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Black Lives Matter

Black Lives Matter is a continuation of the Black liberation movement. It’s approach is new and improved to the point where it is putting a spotlight on disparities between people in the black community. In the 19th century, the fight was on to free every single black from slavery. In the 20th century, the fight was on to free every single black from mistreatment at the hands of the law and society.

Efforts were made to secure basic rights and laws of equality for blacks, who were now all legally free from slavery. Unfortunately, the plights of females, LGBTQ individuals and people with disabilities took a back seat to the general plight of forwarding the Black race. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey:

Part of this was due to the fact that most of the organizations that advocated for the rights of these groups were dominated by White people who did not want Black people in their organizations. A good example of this is the fact that 20th century women’s groups advocating for women’s issues excluded black women.

A lot of legislation was passed in the 20th century to ensure that Black people are not discriminated against, and that their needs are considered. Now, blacks are fighting to fine tune their own communities; and to fine tune their place in their world by pointing out the biases, microaggressions and violence that they still experience. and EURO

Throughout the media, white people are told that they are evil, lame, weak and guilty for the crimes of whites in the past who took part in the African slave trade and committed acts of racism.

A lot of whites find this to be extremely offensive and discriminatory, and it angers a lot of people. Many people in the population, especially people who identify as “White,” feel that the government and the media are trying to undemocratically dismantle their culture by using undemocratic means to force racial integration on whites who don’t want it.

Many whites see this as a double standard, since the government and the media are not openly telling other races and ethnicities of people to be diluted with whites. Read more: Jim Larkin | Crunchbase and Michael Larcey | Crunchbase

Also, there is a view that qualified whites are being discriminated against in Affirmative Action policies, and that less qualified minorities are being chosen over individuals who really are qualified—and happen to be white. and EURO are organizations that take on these issues. They provide conferences and safe spaces where whites can fearlessly express their deepest racial concerns.

Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund

The plight of immigrants is near and dear to the hearts of Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin. It has been for many years. They were the founders of a local publication that they named the Phoenix New Times.

The Phoenix New Times talked about racism that was going on against undocumented immigrants and Hispanics. The Frontera Fund covers all plights relating Hispanics and undocumented people.

Some of the plights are specifically Hispanic and/or undocumented immigrant issues, while other plights have to do with issues that generally exist in society as a whole—as well as Hispanic and undocumented immigrant communities.

Cameron Clokie; Among Toronto’s Finest Surgeon Entrepreneurs

Cameron Clokie is a renowned personality in the field of medicine both at a national and international level. His work speaks volumes of his achievements within the field of medicine more specifically; in the oral and maxillofacial surgery sector.

Dr. Clokie an oral and maxillofacial surgeon, has dedicated a lot of his career on the research and publication of his work as well as its actual practice. Cameron Clokie has however, not limited himself to his practice. He has been able to apply strategic alliances that enable him share his one of a kind knowledge and professional work commercially.

Dr. Clokie’s Medical Professional Responsibilities

According to Crunchbase, Dr.  Cameron Clokie is known to his colleagues, clients and employees as an oral and maxillofacial surgeon. That entails the diagnosis and treatment of facial disorders which happens to include the jaws and the oral cavity.

Some of the facial disorders that Dr. Clokie deals with include; salivary gland disease, facial trauma, oral cancer, temporomandibular joint disorders and jaw and congenital facial disproportion just to name a few. He however, has other medical responsibilities with respect to his specialization in the field. That entails medicine of his creation which is meant to help patients with bone reconstruction.

Dr. Clokie’s Commercial Role

Dr. Clokie’s bone reconstruction medicine has enabled him discover a niche within the Canadian medical business market. That consequently has made him rise to become CEO of Induce Biologics Inc. This company works in the distribution of regenerative medicine.

Medicine created based on Dr. Clokie’s knowledge and innovative solutions for multi-skeletal reconstruction. Thanks to his innovative medicine, Dr. Clokie holds twenty five United States and international patents for the same.

