaurants globally and one of its distributors in China faced an allegation about selling expired poultry and beef. Husi Food Co. supplied the products to KFC, Dicos, McDonald’s and Pizza Nut in China who later stopped purchasing from the company.

CEO’s Statement

According to Sheldon Lavin, foods supplied by Husi Food Co., based in Shanghai, China, entailed repackaging the products from outdated packets to falsely expiration dates packets. OSI Group CEO termed the activity as entirely unacceptable from the employees and spoke openly about condemning it. He apologized on behalf of his company OSI Group and Husi to all customers in China and around the world and promised such instances would never occur again. Growing from a local food processing company to a large multinational firm, he remains determined to operate without scandals in all his facilities.

As a devoted leader, he mentioned that he immediately sent a team of qualified individuals to Shanghai to conduct a thorough investigation concerning the incident. The team from OSI Group headquarters and the local staff were expected to provide exceptional results; hence eradication of such instances in the future. About their new facility in Henan and other facilities in China, the company owner stated that he is proud that the incident only affected one company while others remained approved to operate in the country.

About Sheldon Lavin

Sheldon Lavin is the current executive officer, Chairman and owner of OSI Group which operates worldwide. He is also the director at Northeast Bank located in Lewiston, Maine, and the President and director at The Sheba Foundation, a private community organization based in Israel. Despite the incident at Husi Food Co. in China, he received a Global Visionary Award from India’s Vision World Academy held on February 2016 in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India. Besides, he worked in the field of finance before venturing into the food industry currently operating in over sixty locations in sixteen countries.

Mathew Fleeger Making a Difference in the Oil and Gas Industry

Gulf Coast Western, LLC at the oil and gas general partnerships they are the managing venture, also referred to as joint ventures. Together they are combining the talent, experience, the focus to explore, resources so that they can acquire and develop oil and gas reserved in the Gulf Coast region all over the United States. More specifically, they are paying attention to the geological and geophysical advantage together with the use of functional developed structures. As a result, Gulf Coast Western is on the lookout for enterprises that will offer them with the potential return, and for their participating partners, they provide quantified downside.

At the company, Mathew Fleeger is the CEO and the president. The success of the company is because of their open and transparent relationships they ensure to maintain with their partners. Also, in building the relationship they work on trust and respect for each other needs. On the who’s who of business professionals, Mathew Fleeger is on the list. Currently, in his position, he is gaining the recognition of being the best in the oil and gas business, tanning industries, and waste management. Also, Mathew is well known because of his competence when it comes to team building, strategic planning, entrepreneurial abilities, and contract negotiation.

Before his current role, at the MedSolutions Inc, he is the founder. The company deals with the transportation, treatment, and disposal of medical waste used by healthcare companies. At the company, he worked there for 13 years as the CEO and president. Later he sold the company to Stericycle. In the tanning industry, he helped in founding two companies that gained $100 million of revenue when combined. Mather attended Southern Methodist University where he obtained his degree in business administration. To get the marketing and finance experience Mathew had to take the positions in the oil and gas companies.


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Mr. Sergey Petrossov And The JetSmarter Company

Mr. Sergey Petrossov is the CEO and Founder of JetSmarter business located in Boca Raton, Florida. Mr. Petrossov has also co-founded the Federal System of Distance Education and before this was both the co-founder and Vise-President of Business Development for the Live Contact company from 2006 up until 2009. The JetSmarter company offers people around the world a smarter way to fly giving people the chance to book flights at non-member rates. JetSmarter allows people to choose their aircraft, the number of seats you will need, when you want to fly, all at a low-price guaranteed. Compared to more traditional charters, one can save literally thousands of dollars when coming on with JetSmarter.

JetSmarter offers convenient but yet private, shared jet services with some of the best-in-class flight support. JetSmarter is today a billion-dollar business that is backed by Wayne Chang and Jay-Z. Sergey Petrossov and his family immigrated from the country of Russia when he was a young boy and as time went on soon Sergey Petrossov adopted a passion to succeed and a strong work ethic. While he was enrolled at the University of Florida, Mr. Sergey Petrossov became very interested in computer science and technology and soon after, his love for technology began to flourish.

