Amicus Therapeutics- On the Forefront of Combating Rare Diseases

Biotechnology is combating Rare Diseases like Fabry and Epidermolysis and Amicus Therapeutics is leading the charge. For a Patient with a rare Diagnosis like Pompe Disease anxiety about treatment options and difficulty understanding what is happening to your body is very common. Amicus Therapeutics addresses these concerns with their unmatched patient education, comprehensive Research and Development and clinical partnerships with some of the most highly respected Medical Institutions all achieved while consulting with Health Care Providers, Patients, and Families. International expansion and Development has this company primed to provide great treatment to the patients who need it most.

One of the First questions that patients have when being told they have a rare disease is often what is that exactly and can it be treated? Amicus Therapeutics provides patients, their families, and Health Care Providers with information to explain what these diseases are and how they may be treated, with easy to understand Diagrams and Clear illustration the provider is better enabled to explain these highly complex disease processes in way patient can understand.

With a Mission Statement Created by the employees of Amicus Therapeutics which demands of themselves nothing less than to Fight with and for the advancement of treatment options for Rare an Orphan diseases, “to Support the disease community- and their families” and to not let themselves be boxed in by their thinking, it is apparent that Amicus Therapeutics is standing by its Promise as treatment of Fabry with its Galafold ™, Sd-101 for Epidermolysis Bullosa and ATB200/AT2221 for Pompeo Disease work their way through the Development and Production phases. This mission statement is held accountable by the employees but also by the public as Amicus Therapeutics holds itself to a very high standard of transparency following Disclosure guidelines of The European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations (EFPIA) despite not being a member.

As a Global Company with Facilities in 7 countries (United States, United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, France, Spain, Netherlands) (  Amicus Therapeutics has expanded to become one of the most diverse Biotechnology Companies and with continued advances in treatment and international collaboration will continue to be industry leader in Biotechnology and the Treatment of Rare and Orphan Diseases.

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