Kisling Nestico & Redick Heightens the Fight against Road Carnage

Many drivers undergo various obstruction when driving. Some causes of the distractions include adjusting the music system, talking to a passenger, answering or making a phone call or texting while driving. Some or all of these dangerous driving distractions cause many road accidents. In Ohio, USA, mailing and texting contribute to almost half of the road accidents annually.

KNR, Kisling, Nestico & Redick, a personal injury law firm in Ohio is always at the front row in the fight against road carnage. The company is the brains behind the KNR Don’t Text & Drive Scholarship. Recently, KNR awarded $5,000 scholarship to one of the winners, 18-year-old Elianna Norin from Hudson. Her proposal of persuading the adult drivers not to text while driving stood out among other 400 applicants.

The law firm vowed to stand with the community in fighting the vice at all costs. Besides, Kisling, Nestico & Redick promised to assist the victims and collaborate with the community to find the solution to the problem. The program would run until April 30, 2020. American citizens in high school or college are free to apply.

Additionally, the applicants must have a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher, and good character. The applicants must fill the application form and attach the supporting documents. A recommendation letter from a faculty member or a teacher is compulsory and the application received by March 31, 2020. The applicants are free to use video, creativity, or any means to convince people to avoid distractive driving.

KNR, Kisling, Nestico, & Redick opened its first office in 2005 through the collaboration of Gary Kisling, Robert Redick, and Rob Nestico. The company has built its brand, home to 30 lawyers and 100 support members. Besides, it grew its operations to 11 offices across Ohio. The company continues to represent its clients and finds time to give back to the community through different charities.

Sheldon Lavin Apologizes For Husi Meat Incident

Sheldon Lavin, the Chairman, owner, and CEO of OSI Group apologized in one of his statements about the company subsidiary, Husi Food Co., accused of trading expired products in China restaurants. OSI Group, a food processing company headquartered in Aurora, Illinois, specializes in distributing meat products in major restaurants globally and one of its distributors in China faced an allegation about selling expired poultry and beef. Husi Food Co. supplied the products to KFC, Dicos, McDonald’s and Pizza Nut in China who later stopped purchasing from the company.

CEO’s Statement

According to Sheldon Lavin, foods supplied by Husi Food Co., based in Shanghai, China, entailed repackaging the products from outdated packets to falsely expiration dates packets. OSI Group CEO termed the activity as entirely unacceptable from the employees and spoke openly about condemning it. He apologized on behalf of his company OSI Group and Husi to all customers in China and around the world and promised such instances would never occur again. Growing from a local food processing company to a large multinational firm, he remains determined to operate without scandals in all his facilities.

As a devoted leader, he mentioned that he immediately sent a team of qualified individuals to Shanghai to conduct a thorough investigation concerning the incident. The team from OSI Group headquarters and the local staff were expected to provide exceptional results; hence eradication of such instances in the future. About their new facility in Henan and other facilities in China, the company owner stated that he is proud that the incident only affected one company while others remained approved to operate in the country.

About Sheldon Lavin

Sheldon Lavin is the current executive officer, Chairman and owner of OSI Group which operates worldwide. He is also the director at Northeast Bank located in Lewiston, Maine, and the President and director at The Sheba Foundation, a private community organization based in Israel. Despite the incident at Husi Food Co. in China, he received a Global Visionary Award from India’s Vision World Academy held on February 2016 in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India. Besides, he worked in the field of finance before venturing into the food industry currently operating in over sixty locations in sixteen countries.

Mathew Fleeger Making a Difference in the Oil and Gas Industry

Gulf Coast Western, LLC at the oil and gas general partnerships they are the managing venture, also referred to as joint ventures. Together they are combining the talent, experience, the focus to explore, resources so that they can acquire and develop oil and gas reserved in the Gulf Coast region all over the United States. More specifically, they are paying attention to the geological and geophysical advantage together with the use of functional developed structures. As a result, Gulf Coast Western is on the lookout for enterprises that will offer them with the potential return, and for their participating partners, they provide quantified downside.

At the company, Mathew Fleeger is the CEO and the president. The success of the company is because of their open and transparent relationships they ensure to maintain with their partners. Also, in building the relationship they work on trust and respect for each other needs. On the who’s who of business professionals, Mathew Fleeger is on the list. Currently, in his position, he is gaining the recognition of being the best in the oil and gas business, tanning industries, and waste management. Also, Mathew is well known because of his competence when it comes to team building, strategic planning, entrepreneurial abilities, and contract negotiation.