Petrossov’s technological expertise was extremely profound in a different project that he co-founded which provided distance learning services and education to Russian-speaking schools in Eastern Europe. Oddly enough, after Sergey Petrossov’s first attempt to try and book a private jet himself, Petrossov quickly arrived at the smart concept of starting the very successful JetSmarter company. Sergey put together a professional team of individuals from BMW, NASA, and Nokia and soon after the JetSmarter Application was released to the worldwide market in March of 2013. Founder and CEO of a private jet services company, Mr. Sergey Petrossov has what it takes to lead a successful jet business.

Paul Mampilly on Business Trends To Watch in 2019

Paul Mampilly is an investment analyst and author who focus his writings on helping ordinary American citizens grow wealth in the technology sector and small-cap stocks. Mampilly joined Banyan Hill publishers in 2016. At Banyan Mampilly is the author of the profits unlimited newsletter and True momentum among others. Paul Mampilly immediately after college started his career at Wall Street where he created a name for himself as one of the best portfolio managers, researcher, and investment analyst. Mampilly has a fantastic ability to change small investments into fortunes.

As an experienced investment analyst, Paul Mampilly has already made New Year observations and has provided investors with some few businesses trends to watch come 2019. Paul Mampilly has projected that in 2019 businesses will have to adapt to the evolving consumer needs. Many small startups are becoming successful within a short time because of their personalized marketing techniques. Big companies are also expected to adapt to the customized marketing technique if they still want to remain in business. Mampilly predicts that all companies because of the ever-changing clients must focus on cultivating interactions and creating relationships with customers. Mampilly suggests that big companies should now start thinking like small companies. Firms should now focus on producing products based customer’s feedback and wants. Also due to increased technological advancement, big companies should focus on manufacturing new products as opposed to relying on existing products that have been rendered obsolete by technology.

Another area that investors should focus on in 2019 according to Paul Mampilly is voice search. Voice search in recent years has become trendy with firms like Google and Amazon investing in the industry. Voice search Paul Mampilly says it will soon replace the conventional text means of searching for information. It, therefore, means that the algorithms process of searching for data will change affecting businesses that were used to the text type of searching. Companies that will realize this change and faster adapt to it will do a lot better as compared to those that will be stuck in the past. Voice search, in addition, will require greater technological investments in AI and voice recognition software. Mampilly advises investors to invest in voice recognition companies as the industry will soon take off.

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Nick Vertucci Line of Work

Nick Vertucci comes from a humble background. But this did not discourage him from making his dreams a reality. He was devastated after his father’s death, and he was still ten years old. Vertucci decided to work hard a make a good life out of himself and also to others. The road to success for Nick Vertucci has not been an easy task; he has invested a lot of money in business only to fail. For instance, in 2000 the dot-com bubble liquidated a lot of Vertucci`s investments hence living him homeless. He did not give up as he later invested in the NV Real estate sector that with time proliferated earning him a lot of wealth. In 2014, Nick Vertucci launched NVREA institution with a motive to train other investors to succeed in the real estate investment business. He wanted to create a generation of real estate investors who are well prepared to practice honesty and openness.

NVREA has a team of experts to train all interested parties through theory and practical’s where they go to the field and learn how the real estate business operates. The primary policies that govern this training follow the blueprints of Nick Vertucci. There are four main steps which learners are taught as they are essential in Real estate investment. See it, this involves seeing the final product by setting goals for any business. Believe it; this requires self-inspiration that you can achieve all the set goals hence work very hard towards them. Map it; this involves setting an organized plan and making the necessary implementation procedures which are executed to ensure that all the set goals are achieved.

Nick Vertucci encourages all investors to follow these steps as they are assured of success. They can borrow a loan from banks to invest and earn much profit.