Isabel Dos Santoss Philanthropy is Geared Toward Improving Small Communities and Local Economies

Isabel Dos Santos is a renowned businesswomen and philanthropist who according to Forbes is worth 2 billion US dollars. She was named by BBC as one of the world’s top 100 most influential women. Apart from her vast businesses and personal accomplishments, Dos Santos, the daughter of Angola’s former president, decided to focus on promoting the society. Particularly, she is concerned about women empowerment and Africa’s economic development. She travels around the world advocating for the need to address the technological gap in Africa and eliminating stigmatization of women in the workplace (Interview).

Isabel Dos Santos is out there encouraging women to get out of their cocoons and pursue their ambitions. According to the entrepreneur, Africa’s entrepreneurial spirit has given rise to many successful individuals in the continent. However, it is being undermined by stigmatization of women in the workplace. Women should be given same job opportunities, education and training as men. Dos Santos has suffered stigmatization and believes this cause of stigmatization of women in the workplace has robbed the economy of innovators and key drivers of the economy.

The accomplished entrepreneur attended the United Nations’ debate in New York and addressed delegates in the event about the economic empowerment of women as being the key to transforming society. She is encouraging women to press towards their ambitions. At the University of Warwick, she advised a young woman to not only set goals, but also set sub-goals that will help her reach to the goals. She also advised the women to not waver from her vision of becoming successful and sometimes, it is important to focus on one thing.

Isabel Dos Santos often encourages women to take advantage of the increased reliance on artificial intelligence and technology by the world to create opportunities for themselves. In what she refers to as digitization, Isabel Dos Santos believes that the widespread if the internet has come with unique employment opportunities that are available to everyone including the youth and women. She is a living example of how a woman can rise in a male-dominated market to become one of the most successful individuals in the world of business. Apart from being a successful businesswoman, Isabel Dos Santos is engaging in diverse philanthropic activities geared towards improving small communities as well as local economies.

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