Chris Burch Talks About Life and Listening

Chris Burch is a man who has had an interesting business career. Currently, Mr. Chris Burch serves as CEO of the company that he founded called Burch Creative Capital. In this role, he has been instrumental in developing and marketing a number of key brands that have grown in popularity.

Chris Burch is also involved in the real estate development business. He has renovated a luxury resort on an island in Indonesia.

In addition to his business work, Mr. Chris Burch is involved in numerous philanthropic endeavours. He works with the Rothman Institute Orthopaedic Hospital and Mt. Sinai Hospital among other charities.

During the course of his varied business career, Chris Burch has learned a number of lessons that he shared with Ideamensch in a recent interview, see ( Among the most important things that Mr. Burch conveyed was the importance of taking risks in the business world. Mr. Burch stated that the way that he has achieved so much success is by taking significant risks. Even though there is always the possibility of failure, Chris Burch is willing to risk failure in the pursuit of a great success. A person can learn from their failures and go on to achieve great things in the business community.

Another lesson that Chris Burch has learned is the importance of listening. When a businessperson surrounds himself with talented individuals, it is important to listen to the other members of the team. By listening to other people’s ideas, a company can attempt new ideas that may be successful beyond imagination, learn more updates on

Finally, Chris Burch believes that it is important that a person boldly pursues his dreams. A person should find something that he feel strongly about. That person should then find a way to turn that dream into the course that he follows in life.

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