In conclusion, Dr. Clokie is a reputable person in the general field of Canadian medicine and dentistry. His work is sort out by others within his field for its innovative and ingenious solutions in bone reconstruction and regeneration.

And that is what puts him at his position as a surgeon, scientist and entrepreneur due to his skill and ingenuity.

Lori Senecal, Helping you Formulate Guidelines about Current Advertising Trends

It takes a strong woman, a lady like Lori Senecal to succeed in life. Since the advent of time, women have often gotten exposed to a lot of gender discrimination, getting described as the ‘weakest of the sexes.’ Amidst all the negativity, Lori Senecal has risen to the occasion. Today, Lori is renowned for being a powerful business leader, taking her place as the Global CEO of Crispin Porter + Bogusky (CP+B). Since 2015, Lori has made CP+B her home, overseeing the growth and expansion of the organization in her wake.

Before landing a position at CP+B, Lori Senecal held a position at Kirshenbaum Bond Senecal + Partners, McCann Erickson, and McCann Worldgroup. Thanks to her Bachelor of Commerce education at McGill University, doors of opportunity have been opening up for Lori Senecal. Lori Senecal has for many years been an expert on matters regarding Facebook Advertising. Based on experience, Lori has got to learn that there is much traffic that businesses can tap into on social media. However, she has further reiterated that there are many approaches to exploiting Facebook Advertising, of which all yield different results. For more details visit Adweek.

According to Adage, businesses that have found success through Facebook advertising are the ones that chose to set specific plans and goals. Also, such enterprises got to enjoy success mainly because they created strategic ads meant for a particular target population.

As a person greatly in touch with her trade, Lori Senecal has gotten to a realization that the trends in advertising are constantly changing and that mobile advertising is the new black. Ever since Smartphones got introduced to the world, the internet has been easy to access making Facebook and Google a viable front for digital advertising. Returns obtained through Facebook Advertising have been increasing annually, a testament to the role that technology plays in the modern society.

Lori, in her time, has provided much insight to companies across the globe that the most successful adverts are the ones that ordinary individuals can relate with on a personal basis. It is without saying that Lori Senecal’s expertise has gone a long way in helping businesses succeed. Lori has further worked to establish that by pushing boundaries, a breakthrough becomes inevitable. Visit YouTube for more.

Doe Deere Creates A Color Scandal In The Cosmetic Industry

Are you bored with your current beauty routine? Colors can enhance your mood and insight creativity with your makeup. Lime Crime cosmetics created by successful marketing analyst and technology expert, Doe Deere. She told Savior Laflare, her cosmetics where designed to empower guys and girls around the world. They live completely unapologetic about the way they choose to wear bold colors. Wearers can choose from cool colors like Radical Metallic and Purple Sorbet. Your friends will want you to know your beauty secrets and will assume you paid a fortune to look so amazing. Will you reveal your LC beauty tip to your friends and family? Learn more:

Deere, admits her peers were not happy about her unconventional way of thinking about colors. However, it was important, for her to surround herself around positive people who suggested design school. After her certification, Lime Crime cosmetics was born. She was the cosmetic the cosmetic industry to experiment with super-foil products as a base for her waterproof eye-shadow and lipstick products. Her cosmetics are very popular among busy adults and young professionals. Their cosmetics have over 1.4 million Instagram followers who get information on the CEO and early products being released.

You can learn more about Lime Crime products from their original website. Each product is listed with details and color results on several models. They help their customers find the right color for their skin tone. You can also visit YouTube for thousands of women who have created tutorials to inspire others on great ways to mix, match, and blend LC cosmetics. Their sister company, Dolls Kill, offers cute accessories, shoes, and clothing items. Customers have given great reviews on their content complimenting the colors offered by Lime Crime. You’ll love inventing or creating a new look with unlimited color options to choose from with intricate colors.

