Nathaniel Ru: Hitting the Sweet Buttons with Sweetgreen

Founded in 2007 by former classmates with a strong entrepreneurial family background, Sweetgreen has adopted an operational strategy that has seen carved out a name for itself in hospitality industry as one of the leading food chains in the United States. The high-end salad chain has developed unique recipes that resonate with its client base. Their salads are not only healthy; they are fresh and the ingredients are locally sourced. The final right key the salads hit is the organic key; all the salads sold at the 40 outlets of the salad chain are made from organically grown ingredients. They are also organically prepared to give them an authentic organic taste that keeps their clients walking through the doors frequently for a bite.


However, Sweetgreen’s success is founded on more than recipes that resonates with the clients. The management team made of cofounders and co-chief executive officers Nathaniel Ru, Nicholas Jammet and Jonathan Neman has adopted innovative and revolutionary management philosophy that has kept their employee base highly motivated. The executive officers lack a main office as they do not believe in the concept of corporate headquarters. Therefore, work from two coastal locations in a bicoastal management strategy that has played a key role in the chain’s success. They also dedicate five days annually to working in the restaurants in person. They close their corporate offices during the period. They have merged technology into the company’s DNA. The company has a mobile application, which is used by up to 30 percent of clients to transact with the restaurant chain dedicated to healthy eating.


Entrepreneurial Endeavors


Nathaniel Ru is a serial investment with interests in a wide range of investment options that extends beyond the hotel and hospitality industry. His first forays in investment came in 2007 when he partnered with two of his classmates to found a salad bar dedicated to health eating close to their campus. With shrewd management and innovative management strategies the trio has transformed it into a reputable salad chain with up to 40 outlets serving trademark high-end salads.


Armed with his Bachelor of Science degree in Finance he received from Georgetown University’s McDonough School Business and buoyed by the success of Sweetgreen, Mr. Ru and his co-founders and co-executive diversified their investment portfolio to include Sweetlife launched in 2010. The food and music festival has grown in stature and attracts thousands of people. He is also a principal at SWTLF Ventures. He has invested in various companies including MeUndies, LOLA and EatPops among others.

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Alexandre Gama Takes Control of The Advertising Industry

Neogama is one of Brazil’s top advertising agencies when it comes to winning awards and receiving recognitions. The communications and advertising company was founded in 1999 by Alexandre Gama. Gama was born and raised in Brazil and has done a lot to contribute to Brazilian business culture. He holds two degree’s, in communications and advertising, both from the Armando Alvarez Penteado Foundation. In 1988, Alexandre Gama landed his first job in the advertising field. Since then, he has built a business, art show, music project and company.

Within Alexandre Gama’s many successes, he has won a variety of awards. His company Neogama was the first company in existence to win a Lion from the Cannes Festival in their first year of operation. His company also won two additional Lions in a single year, but in two different categories. This is the first time a Brazilian company has managed to do so. In 2007 Alexandre Gama was named one of the seven most important and influential business professionals. He was also awarded the title Agency Director of The Year for his role at Neogama. About a year later, he was recognized as entrepreneur of the year and was elected a top leader in communications. He is also one of the first Latin American to teach a class at the Cannes Festival.

In addition to all his awards from his advertising work, Alexandre Gama found success in other artistic fields. Gama held his own exhibition at the Brazilian Art Museum in 2014. His one of a kind show lasted two months and was even marked as cultural event on the countries event calendar. That same year, Gama created VIOLAB. It is an unique music project ment to showcases Brazilian artists. With all of his recognitions, Gama is now one of six members who sit on a global board of creative directors.

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Kate Hudson’s Fabletics May Have Amazon on the Ropes

Amazon has been enjoying the success of being the top retailer for women’s apparel online for years. There are numerous clothing companies over the years that have tried to take a bite of the 20 percent market share Amazon has in this area, but none have been able to budge this giant from that perch. It appears that Kate Hudson’s Fabletics has a plan in place to not only catch Amazon, but to pass them in this apace and become the top selling retail for high-quality women’s active-wear. In the last years, you only need to look at the numbers to see Fabletics is pulling in over $250 in sales with no signs of slowing.


Hudson spoke as to the success of her company, and surprisingly it came down to just a few key components. The success of Fabletics was due in part to the rewarding membership plan and a sales process known as reverse showrooming. She explains the success in the way buyers shop and purchase, all starting in the Fabletics store in the local mall. At the mall stores, women are free to look at all the latest pieces of active-wear, apply for the free membership, take the Lifestyle Quiz, or try on as many of the pieces of workout apparel as they like. This no pressure approach is refreshing, and many women will leave the retail store without making a purchase.


How could a women’s clothing company on the same space as Amazon do $250 in sales without customers buying at the store?


