Robert Ivy; Gracing The List Of Recipients Of Lifetime Achievement Award

A lifetime achievement award refers to the ultimate award conferred to a professional to celebrate a career not only in a single accomplishment. With that said, there are plenty of lifetime achievement awards that have been granted to different professionals under various categories. Most importantly, the lifetime achievement award has been conferred to scientists, artists in addition to authors and actresses. Also, it has been awarded to people working in the industries affiliated with the stated sectors. What is perhaps common with the lifetime achievement award is that it is only awarded to people who have proven to be worthy of the award through exuding confidence in service delivery. Robert Ivy is one such successful individual who has made it to the list of the recipients of lifetime achievement award.

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Robert Ivy recently made it to the list of lifetime achievement award recipients. Dated 2016, the award was conferred to him based on his contributions in the industry of architecture. Ivy has had the luxury to build a successful career as an architect. In the perspective of his colleagues, he deserved the award because he earned it. Well, his first appearance in public dates back to when he landed a job as the chief editor of the prestigious Architectural Record in McGraw Hill. Thanks to his input, the newsletter received great awards, eventually, earning a leading spot as a major architectural guide in the world. In addition to this achievement, Mr. Ivy played a pivotal role in targeting the Easter Asia and China audiences with the publications according to As a result, some of the densely populated areas within the mentioned places exploded with positive feedback.

After serving at Mcgraw Hill, Robert Ivy successfully sought employment at the prestigious American Institute of Architects. He has since served as the CEO and is in charge of transforming the firm’s public image by injecting positive publicity into its operations. Following his dedication to growing this firm, Ivy has rightfully earned his position as the first architect to receive the Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement award.

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