Edisoft Utilizes Big Data to Improve Supply Chain Management

A recent article appearing on Logistics Viewpoints highlighted the need for companies to use a supply chain management systems that made effective use of the available data to compute the end to end supply chain system.

Many companies are still not able to effectively define carrier performance. This is even after the technology has greatly evolved to provide them with numerous sources of data. Real-time tracking and the internet of things are just some of the examples of advancements that, when utilized properly, can help a company increase its supply chain efficiency.

According to the article, one main problem that faces most companies is evaluating solo performances of the carriers in their supply chain. This way, a carrier can have great performance times, but the carrier does not effectively link up with the rest of the supply chain. Therefore, your shipment might arrive at the port on time but take time to unload and process. Other companies just have a hard time linking up their big data.

Edisoft has found a way to solve these issues and make good use of a company’s big data through their smart process supply chain service platform.

Edisoft offers three main solutions for supply chain management. The MerchantQuickPAK solution deals with integrated warehouse automation and shipping. This solution helps you collect and integrate data into your ERP from the pick, pack, print and shipment stages. This automation eases the management of your warehouse supply chain. You also get accurate data when you need it for reporting.

The EdisoftMerchant solution provides you with an integrated EDI platform through which you can share EDI files with your trading partners (Crunchbase). EdisoftMerchant supports different types of communication channels such as FTP, Direct AS2 and VAN. With the ERP integration, this solution is great for companies that have a problem in linking their big data.

The ONE solution is an integrated supply chain and ERP management system for global shipping companies. The system is achieved through collaboration with ProcessWeaver. With this solution, companies can execute shipping to multiple countries easily and improve productivity.

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