The understand the magic in the Kate Hudson’s Fabletics success story, we continue watching these women who left the store but eventually wind up shopping online at the Fabletics website. Since these women have tried on numerous pieces of active-wear in the mall, as a member, these pieces all get added to the online store profile. Knowing the apparel already fits perfectly, these women find it easier to buy those pieces in different colors, shop for new arrivals, or search for pieces based on that size because the online inventory is that much greater. These women wind up buying more than they would in the mall, and they are racking up huge numbers for Kate Hudson’s Fabletics.


Women who have the Fabletics membership enjoy free shipping with online orders, lower pricing on apparel online, and even the assistance of a personal shopper. Kate Hudson’s Fabletics has discovered a success formula that is putting everyone in this space on notice.

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Duda Melzer making the Brazilian Economy Grow through His Company

In an article on Acaert, after serving as the director of the National Marketing and also the Vice-president of the RBS Group, Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer was named the CEO of the company in 2016. Now, Duda Melzer, as he is commonly known, is in control of the different facets of the RBS Group that includes 18 TV stations, 24 top radio stations in the country along with eight newspapers. The company has it’s headquarter at Porto Alegre, and the company aims to expand its offerings under the leadership of Melzer.

According to Globo, the RBS Group is one of the top media group in the South of Brazil that runs all the major TV and the radio stations in the region. The company was built in 1957 by the grandfather of Duda Melzer and has since become one of the most successful family businesses in the history of Brazil. Duda had the opportunity to learn about the business from the very best. His grandfather, Mauricio Sirotsky Sobrinho has helped him gain interest in the media industry. After working alongside his uncle, Nelson Sirotsky, for many years, he has gained first-hand experience in running the company.

Even during the recession, the RBS Group had little effect on its business. The company has been fighting for the truth and have exposed many irregularities in the Brazilian government policies. This has helped the company gain loyal viewership. The company has managed to get a profit of $500 million in 2016, and it was when the Brazilian economy shrunk by three percent. It is to be seen how the company performs under the leadership of their newest CEO.

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Avaaz Fights Global Corruption And Human Rigths Abuses In An Independent Way

The Avaaz group has always guarded its independence from political and financial interference fiercely since it was established in 2007 and began a new era in activism for many people in the 21st century. Upon its establishment the group that has made its name fighting a range of global issues, including the fight over climate change, human rights abuses, and a wide ranging interest in battling corruption, has always avoided falling into the trap of allowing wealthy donors and corporations drive its political direction; instead, the group began life funded by its founding members and now accepts only grassroots donations of $5,000 or less to ensure its future freedoms.

There are many areas of interest the Avaaz group of activists has taken up in recent years and won a number of stunning victories; Avaaz believes there is little point in fighting for a change in society if there is in planet to live on and has developed many interests in the battle against climate change. The fight over climate change has been coupled with a campaign to protect the bee population across the planet from a reduction in numbers that would be devastating to the future of the planet.

As much of the work of Avaaz is based on Internet based technologies, the group is always looking to protect Internet privacy and limit the censorship being fought for by many governments across the planet. In many areas of the world Avaaz has been seeking to aid in the fight to protect many different groups who are fighting to expose governmental corruption, such as those battling against the issues faced in Brazil. The quick response of Avaaz to many different issues facing the world has led to the group becoming a major force when a humanitarian crisis occurs, such as the European refugee crisis of 2016 that saw Avaaz become a force for campaigning for a humane approach to be taken by government agencies across Europe and beyond.

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Finding Relief From Chronic Lung Disease

There are variety of lung diseases affecting our populous today ranging from COPD, Pulmonary Fibrosis, Emphysema, and Chronic Bronchitis, to name a few. There are many looking for relief from these diseases and there is a great desire for an improvement within quality of life for those suffering from these chronic ailments. Those searching for answers might just have one. The Lung Institute has been providing relief to patients through stem cell therapy for many years. They remain one of the leading treatment centers for pulmonary diseases.

Stem cell therapy is a unique treatment that uses the patient’s own stem cells found within blood or bone marrow samples taken from the individual. The stem cells are separated from other cells within the sample and then re -administered to the patient. The Lung Institute has developed its own protocol for this treatment. According to the PR Web, the process is a three day time period and all outpatient services. It is a very noninvasive procedure and recommended at any level of disease. The goal of The Lung Institute in Cedars-Sinai is to address more than just the symptoms of these diseases, but also their progression. The effect provided by the stem cells is a natural process with minimal side effects that vastly improve quality of life for those suffering with lung disease. The stem cells provide natural healing properties and a reduction in inflammation within the affected area. If you or your loved ones are searching for relief, The Lung Institute may be able to help.

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Wild Ark

It’s no secret that the vast majority of the population at some point in their life have dreamed of traveling the world and discovering as many of it’s hidden gems as one can in a lifetime. With the world being as vast and boundless as it is, finding a great travel destination is an easy task to accomplish with just a little effort. Specifically those that are eco-conscious and conservation centered.


Sadly, over the years as humanity has become more advanced a large part of our wonderful world is being decimated and forgotten. The part I speak of is the untamed wild. Arguably considered the most serene part of our world. At the rate wildlife is disappearing due to our own negligence generations soon to come will be completely out of touch with nature with no chance of reconnection.


