Malcolm CasSelle, Leader in the Cryptocurrency Marketplace

Malcolm CasSelle is the CIO of OPSkins, the world’s current leading bitcoin merchant. It is also the world leading centralized marketplace but is expected to soon change over to decentralization because A) it is now qualified to do so and B) being a centralized marketplace has more limitations for technology companies. One of OPSkins recent enormous innovations was a new blockchain platform for virtual asset trading platform known as Worldwide Asset eXchange (called WAX). WAX resolves two problems online traders have been limited by for years: fragmentation and fraud.

This fragmentation has been a problem because every country has had their own rules and regulations as far as payment processing, language, and security concerns. That has meant that it has been extremely difficult to trade across borders. WAX has solved this problem by centralizing all of this stuff so that traders from all countries can trade with each other with no difficulties. One feature that has allowed WAX to do this is its tokenization system which allows traders to convert all of their assets into tokens for instant trading.

Fraud has plagued the virtual asset market since its beginning. It has often been the case that virtual traders have been the victim of fraud by online sellers who do not fulfill their transactions in the way they at first claim, getting all of the benefits from the trader but giving only incomplete assets. It does this via smart contracts. These make up a system that makes sure that both the buyer and seller follow through with what they both agree upon.

The innovations of WAX are not things that will only benefit WAX. They will revolutionize the way the entire industry is done. Traders will love how it has created for them the most optimal virtual asset trading experience ever.

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