Mark Holyoake on Doing the Right Thing

Mark Holyoake is one of the most important figures to ever appear on the face of the seafood industry, and yet it seems as though he still does not get the international recognition he deserves. Despite being the newfound CEO of a company that, quite literally, has “international” in its title, it would seem as though Mark Holyoake has gone under the radar for far too many people outside of Iceland.

If you take any demographic of people who know of Mark Holyoake, they will all give you a variety of answers in terms of what his personality is like, but there will be one thing they all tell you in common; he works scarily hard. It is not just that he cares about his work, but rather, he puts forth so much effort into every ounce of work he produces for his company that it almost makes people recoil in fear. After all, who could be crazy enough to put so much on the line for a business you happen to work for?

Well, to Holyoake, no one who is truly successful in the industry will feel this way. After all, if you are someone who chases success, would you not spend your days worrying about more significant matters, such as the limited time you have on this planet to live out all that you dream of? Holyoake is not afraid to put it all on the line because, emotionally, he already does. He is totally invested in the work he produces, so he would have a hard time simply stopping.

Instead of doing that, Holyoake wants to create a world where no one ever needs to work as hard as he does. In a way, he sees himself like Atlas of ancient myth, sacrificing a piece of himself to keep the rest of the world from seeing a terrible fate. Mark Holyoake dreams more than anything that he can utilize Iceland Seafood International to create a better life for aquatic animals out there that currently suffer as a result of human actions. Holyoake does not simply chase success; he chases righteousness.

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