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Individuals sometimes rely on brokers to sell or purchase products. Undoubtedly, they want the best deals and services in the market. At times getting the best services can be very difficult considering that resources such as time and money can be lost in the process. AvaTrade was founded to address such issues.


There are several reasons to that indicate the company’s reliability and genuineness as outlined in the AvaTrade broker Review below. To begin with, this company is regulated by the European Union, an authorized regulatory body. Moreover, it has registrations with the Spanish CNMV. The fact that this company does not impose commissions to its clients is also a clear indication that it is not interested in gaining money at the expense of the customers.


Amazingly, this broker offers high leverage which can reach up to 1:400. Considering the high risks associated with leverage, this company provides a great deal such that a person can invest 400 times using the same money.


As a customer seeking brokerage services, you hope to be guaranteed of safety. This is definitely what AvaTrade guarantees. Being that this company operates under the Central Bank of Ireland is enough assurance that your money is safe with the institution. Based on AvaTrade customer reviews, being an Irish company increase the confidence of people to deal with the institution.


AvaTrade, previously known as AvaFX, is a company that deals with the provision of CFDs brokerage services and online forex trade. The Dublin-based company offers its services in several areas that include EFTs, Bitcoin, Equity, bonds, and commodities. Due to the provision of genuine services, the company has experienced a lot of growth since its foundation in 2006. Today, it operates more than 200,000 accounts from different parts of the world.


Besides being headquartered in Dublin Ireland, it has offices in places like Paris, Mongolia, Shanghai China, Nigeria and Sydney among others. The company has given a lot of focus to customer satisfaction. It can be accessed five days for 24 hours through the online platform. Most importantly, the support staff is comprised of people who can speak a variety of languages to ensure that effective communication is maintained all around the globe.

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