Sergey Petrossov Creates an Uber of the Skies

As anyone who needs to fly on a regular basis can attest the process of booking a flight can be a cumbersome job. From trying to find a great rate, to getting access to the little perks that make the flight more enjoyable, getting in the air is usually the least of the worries of the pending traveler.

Consequently, these tasks are pushed on to less than thrilled assistants or even travel agencies. However, what if a simple membership could gain you access to a great seat on a private jet with like-minded travelers without costing a bundle? This is the question that has been asked and answered by one man, Sergey Petrossov. This inspired young man used his own experience to create a company that would essentially become the Uber of the skies.

Bitten by the entrepreneurial bug early in life Sergey Petrossov made great progress with several smaller ventures, including co-founding a long distance learning platform for Russian educational institutions. However, he hit pay dirt when he digitized the multibillion-dollar industry of private jets, by creating an app for that. JetSmarter was created in 2012 with the thought of making air travel more affordable and accessible to all passengers.

Sergey Petrossov further revolutionized the industry by creating a crowdsourcing practice, allowing members to buy into a membership that allowed passengers to book flights on previously exclusive private jets. This allowed the cost of these flights to be shared among the passengers, rather than having to cover the complete cost oneself.

Just as Uber has an option to share your ride with other passengers, JetSmarter allows you to share your flight. Frankly, it’s about time. Rather than book your next flight trying to use points or navigate around blackout dates, JetSmarter allows you to travel in comfort for less.

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