Before his current role, at the MedSolutions Inc, he is the founder. The company deals with the transportation, treatment, and disposal of medical waste used by healthcare companies. At the company, he worked there for 13 years as the CEO and president. Later he sold the company to Stericycle. In the tanning industry, he helped in founding two companies that gained $100 million of revenue when combined. Mather attended Southern Methodist University where he obtained his degree in business administration. To get the marketing and finance experience Mathew had to take the positions in the oil and gas companies.


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Article Title: Remarkable Pieces of Advice From Vijay Eswaran

Article Text:

For some people, success may come at the beginning, especially if you are skilled and intelligent. But if it comes too easily, you might not learn at all. One failure that Vijay Eswaran had as an entrepreneur was when he got attached to the results and went beyond what he is actually doing. This made him realize that success definitely won’t happen overnight or right away, he needed to prepare himself for failures and then expect that success will come in between. Vijay Eswaran emphasized that being practical, having common sense, and an exceptional determination is what you really need in order to earn your goals.

No one comes across success just by simply wishing for it. In order to achieve success, you must use the strength of your mind and your body in working hard to maximize your utmost potential. Vijay Eswaran is an entrepreneur who has the right self-discipline, proper attitude, and ability to put his goals before his own needs. He became extremely driven in towards reaching success and that is how he built his company known as the QI Group. In our industry today, he is known for his philanthropy and for writing books. He has been an active member of different organizations and has been consistently motivating the youth by teaching them not to give up, to have courage, to educate themselves, and to empower one another.

Vijay Eswaran recommends other people to keep pushing. As a leader and an entrepreneur, he wants other people to establish good habits and to continue surprising others with their abilities. One strategy that has helped him develop his business was through learning the art of delegation and by effectively working with others. He values teamwork and he strongly believes that no one can achieve success without the help of others.

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Peter Briger One Of The Faces Of Fortress Investment Group

Peter Briger is one of the leaders of one of the world’s largest alternative asset management investment companies called The Fortress Investment Group. Peter Briger is currently the Principal & Co-Chairman of the Board of Directors at Fortress Investment Group. The role that Mr. Briger has within the Fortress Group is that he is in charge of real estate and the credit department. Mr. Briger received an education from two of the best schools in America. He attended Princeton University and graduated with his BA. Peter Briger then went on to attend the Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania and he graduate with Peter’s MBA. Mr. Brigers prior position was with Goldman, Sachs & Company and he held this position for 15 years.

The Fosters Investment Group was first started back in 1998 and the company is now a giant in the asset management sector. The company has its assets in the areas of private equity, permanent capital vehicles, and hedge funds. The company has close to 2,000 investors and manages over 43 billion assets.

Peter Briger and The Fortress Group employees close to a thousand people and they are currently headquartered in New York. Peter Briger founded the company with two other gentlemen by the names of Randal Nardone and Wes Edens.

The four areas of expertise provided by The Fortress Group are asset-based investing, operations management, corporate mergers and acquisitions, and capital markets. Asset-based investments are broad and very diverse they include real estate and other investment options that can generate long-term cash flow. When the Fortress Investment Group is considering making an investment they take three factors into consideration and they are pricing, owning, and financing. Peter Briger and his associates focus on networking and building relationships. These relationships that they have established with management professionals, corporate board members, and corporate stakeholders have led to some huge mergers and company acquisitions.

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Luke Lazarus Consulting Entrepreneurial Startups Towards Success

 Clearing the Path for Success

Every product tells a story, and where that story comes from it of the greatest importance for a startup.

What is the likelihood of a customer being interested in finding out about a brand product was discovered at a lemonade stand in your neighborhood? Would they not be more interested in a secret recipe handed down in your family for 5 generations?

Learning how to Tell Your Story

Your story says your lemonade recipe goes back to the days when your great great grandparents left Yugoslavia as simple merchants who worked at a sugar mill and invented the formula to feed the factory workers at the sugar factory; the formula has been used for 75 years thru each generation of the family.

Probably the second would be more interesting. The importance of Luke Lazarus Consulting is to help the startup find its story and whether it would be something that the customer would be interested in.

The Apple Story

Think of the Apple story, Steve Jobs and Wozniak working on the first Apple computer in Jobs father’s garage, story where Hedaya and Rosenwald were working to come up with a startup idea but ran into trouble getting emails to each other because of inbox clutter problems. Read more: Luke Lazarus Profile |  and Luke Lazarus| Medium

Eureka, they discovered after resolving their issue about email clutter. “If your product..,” says, Luke Lazarus is “synonymous with its story,” that is the “foundation for success.”

