Doe Deere Lime Crime

Doe Deere is a unique woman with a different sense of style. Her unique style shows in her makeup line called, Lime Crime. She always had a taste for unique makeup, but it wasn’t always easy for her to find the makeup she desired, so she made it. She always searched for bright colored makeup, but had a hard time finding any. She started making her own makeup line called, Lime Crime, and it ended up being a hit. Doe was surprised by her success, critics and everyone was talking about her unique makeup line.


Everyone started raving about her new makeup line, and suddenly everyone was talking about it.  They feared that having an all online makeup line wouldn’t be successful, but it ended up doing great, and other companies copied the idea. Doe wanted her makeup to be fun and different, and Lime Crime turned out to be very different, and people fell n love with her unicorn colored products.


Growing up, Doe always used makeup and clothing as a way to express herself. She believed that makeup was another form of self expression and a way of being her own individual. She is a very sweet person, and she is great to her employees and colleagues, but she is also about her business. She knows exactly what her business s about and she takes it very seriously. She has to like a product before she will launch it. She tries on every product to make sure it is right for her customers. She knows her customers and wants to make sure it is something that they will love first.


Doe is also an entrepreneur.  She opens up her Instagram to women who want to be apart of that business, she is open to giving advice. She became very successful in the business and wants to help others achieve their goals. She states that one of the most important ways in being successful is treating your team with love and respect!

Kings of Finance: Brad Reifler

He helps people especially young adults be aware of what they need to know about finance. One of the first things he stresses is the Importance of creating a budget. Everyone needs to figure out what money to spend and what money to save. This is a very important lesson to teach young people, so they are equipped to make better financial choices for the rest of their lives. He also stresses the importance of being aware of how your direct deposit includes, also what compound interest does. Two other things that Reifler teaches people who read his writings is that good credit is key, to just about anything- for loans for a house and for other things. The other thing is to try to get good deals whenever you can. His goal is to make sure young people know how to prepare for their financial futures.

So who exactly is Brad Reifler? In addition to being an author, hedge fund manager and entrepreneur he is best known as the founder and the chief executive of Forefront Capital, where he has been since 2009. Before that, he was a founder and partner, chairman and CEO of global financial services firm Pali Capital. Adding to the list of duties that he has held, he was also the director at Sino Mercury and Genesis Securities as well as European American Investment Bank.