How IC Systems Seeks To Redefine the World of Collections

There is a reason IC Systems stood the test of time to raise one of the leading accounts receivables companies any business would like to associate with. For over eight decades, the company has worked with numerous clients, establishing meaningful and long-lasting business relations cemented by quality service and commitment to their work. Their business practices have not only set them apart in the industry, they have become a base that new entrants are always trying to replicate

Here are some ways IC Systems has changed redefined this field




IC Systems not only leads the company in terms of the number of years they have been in operation, they also lead the industry when it comes to innovation. Over the years, the company has invested in formulation of cutting-edge business techniques that have taken the industry by storm. And in all this, the company never deviated from their commitment to ethical business practices.


Service through charity


The company also comes up as one of the earliest companies to initiate the culture of corporate social responsibility within the workplace. The giving culture is particularly cemented within the organization in the sense that they even have an Employee Charitable Help Organization (ECHO) department within the institution that has been active since 1981. The department organizes annual donation events and community activities as well as philanthropic and volunteer outreaches for their employees.


Drawing partners into charity


When conducting business, IC Systems doesn’t just reach out to potential clients. It reaches out to businesses with which they share common goals with the aim of forging long-lasting partnerships. From these partnerships, the company has helped initiate different projects that have gone a long way into benefiting the communities in which they operate.


More about IC Systems


The accounts receivables company is a family establishment founded in 1938 by Ruth and Jack Erickson during which time they have led the industry. For instance, its innovativeness and adaptability to changing business world may be evidenced by the fact IC was the first accounts receivables company to replace typewriters with computers in 1968. Most recently the company scoped the Better Business Bureau torch awards for ethics for three consecutive years.

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