Hopefully if people are more educated about the wild they will take a more passionate interest in protecting it. Luckily people like Mark and Sophie Hutchinson have dedicated a large part of their lives to doing just that. Together the couple founded Wild Ark, a conservation center accurately defined as a movement for the wild. Wild Ark is all about education people and inspiring them to protect wildlife.


Wild Ark travel guarantees a wildlife trip full of fun learning and adventure that won’t be easily forgotten. It’s definitely a trip you can bring the whole family along for. Almost none of this world’s wild places are off limits. Each Wild Ark destination is as exciting as the next. On top of that, each destination is a major help to conservation efforts in that particular area, making sure the ecosystem is protected and sustained to the best of the wildlife center’s staff abilities.


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Traveling Vineyard Brings Fun To Careers

When one is asked to describe work with one word, the one word that they are least likely to use is fun. However, fun is exactly what describes working with Traveling Vineyard. For one thing, people are basically paid to party and take part in events. The fun that wine guides have comes with a responsibility. For one thing, they have to know about the different types of wine they are presenting to the public. They also have to be ready to answer the questions that are thrown their way adequately and confidently. They also have to be humble and willing to listen.

Fortunately, there are leaders that are willing to train new members in what they have learned about the wines that they have tested and shown to customers. These leaders are very passionate and encourage the same type of passion in others. For one thing, this type of passion is going to bring forth the craving for knowledge in people that have very little knowledge about wine. This is another good thing about Traveling Vineyard. One does not have to already have extensive knowledge about wine in order to be able to take advantage of this lucrative opportunity.

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This is another thing that makes Traveling Vineyard fun. People have a lot of control over when they can work. It can either be a part time job to supplement the income of people, or it could be a full time job that people can support themselves and their families off of. One good thing about being a wine guide is that people can make more money than they make on their regular jobs. On top of that, they get to have a lot of fun doing so. This brings them a greater sense of fulfillment as well as confidence.

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Madison Street Capital, Offering Financial Research To Businesses All Over The World

Investment banking is one of the most sought after career paths, with numerous people and companies in need of the services that such companies provide. Madison Street Capital is one company that has quite an impact on the world of real estate, with the numerous services that it offers its clients. Since it’s establishment, Madison Street Capital has adapted to the different financial situations that the economy has undergone, to be able to stay up to date and offer their best services to their clients. For Madison Street Capital’s reputation is one vital factor that has contributed to the company’s overall success. Madison Street Capital reputation wise, is regarded as one of the best companies who uphold their high standards in their transactions, as well as in the partners they collaborate with.


The main aim of Madison Street Capital is to provide their customers with the best financial advice to make proper and right financial decisions and investments. With the growth of different sectors and with newer companies coming up every day, the right investment opportunities can make a huge difference. Through the years, the company has served an extremely long list of clientele who offer their expertise in the matter of investments. Through their expert advice, Madison Street Capital has helped numerous large companies grow and become the industry leaders they are today. The services that the firm provides range from analysis of the company budget and equity management. Through these services, the advisors analyze the company’s financial aspects and frame solutions accordingly, keeping the company’s best interests in mind.


Madison Street Capital has employed some of the biggest and best names in the world of investment banking, always to give their clients top tier solutions for their benefit. The company mainly operates out of its head office in Chicago, from where they conduct most of its North America based options. However, Madison Street Capital isn’t just limited to the United States. The company also has operations in countries in Africa and Asia, from which it serves its international clients. By having offices in numerous countries, the company has been able to develop a more globalized outlook and solutions to the customers coming from those countries.


The company has conducted their financial research in a variety of fields, right from medicine to automobile development. Through ample research and analysis of current economic conditions and the face of the sector at that given period, they have been able to offer efficient and applicable solutions to their clients.


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The Future of Anesthesiology

Anesthesia services are critical when it comes to medical care. Without these services, making through medical procedures could be excruciating for patients as well as physicians. Anesthesia calms the body down mentally and physically, which allows the physician to perform at an optimum level. One of the top organizations for doing so is right in the U.S. Capital Anesthesiology Association is it’s name and providing the very best in anesthesia services is it’s game. This independent practice is huge as it hosts up to 130 certified registered nurses and up to 80 doctors. Both nurses and doctors are either board certified or they’re in the process of being board certified. This ensures the public that they’ll receive the highest quality of care if need be.

With up to 20 medical facilities in it’s network, Capital Anesthesiology Association covers a broad total area. This includes the facilities of:

Dell Children’s Medical Center

  • Inspire Medical Centre
  • Strictly Pediatrics
  • Texas Surgery Center
  • Texas Orthopedics
  • Brackenridge Hospital
  • Seton Medical center
  • And many more

What other clinical organization can cover this many facilities as efficiently and effectively? By having such a strong passion, added persistence, and the will to succeed, CAA is in a class of it’s own. The future of anesthesiology is in great hands and CAA is leading this progressive charge.