Ara Chackerian Brings New Treatment For Depression With New Business Venture

Ara Chackerian, the entrepreneur behind TMS Solutions, is working to try to end the stigma that suicide has. Every single day, suicide claims the lives of more than 100 people but people still seem to be hesitant to talk about it. Even obituaries tend to not mention the cause of death when a loved one takes their own life. Recently, the topic has been making the headlines with the deaths of celebrities likes Robin Williams and Anthony Bourdain and people are finally talking about the subject.


People just don’t know how they are supposed to react when someone commits suicide which Ara Chackerian believes is one of the major contributors to the stigma that it has. It can affect people of any age and background no matter how happy they may appear to the public. It’s important that friends and family reach out to help their loved ones who are suffering from depression and to be open to discussion. Many are hesitant to find help for their mental illness or traditional methods just didn’t work in the past.


The ineffectiveness of traditional treatments for depression is one of the major reasons why Ara Chackerian founded TMS Solutions. TMS Solutions offers a new type of treatment for patients with depression called transcranial magnetic stimulation. This method has shown dramatic results in many patients who need more than medications and psychotherapy for their depression. While there are still some challenges, his company is working hard to put the needs of the patients of TMS Solutions before anything else.


Life experiences inspire the ideas of Ara Chackerian. When you make the effort to actively live life and engage in it, ideas will naturally come. This was something that was instilled in him at an early age by his parents. To see more you can visit


Ara Chackerian may be an entrepreneur, but at heart, he is a dedicated philanthropist who takes part in many community-based efforts. He has decades of experience in the field of healthcare and has co-founded startups that specialized in both radiology and pharmacy services. He is known as an angel investor who funds health companies in various startup stages that he believes will help combine healthcare and technology. For more info you can checkout





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