Since 2002, Julie Zuckerberg has been recruiting leaders in different sectors of the economy at the various recruiter positions that she has held. She currently works at the Deutsche Bank where she holds the position of Executive Talent Recruitment Lead and Vice President. Her roles at the position include developing and negotiating offers for positions in top management, advising the executive committees on best recruitment practices and hiring and governance practices for top managers. She also manages a professional recruitment team to whom she offers strategic training and direction. She began working at Deutsche Bank in 2014.

Before joining Deutsche Bank, Julie worked at the New York Life Insurance company as an Experienced Hire Recruiting Lead and also corporate vice president. She worked for only one year at this position. She also got a chance to have an extensive career at the Citi Global Functions, holding the position of executive recruiter and vice president from October 2007 to November. At the position, she was involved in negotiation of job offers for top management positions and also gave advice on recruitment strategies.  Whenever, she got a good employee for the open positions, she took it upon herself to manage the international relocating issues faced by the new staff and also their expatriate process while working for this firm.

One could wonder how Julie managed to be so good at her work. However, a good education background and over 10 years of experience makes her the best executive recruiter that any firm can have. She studied at the City University of New York-Brooklyn College where she took a degree in philosophy. She later joined the New York Law School where she studied law. After finishing her studies, she got her first job as recruiter at Hudson in 2002 working as the Director of Candidate Placement. During the five years she worked at this position, she recruited many paralegals, attorneys, case managers and other top management officials for companies, private clients and law firms.

As a talent acquisition expert, Julie Zuckerberg specializes in acquisition and management of skills and talents, team leadership, conflict resolution and other human resource aspects. She also conducts employee training where she talks to them about the requirements and specifications of the job, benefits and opportunities and also expected working conditions and terms. She also assists the managers who are hiring in making the job specifications for the open management positions and aids in searching for talent to fill these positions. She uses methods such as direct sourcing, employee referrals, search agency, internet searching and even social media while looking for great talents. She works with her organization and also external search companies and other organizations to acquire diverse and high quality candidates. Julie is not all about work. She takes part in charity volunteer events and is an outspoken advocate for animal welfare, culture and arts, economic empowerment, human rights and civil rights.


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