Their is a new hair dye being branded under the LC brand, created by Doe Deere. The Unicorn collection offers the same colors, you’re use too. You’ll receive a full 700 ml jar with 2 temporary or one permanent application. You can invent a temporary look or go for a dramatic change. Get a stylish look which will compliment your new outfit or ideas for an approved look. You can also choose the new Scandal line that offers the perfect purple-violet hue. Get a look designed to make your outfit, features, or hairdo come alive with rich colors. Join the thousands of women who choose Lime Crime products as their go-to cosmetics. Learn more:

Discipline and Determination: How Louis Chenevert Kept United Technologies Corporation Profitable

The performance of the American manufacturing economy was at its low during the postwar era. However, not all firms have been affected. Some companies, like the United Technologies Corporation, have been able to put up brave faces despite the glaring obstacles.

UTC has managed to be on the frontline, owing its success to its creative innovations. Alongside all these innovations, the firm has a record of maintaining a healthy relationship with its employees. Under the management of former CEO Louis Chenevert, the company emphasized its need to have motivated staff in the workplace. As such, they ensure that the employees are treated equitably and also provided with a conducive working environment. UTC has a record of upholding and implementing all environmental rules.

The firm assembles the most advanced jet engines for use by both the military and commercial purposes. It runs the biggest escalator and elevator business. For efficiency purposes, the firm has split itself into units to provide faster and quality machines. The Sikorsky unit provides the highest number of the superior quality helicopter than any other company in the United States. The climate, control and security unit located in Connecticut–the company headquarters–is the leading producer of air conditioning, refrigerators, and fire appliances.

It is evident that the firm has had a long history in the manufacturing sector of the United States. To reach to its current point, it has taken dedication and hard work by all the stakeholders. One of the reasons why investors in this firm are always happy is that they have not missed any dividend payout for the last eighty years.

Louis Chenevert was appointed as the Chief Executive Officer of the United Technologies Corporation in 2006. Before his appointment at UTC, he served as the president of the Pratt and Whitney for seven years.

Mr. Chenevert also sits on the Business Roundtable Executive Committee as a member. He chairs the fiscal and tax policy in the roundtable. He has also served on various roles and responsibilities.

See Mr. Chenevert speak here:

Monkey Captial and Daniel Mark Harrison’s Crowdfunding Breakthrough

Hailed as innovative and “the future,” of crowdfunding, Monkey Capital’s White Paper on its ICO, or initial coin offering, has investors and cryptocurrency enthusiasts crowing. The bottom line is that Monkey Capital has taken the ICO market seriously and has bought it some legitimacy. The White Paper goes into depth on fairness issues and details Monkey Capital’s solution to power disparities. By acting as a neutral dealer of sorts, Monkey Capital does not handle the cryptocurrency’s administrative needs. Instead, the decentralized hedge fund acts as an intermediary in transactions between non-voting and voting members. This development has been hailed as innovative. And it isn’t just talk.

Monkey Capital has sold options on its ICO prior to the funding round. The options are called COEVAL and when traded on the Waves Decentralised Exchange, or DEX, in early July it reached 60 times Chronos’ DEX value. This kind of showing has proven the speculative strength of Monkey’s ICO value. Earlier this summer Monkey became the first crowdfunding campaign to reach the billion dollar mark.

The minds behind Monkey Capital are hardly unknowns in the fintech world. Daniel Mark Harrison, managing partner of Monkey Capital and Chairman and CEO of DMH&CO, is known for his entrepreneurial prowess and his popular business and cultural media commentary. He puts his ideas out on the company’s Slack, keeping the conversation on ICO strong and informed. His ability to explain complex financial maneuverings has earned him ink in Forbes, The Wall Street Journal, Reuters, Bloomberg and other media outlets.

