Dr. Dov Rand’s Expertise on Bioidentical Hormone Reforms the Healthcare Industry

Dr. Dov Rand is an expert in working with bioidentical hormones. He has an experience of over 15 years in specialized medical care. The main aim of his practice is the use of physical and rehabilitative treatment to enhance the overall health of an individual. This pursuit came from his interests in health and nutrition.

He has acknowledged that his education, as well as the continued study, has been vital. He attended the University of Rutgers for his undergraduate studies. Furthermore, Dr. Dov Rand enrolled at Howard University medical school. He later attended an internship at Saint Barnabas medical facility and completed his residency at Albeit Einstein medical center.This has kept him updated with the current changes in the industry.

The highly respected health officer is focused on helping many people in the comprehension of his treatment method. Dr. Dov Rand owns Healthy Aging Medical Centers. These facilities are where he implements his professional expertise. He is involved in educating his patients as well as new clients on the unique benefits of accepting and utilizing physical medicine and rehabilitation with regards to improving their illnesses.

He believes that traditional methods of medicine are very crucial. This is because they enable us to critically understand the unique challenges experienced at each phase in our lives. He prefers the medical approach of treating while focusing on the inside out. This is as opposed to most doctors who receive health complaints and provide prescriptions.

The medical genius is focused on offering enhanced quality of life. This is achieved by means of a natural approach. It involves replacing hormones that existed in the person’s body during the peak moments of their youth. This is called a bioidentical hormone protocol.

The savvy bioidentical hormone specialist maintains an unchanging commitment. He offers medical care to invalids based on peer-reviewed research from scientific sources. In addition, the treatment stems from a medic’s rejection of the common use of pills in medications.

He is passionate about reading scientific publications among other periodicals. This has contributed to his increased knowledge. Moreover, he loves discussing his upcoming treatments with his colleagues.

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