Gareth Henry And His Investment Plan

Having a degree in actuarial mathematics, Gareth Henry has used his knowledge to venture into the investment industry. He is the managing director of a global investment firm. He attained this degree at the Heriot-Watt University of Edinburg in 2001. Gareth oversees client services, sales and marketing since it has offices in different parts of the globe. He believes money is well-spent if it is used in one’s education. Henry is the worldwide head of investor relations for many US managers in investments.

Gareth Henry got a passion for investing relations and raising capital when he analysed and understood how finance and mathematics merge. Talking to persons about their investments is what motivated him in starting a company. He is a person who likes interacting with colleagues and clients in his daily life. He makes up to ten calls and holds face to face meetings to help him understand the needs of the client.

Gareth Henry does his work from the office where he organises the business in all parts of the globe. Through his passion and enthusiasm, ideas come up, and he comes up with a strategy on how to execute them. He is happy on the trend of cryptocurrencies and blockchain since they are revolutionalising the culture of investing.

Gareth Henry believes in creating opportunities through actions. He advises the youth and investors to continually talk with their clients and practice patience since an investment can be slower but be better in future. He says feedback from clients is essential since it helps one understand if the business is moving. Gareth believes in mentorship because they give him advice on the formulas to take. Technology is one of the things that keep him productive all through.

Henry currently resides in New York where he has worked with firms such as Angelo Gordon and SEI Investments. He worked as a Global Head of Investor Relations and Investment manager respectively. He has had the chance of learning how great investors think about hedge funds investments and has already seen them attractive for the investment market. He has offered a scholarship to specific students and also mentors them on how to achieve their goals. Gareth Henry on Quantitative Investinge

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