Daniel Mark Harrison’s knowledge of global finance and investment, when combined with fintech innovations like blockchain, results in innovative products like Monkey Capital’s ICO. But he isn’t content to merely stop there. Harrison isn’t keen on speculation, though he admits that it is cool to create the first Crowdfunding Option. With an eye on investments in SpaceX supply contracts and public company takeovers, Monkey Capital is poised for serious, real world growth.

Twenty Three Layers Can Help With Your Event

Planning a special event or corporate function on your own can be a hassle, not to mention you are sure to not get the kind of perfect results that you are really wanting and needing by trying to juggle all of it yourself. For that reason, it’s always best to use the services of a professional event planning service if you can. If you are in New York City, and you are looking to plan an event, you have no doubt be searching for the best party planning service or one of the best corporate event planners in NYC to meet your needs. Before you choose, there may be a name that you have not heard of, and it’s one that you should most definitely consider, Twenty-Three Layers.


The philosophy behind the events that 23 layers plans is that simple is better, they even help you by offering you a simple event planning checklist to help you choose not only the right planner, but help you work with them to put on the event of your dreams. The checklist offers advice such as getting organized before you start out on your planning project, create a theme that expresses something about the event and its purpose, and choosing the perfect invites to send out. Items also covered are whether to offer self-serve or full serve ball, keeping appetizers simple, and how to address the issue of kids being at the event without there being chaos for everyone else in attendance. These are the little things that you may not think of on your own, but at 23 Layers they know that the “little things” make a huge difference.


The ladies at Twenty-Three Layers have between them over 30 years of party planning and event hosting experience. They have connections to the hottest venues, the most sought-out chefs, and the kind of vendors that other planning services only wished they could get to return their phone calls. If you are looking to create a remarkable and not to be forgotten affair for your next social gathering, why not call on the experts at Twenty-Three Layers. Don’t choose just any events planning service, choose one of the most sought-after event planning companies in NYC. Choose Twenty-Three Layers.

Jeremy Goldstein strong supporter of new NY legal service

The New York State Bar Association is pleased to offer a new online service that is making it easier for New Yorkers to find a locally based lawyer who can help those in need.

The New York State Bar Association was founded in 1876 and now has a membership of more than 75,000. The New York State Bar Association’s Lawyer Referral and Information Service launched this portal to increase their support to help the public who are facing a legal crisis. Learn more about Jeremy Goldstein: and

The new online service is free and open 24 hours a day. Users still have the option to use the Lawyer Referral and Information Service telephone service if they prefer. The New York State Bar Association new service requires users to fill out a form that lists their legal issue and where they are from.

A panel then reviews each form and matches the client with a lawyer who operates within their community or nearby area. The new online portal is a product of a joint effort between the New York State Bar and, a legal provider of IT solutions to those in the legal field. The New York State Bar Association believe it has great potential will help more people.

The new service offers attorneys the ability to offer their services to a greater number of people, while also reducing the costs of their services. The referrals are free, but if they chose to meet with an attorney, they are charged $35 for a 30-minute meeting.

Jeremy Goldstein currently offers his service through this new online product.

Biz Journals revealed that Jeremy Goldstein is the founder and lead partner at Jeremy L. Goldstein and Associates, a law firm that specializes in corporate law.

He is a leading expert in corporate governance and executive compensation. He has been key in many of the largest corporate transactions of the last three decades.

Betsy DeVos: Using Philanthropy as a Strategy for much needed Reform

Betsy DeVos has featured a lot in the news lately. The education reformist was recently selected as to be the new administration’s Secretary of Education. However, long before she was named to this position, Betsy DeVos was known for something else – philanthropy. For decades now she has directly engaged in or indirectly supported various projects around the country that have rightfully earned her the tag, philanthropist.

