The Melt Up With Stansberry Research

In recent months, the team at Stansberry Research has been playing close attention to the so-called “Melt Up” taking place in the financial world. A melt up happens when the stock market rises for investor-driven reasons, rather than quantifiable economic improvements.


Stansberry Digest readers know that analysts including Steve Sjuggerud have predicted this for years. Stock prices have been high, but not overly so. Sjuggerud and others have been advising bullish behavior. Now, as they see it, is the time to get in on a good thing.


Though Sjuggerud knows that melt ups often go hand in glove with bubbles, he also believes investors have over a year to benefit from the melt up conditions. He recommends keeping an eye on indicators like the advance/decline line, and paying attention to qualified analysts like Jeremy Grantham. Sjuggerud predicts that no bubble will burst for over a year, until 2020.


Stansberry Research provides its clients with the best possible information. The leadership team strives to do right by readers of publications like the Digest. They imagine themselves in the role of a reader. They’d want the best possible advice. They know the working people and families who rely on them do, too.


Writers and analysts who are published by Stansberry must meet a simple qualification. They have to provide analysis and advice that seems responsible. If the editorial team wouldn’t be comfortable with their family and friends following a piece of advice, they won’t print it.


Stansberry Research is based in Baltimore, Maryland. They offer the best advice to help customers meet their investment goals. This publication believes in building lasting relationships. They think long-term, and make it a point to treat customers with respect.


The team at Stansberry is made up of highly qualified financial professionals. These include former brokers, vice presidents of mutual funds and even hedge fund managers. They know the ins and outs of the financial world better than anyone else.

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