Greg Blatt Replacing Sean Rad

When an investor is beginning a company it’s essential to have someone in the same line of work as a role model; they should have extensive skills as ell s excellence in the business. For the match making a line of or Greg Blatt has gained extensive experience as well as remarkable accomplishments making him a role model too many people. He is a graduate from Colgate University where he garnered Bachelor of Arts in English and Literature. Later he joined the Columbia Law School and graduated with Judicial Doctor. This diversity of education has earned him recognition by working with Martha Stewart Law Firm and then joined Tinder match before being appointed as the Executive Vice president at IAC (Medium).

As a role model and a leader, Greg Blatt has to combine his skills, dedication, passion and all his know-how in business to excel. As the chairman and CEO of Tinder Company, Greg Blatt ensured that there was an increase in the number of subscribers; the number went up to one million. This increment led to an increase in revenue and the possibilities of people getting the right match. Through the matchmaker, online dating site Mr. Blatt has learnt to be persistent. He encourages upcoming investors to be ready to take risks while trying to achieve their set goals.

In Tinder Company there have been advancements in the management, all employees are supposed to meet the set policies which aim at promoting matchmaking. The previous CEO Sean Rad had been employed for some time but later stepped down to serve as the chairman in Tinder board. He was pushed out in 2015, but after six months he was rehired. For the second time, he was not the CEO since he was to serve on the board while Greg Blatt replaced his post as the CEO.

While working at Tinder Greg Blatt had shown remarkable dedication to the company; hence he was fit for the promotion. Mr. Rad will serve the responsibilities of Tinder Chairman providing his expertise to the company. Over the years under Blatt management Tinder Company has experienced growth.

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