Betsy DeVos and her husband, Dick DeVos, are the founders of the Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation. Created close to three decades ago, this Foundation has been the main platform through which Betsy DeVos has undertaken most of her philanthropic work. The Foundation’s specific focuses are faith, justice, education, community welfare and the arts. In 2015 alone, the foundation raised slightly more than $10 million in donations and pledges. Further, it is estimated that in the 28 years of its existence, the foundation has raised approximately a hundred million dollars that have been directed towards various charitable acts and programs all around the country. In the area of education alone, Betsy DeVos assisting around 250 thousand students spread across the country access a quality education.

Read more:

Away from her own foundation, Betsy DeVos has also served in a number of varied philanthropic roles. She has served in a number of leadership positions at research and education institution, Action Institute, including board chair, board member, and treasurer. Additionally, while serving on the board of the Kennedy Center for Performing Arts in 2010, Betsy DeVos gave a very generous donation of $22.5 million to the organization. The donation was targeted at supporting communities’ recovery, through art, following the recession that affected most of the world at the time. Her passion for art and philanthropy again intersected with the launching of the ArtPrize. This art competition she founded in 2009 has a price money kitty of $500,000 annually which is distributed to the winners. The ArtPrize event in Grand Rapids, Michigan has been touted by numerous reputable print organizations, including the New York Times, as a place greatly worth visiting.

While Betsy has always had a giving heart, her biggest philanthropic efforts have come from her work in the education sector. Before becoming the reformist she is today, her only involvement in the education sector was being the parent of school going children. Even then, however, she could see a number of apparent problems with the manner in which education was being run in some areas and schools within the country. These problems only became clearer when her husband was elected to the Michigan State Education Board. Her quest to improve the state of education in the country started off through a scholarship program before expanding to a foundation and later political advocacy. Visit to know more about Betsy.

Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping: The Best Place to Shop in Brazil

One of the famous landmarks in the streets of Joao Pessoa is Manaira Shopping Mall. This business venture is owned by Roberto Santiago, a very successful Brazilian investor. The development of this mall was commissioned in 1987, and was completed after two years. This mall is classified as leisure and entertainment hub because of the top-level serves offered there. Apart from fun and entertainment, Manaira Shopping is the place where you will enjoy world-class shopping experience. It is one of the largest malls in the entire state. In fact, customers spend the entire day at the mall because almost everything is available there.


There are numerous venues at Manaira Shopping, which makes it a perfect place for families to enjoy calm and comfort whenever they visit the city. The entertainment venues include movie hall, Domus Hall, gaming area and kids’ section. The movie theaters have advanced machines and equipment to provide unmatched movie experience. There are 3D and VIP rooms as well as a stadium concept. The bar section at the movie theater offers snacks and drinks to customers. The electronic amusement park has more than 200 devices installed in an area of approximately 1800sq meters. The gourmet area is perfect for individuals who want to surprise their loved ones with tranquility moments. There is a steak house and a food court serving all sorts of meals from fast food to executive dining.


The Domus Hall is another venue at the roof of Manaira Shopping. It was an addition that was completed in 2009. The hall has capacity to accommodate nearly 10,000 fans, 4,000 of them seated comfortably. Modern equipment and machines are installed in this hall in order provide thrilling moments to fans. To avoid disrupting other activities within the mall, sound limiting devices are installed at the hall. In addition, there are adequate air conditioning systems to regulate air circulation. Different private and public events are held at Domus Hall such as live performance, meetings, graduation ceremony, wedding and others.


Roberto Santiago’s Goals


As an experienced businessman, Roberto Santiago is committed to ensure his customers continue to enjoy world-class services whenever they visit Manaira Shopping. He has achieved great success because of his hard word and passion. Roberto is a role model to many upcoming entrepreneurs who admire his accomplishments. His advice to young entrepreneurs is to make their business ideas a reality if they want to succeed.


After graduating with degree in Business Administration, Roberto Santiago ventured into the business world, where he operated a small cafeteria. Later, he invested in a cartonage producing firm, where he amassed savings which enable him to purchase a large piece of land where Manaira Shopping is located. Since then, Roberto Santiago has become a famous businessman in Joao Pessoa.