The Center of Dallas Community Projects

Nexbank just recently dished out $100,000 to the Dallas Women’s Foundation, which works towards promoting women’s economic security. The cash gift financed the group’s luncheon on its 32nd anniversary. Dallas Women’s Foundation is one of the world’s largest women’s funds and sits at the frontline of positive economic and social change for girls and women.

Nexbank has been involved in several more such initiatives in Dallas since its inception back in 1922. It boasts assets worth around $6.4 billion and offers services such as mortgage banking, commercial banking, and institutional services to its clients, who are mostly Dallas-based.

Among its recent and most notable developments, the regional bank acquired College Savings Bank of Princeton, which specializes in 529 college saving programs. President and CEO of Nexbank, John Holt announced the acquisition in December 2015 and revealed some of the basic terms of the agreement. College Savings Bank would keep its name and branding and remain in control of current operations while only registering as a subsidiary of NexBank. The president described the acquisition as a win for both parties involved and a step forward in the bank’s overall funding strategy.

The motivation behind the move to acquire College Savings Bank was to augment the facility to serve its clients and help Dallas families brace for college expenses. College Savings Bank primary business has been college savings services throughout its 30 years of operation. The now NexBank division has served as a support system to parents whose children are supposed to join higher learning institutions. By making College Savings part of the company, NexBank is only ensuring clients who are parents get all their lending services in one place, which is not only good for time management but also perfect in ensuring clients maneuver in offices and departments they are familiar with.

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