Bruno Fagali and Fagali Advocacy

What is the Advocacy?

Fagali, when speaking about his advocacy group gave a clear explanation of what he hoped it could become. First, Advocacy works with in-depth knowledge of the team it works; furthermore, it works with the highest dedication to its client. The advocacy group expertly works in the areas of compliance, Anti-Corruption Law, Electoral Law and Advertising Law. When a client comes into their offices, the expert lawyers will access the needs of their clients by attempting to draw out a perfect summary of their needs and how they can work toward becoming advocates of their cause. Once the summary of the case is understood by the Advocacy, then steps are taken to speak with each client and come to a clear understanding what the Advocacy will do for them and the steps that it will take toward resolution.

An additional quality, one that is necessary, to Fagali Advocacy successful, is an absolute commitment to the needs of its clients, while always expressing the highest standards of ethical and responsible service that gives attention and personalized service as a siren for success.

The Advocacy works towards preventitive measures working towards accountability in electoral Justice. Fagali Advocacy is very concerned with what is termed “pro-ethical,” in all of their work. One of the main concerns of the Advocacy is to be able to treat their clients with the respect of their individual needs by deeply understanding their specific needs and working towards a resolution of their problem ethically and responsibly. For this to happen, the Advocacy sees the utmost importance of keeping open communication between the client and the team who represents them in the law service of justice and ethical responsibility; that is, “pro-ethica.”

Fagali Education

• Bachelor of Law (2004,2009) at Pontifical University of Sao Paulo

• Specializtion of Administrative Law (2010, 2012), at Pontifical University of Sao Paulo

• Masters in State Law (2015,2017), at University of Sao Paulo
Fagali Experience

• Nova Isb (2015), Corporate Integrity Manager

• Figali Advocacy (2016)

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