Gareth Henry, Important Advice from an Investment Expert

Gareth Henry is a key executive figure at Angelo, Gordon & Co. He serves as a partner, Managing Director, and the Global Head of Investor Relations. His role at the company involves acting as the link between the asset manager and individual or corporate investors. Through his expertise in the private credit sector, Henry has been instrumental in offering worthwhile advice to investors on how they can diversify their investment portfolios through alternative assets. Visit

With his educational background in actuarial mathematics from Heriot Watt University in Edinburgh, Gareth Henry is well positioned to give expert advisory services to investors. Additionally, Henry has many years of experience in the Private credit sector and alternative investment. Before joining Angelo, Gordon & Co, he served at Fortress Investment Group as the Global Head of Investor Relations. At Fortress Group, his major assignments included oversight of all sales, client services, and global marketing. Henry has also served at Schroder Investment Management Limited as the Director of Strategic Solutions. Earlier, he served at Watson Wyatt LLP as an Investment Analyst. Henry is a certified actuary in the United Kingdom and the United States.

Owing to his long experience as an alternative investment manager, Gareth Henry is an authority in the field. According to him, hedge funds come in many varieties. However, their common component lies in their ability to take different investment approaches, which has no correlation with traditional bond investments and equities. His understanding of sophisticated mathematical correlations has helped him a great deal in as a leader of his own company. He is instrumental in offering the much-needed asset raising services and public relations services for his clients.

Gareth Henry has an extensive network of strategic contacts in pension and sovereign wealth funds, besides other sources of capital. Throughout his career, he has mastered how possible investors think about bonds, equities, and hedge fund investments. He applies his extensive knowledge to advise his clients on the relationship between alternative assets, like hedge funds, and bond investments or traditional stock. He advises that both can play an important role in the diversification of an investor’s portfolio.


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