Story Synonymous with Success

According to Luke Lazarus, in a recent interview, when he works with startups, he focuses in on how companies tell their story. He says that is important because it is essential in getting investors interested in the company.

To be able to tell a great story is a thing that a startup can do to interest not only present investors but also future customers. If you get your story down, one of interest and value, then you have a foundation for success.

On the other hand, if the product is not understood to be related to the story then the customer or investor may experience a disconnect with a brand.

Finding a Need

Luke Lazarus uses a three-step process when working with startups. These are things which the company founders may have already done, but Luke Lazarus brings these stages into focus to make sure the company mission is clear for the market. First, the company shares what need or needs they found in the marketplace.

Finding the need is the first part of the story. Remember, Steve Jobs when he saw Wozniak’s prototype of the personal computer, Steve Jobs told Jobs everyone wants one. Jobs, candidly already had an idea to show it to the Stanford computer club and it was from there he found the first person to sell their computers to.

The finding the idea leads back to the understanding of what the need was and how a business will fill that need with their product. Luke Lazarus, says filling the need is the second stage on the entrepreneurial journey. Lastly, the story has to be personal, so the business has to make the idea “completely your own and tie it to an emotion.”

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Tim Loannides-Professional dermatology and founder of treasure coast Dermatology Company

Tim Ioannides is the founder of treasure coast Dermatology Company. His hometown is in Florida, Port St in the United States. Due to job commitment, he is mostly based in the southern part of the United States, East coast. After Tim finished his medical residency, he got employed by a dermatologist, but he was not very comfortable. That made him learn a lesson and he dropped the job since the practice he did was not correct medically. However, his patients felt better after the service, and they liked their appearances again.

The experience made him realize that he has a better ability to help people on another level other than changing their looks. He had to think of the next move so that he could change to his relevant career which was doing dermatology medically. It was not a one-day achievement and he, therefore, took his time to get there.

When he first began his practice, he was doing occasion cosmetic procedures though Tim was aware they were temporary. However, he later made it more established. He is now doing medical dermatology, and he has focused on upholding professionalism in his career at treasure coast dermatology. He began with a single outlet at Indian River; he has now managed to grow to five locations all over the nation. It has taken him 15 years to develop the company that large.

He has employed highly professional staff since he believes in teamwork and surrounding himself with positive minded people. He tells his employees that they must be genuine and have a team spirit for them to work effectively and serve the clients with the utmost compassion. The clients who approach the treasure coast dermatology are not comfortable with explaining their conditions. Thus Tim ensures that they fill pleased and part of the family to go and tell their requirements to the staff.

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Sergey Petrossov Creates an Uber of the Skies

As anyone who needs to fly on a regular basis can attest the process of booking a flight can be a cumbersome job. From trying to find a great rate, to getting access to the little perks that make the flight more enjoyable, getting in the air is usually the least of the worries of the pending traveler.

Consequently, these tasks are pushed on to less than thrilled assistants or even travel agencies. However, what if a simple membership could gain you access to a great seat on a private jet with like-minded travelers without costing a bundle? This is the question that has been asked and answered by one man, Sergey Petrossov. This inspired young man used his own experience to create a company that would essentially become the Uber of the skies.

Bitten by the entrepreneurial bug early in life Sergey Petrossov made great progress with several smaller ventures, including co-founding a long distance learning platform for Russian educational institutions. However, he hit pay dirt when he digitized the multibillion-dollar industry of private jets, by creating an app for that. JetSmarter was created in 2012 with the thought of making air travel more affordable and accessible to all passengers.

Sergey Petrossov further revolutionized the industry by creating a crowdsourcing practice, allowing members to buy into a membership that allowed passengers to book flights on previously exclusive private jets. This allowed the cost of these flights to be shared among the passengers, rather than having to cover the complete cost oneself.

Just as Uber has an option to share your ride with other passengers, JetSmarter allows you to share your flight. Frankly, it’s about time. Rather than book your next flight trying to use points or navigate around blackout dates, JetSmarter allows you to travel in comfort for less.

Article Title: How The Giant Pizza Firm Plans To Make A Comeback Under Steve Ritchie

Article Text:

Based on the recent wave of events at Papa John’s, it was necessary that the company utilized a new Chief Executive Officer. Steve Ritchie was thus chosen to steer and map an original path for the large pizza company.

Steve Ritchie had served in the company for over two decades and was therefore well placed for the task. To start on the right foot, the Chief Executive Officer had to apologize to the clients who include the National Football League which the company had served for years. With a huge employee base of a hundred thousand plus, Papa John’s has over the years been a successful brand.

