Meet Rick Shinto, an oracle in healthcare management

The growth of any given institution is highly dependent on the quality of leadership in it. Leadership has a significant influence on how the employees work the management of the resources, the ability to create working connections and networks with other industries as well as the ability to make sound strategic plans. This can be illustrated by using the leadership in Innovacare Health which is an institution that has been able to receive a high level of recognition in North America is one of the leading institutions offering managed health care services.

The president and the CEO of Innovacare Health are called Rick Shinto who has a high reputation when it comes to healthcare management and excellent leadership skills. He has contributed to every aspect of the company’s growth and development by making sure that the operations run smoothly while eliminating any blocks to the success of the company. He makes sure that every member and health care providers work close to the organization’s values. One of the values of the company is that the customers’ satisfaction comes first before anything else including financial status. Another essential operational value is that the health care providers have to create a healthy relationship with the clients. This ensures customer retention and also builds confidence in the clients for them to come back to seek their services.

Rick Shinto also believes in good communication skills and teamwork among employees which enables to share ideas and experiences thus enhancing efficiency and effectiveness when it comes to working towards achievement of the primary objective of the company. Innovacare Health main objective is to offer managed health care services that are cost friendly, high quality as well as highly advanced technology.

Rick Shinto has a vast experience in health management sector as well as an entrepreneur. He has a bachelor’s degree from the University of California. He also went to the State University of New York where he attained a medical degree. He also has a master’s degree from the University of Redlands. Also, he has worked in a significant number of organizations while taking one of the most critical roles.

Rick Shinto is also an award winner. He won an award as the young entrepreneur of the year when he was working in Aveta as the president and the CEO of the company. He has played an enormous role in improving the status of the health services for the residents in Puerto Rico in collaboration with some other members of the institution such as Penelope Kokkinides who is also an expert in healthcare management.


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