What Lies in Steve Ritchie’s Apology?

Judging from the enormous task ahead, Steve Ritchie sought to remind the customers that Papa John’s was a huge family and hence one person’s idea and views weren’t supposed to darken the light of the over a hundred thousand employees and franchisees. This in itself revealed his sincerity in his quest for healing and recovery, a process which requires tact and a good plan.

Steve Ritchie proceeded further to outline the procedures the firm was ready to undertake to ensure that they corrected on their past mistakes. The most critical issue at hand was to ensure inclusivity and address diversity which was the root cause of the problems that the firm was facing. He also touched on accountability and lay down the remedies the firm was seeking.

Remedy Procedures by Papa John’s

Papa John’s is a brand that serves people from all races. Steve Ritchie, therefore, saw the need to pen down a direct apology to the customers who may have been offended. Since actions are better than words, he assured transparency and assured that he would personally take charge of the remedy procedures. He stated that the company would ensure it involves its customers in their undertakings and doing so remain accountable for their actions.

Steve Ritchie also promised to work closely with the company’s employees from all over to come up with ideas on how the firm would achieve inclusivity. This was to be done by the top management. Through thorough auditing by external experts, the company would be able to formulate better plans and policies on inclusivity, a move that Steve Ritchie assured the customers.

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How to Incorporate Branding in your Press Release

Producing and also creating a brand is a significant element of any kind of kind of firm. Even in writing a press release, a brand needs to protrude to build a regular photo with the media and also improve the count on of their target audience.

Without branding, it is testing to produce a launch that is written around a goal. Branding notifies the customers what they can leave a firm, consisting of service or product. Creating a trademark name includes that you want to be as well as additionally just how individuals expect you to be.

When composing a launch, you must currently comprehend your brand name strategy. It responds to the what, where, when, who, why and also exactly how you give your brand message to your target market. Precisely how you spread your brand name message, in addition to your message, is also component of in constructing your brand name technique.

Initially, you require to specify what your brand name is.

Identifying your brand name is a future of self-discovery. To define what your brand name is, you call for to respond to these inquiries:

  • What is the goal of your business?
  • What do your consumers along with potential customers consider your firm?
  • What are the features along with the advantages of your offering?
  • Which top quality do you desire them to consider your firm?

To resolve these issues, you need to check out deeply worrying the practices, desires, as well as additionally needs of your existing and even target customers. You need to recognize your brand name and also create an approach at the same time, which is typically taxing and additionally a tiring procedure.

After determining what your brand is, you need to prepare how you will favorably promote your firm. One approach is to produce a news release.

Before that, numerous other methods to let words out concerning your company contain:

  • Design as well as also produce a logo that represents your trademark name.
    Write your brand name message. Select a brand message that you intend to let individuals discover your organisation. Know your brand positioning.
  • Include your brand name right into everything you do. Your brand should certainly show whatever you’re carrying out in your firm. As an example, just how you consult with customers, exactly how you make your sales, or specifically how you address your solution phone are ways that reveal your branding.
  • Have a voice that represents your brand name. The sight that you wish to portray must be seen in all your product advertising and marketing projects, online as well as offline. It should likewise appear in all visual materials, such as posters and also leaflets. Be clear with the kind of voice you plan to show your target markets. Do you want to stand for a friendly tone or a formal tone?
  • Compose a tagline. Develop a tagline that refers to as well as discusses the objective of your brand name. It should be exceptional, concise as well as memorable to ensure that people can remember it conveniently. Remember that it need to create a substantial impact as you can publish and also position it on your web site heading, business card, Twitter biography, as well as different other areas. You can alter your tagline whenever you have a new angle of advertising or brand-new solution objective.
  • Ensure to produce themes in addition to brand name products that use your brand name criteria.
  • Supply what you ensure. This time around about, you have to stick your words. For example, you have to do what your tagline or brand message states. Or else, your existing customers might depend on your competitors, or you would certainly locate it testing to transform leads. Keep in mind that people can rapidly leave if you don’t do what you assure.
  • Correspond. Do what your brand guarantees whatsoever times. Offer your brand name message in every system, be it online or offline whatsoever times. When routing site visitors to your website, they ought to appreciate discovering that you deliver the same brand message that you want to illustrate in your launches.

Building your brand does not complete in producing your brand name message or logo. As a brand name, you require to correspond whenever you provide, specifically when caring for your prospects along with consumers.

Your brand should mirror in all your news release. Without branding, it’s difficult for you to gain traction of the media as well as likewise customers.